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Wow I'll have to come back an update this later, but anyway, i forgot what i sold to who...


Positive Sellers:

Coolzero101-ALOT of stuff

MasterRex862-Skt 478 mobo

foolio2k4-BF 1942 Deluxe Edition i think....

bigr5026-MX4000 PCI umm other stuff on the way today

InvaderTrax-Sold a mobo to a friend of mine


Positive Buyers:

GregP24-Maxtor HDD

henbenley-PSU, fan(s), PC2100

Poopsicle Boy-some stuff


Negative person:

Wayway-never sent all he was supposed to after telling me repedidly that he had, and that i would be getting "probibly tomorrow" thouhg he never had a tracking # for it...Dont guess this one matters bc he has ofcourse been banned, seems like he moved on to do the same on Indygamers ( he has sence been banned there too after he made a bad deal and i linked to OCC)


My OWN "faults":

When i sold my 9600pro to someone, cant remember who, it was listed as delivered by Fedex, yet they never recieved it.  I still have the Fedex customer coppy of when i sent it :( i miss that card and would love to shoo t the bastard who mostlikely stole it, and i assume the Fedex driver, bc he was home all day when it was delivered...




I can totally vouch for cchalogamer, hes telling the truth, cases like that are a shame, stupid fedex...

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bought Criticool pump relay card from him for like $5 shipped, he even went out of his way to locate the cord for it, was worthless without, good deal !! :)



bought Antec True Power 550W PSU sleeved already from him for like $80 shipped, great transaction ! :)



bought a bunch of H2O components from him like Hydor L30 pump, DD Blk Ice Extreme radiator, acrylic 5.25" bay res, etc......all for like $50 shipped, have since replaced all but the radiator, but he made it possible for me to get started with H2O for little $$$, great transaction, great guy !! :)


HEY URVAIUS!! go check out my case details in the gallery now, you can see what i have done with it!! <---shameless plug :)



No Negatives so far

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( None; so far so good. )


I did screw up once though. Flareback paid me during my vacation and I didn't know. I checked my email and was like... Oh sh--... I think I have it worked out with him. I dont want to go down as a negetiv seller..



GuJuman89 ( palm m130, I have to get shipping, etc. )

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I have delt with about 5 people on here, all great the ones I do remember of course were the last 2 items i bought:





Vyroburn-2 laptops, nice packaged and friendly

fishtank- creative zen xtra, very fast shipment, great communication.

bigr - firewire cable, bf-v, nic.



sorry to all the others, I just don't remember the names.

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coolzero101 - Bought a leadtek 6800 from him. it came a week later. Works perfect





none so far :)





OvKillz - We discussed an ipod referal deal. It was never completed. Luckily no money was exchanged.

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I have prurchased two things from InvaderTrax.


1) Tiny ram for a keychain

2) AMD Stock HS/F needed from RMA.


I would buy again. For the HS/F I needed 5 days before I could pay him because I needed to add paypal funds. He sent it before recieving payment!

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i bought an x800 pro from lilkev715. one of the first forum purchases i've made and certainly not my last. lilkev715 was the most professional seller i've ever dealt with. the card was packaged better then newegg, very fast and insured. great seller.

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we should have user ratings in our member profiles if its not much of a hassle.



Good idea swifty! Make a thread in the Comments & Suggestions forum about it and I will second the notion lol. :)

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