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    (Gateway 506 GR)Intel 915G Express Chipset Motherboard
    Pentium 4 PresHOTT 3.2ghz
    2GB Ram (1GB Samsung 3200 DDR, and 1GB of Kingston 3200 DDR)
    200 Sata Seagate Barracuda HDD
    Visiontek Xtasy 256MB Radeon X850XT (GPU 520MHZ, Memory 540MHZ)
    Integrated Realtek sound
    600W Ultra Power supply
    Razor Tarantula Keyboard
    Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB
    Microsoft Vista Ultimate

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  1. but then why buy an i7 when they'd just revert it to an i5
  2. I want to but I refuse to watch trailers for this lol. Just let me know if it's good (I know it's good )
  3. My Tarantula finally died on me a couple months back and luckily I had the Sentey Phoenix I bought from BluePanda on here as a backup and it's actually not bad for a budget membrane board (which admittedly the Tarantula was membrane as well and I loved that) but I think my next board will be a mechanical board with brown switches. From my research, they seem to have the most sensible but still noticeable feedback. If you don't know what switch style you like most, I know they sell little sample trays with each corresponding switch so you can demo them. I may pick one up one day, but this little budget board has more than satisfied me!
  4. I remember disabling HT on my old 920 for a slightly higher overclock and just felt dirty inside lol
  5. Thanks! Lol yeah, the little APU is still doing more than adequate. Thanks for an added voice of reason! You too! You honor me! Thanks A half thank you Hey there! I'm sorry about all the bad luck and your losses, but you still have your family here until things pick up! I'm gonna try and fit some more OCC into my life as best I can. I feel like my OT factory of a new job may get a little more manageable since we have new hires in my department that should help lessen the responsibilities placed upon me and my friends there.
  6. Welcome to OCC! That E-machines proprietary motherboard is most certainly limiting you from al ot of advanced controls and tweaks for your hardware. If you're truly looking to unlock that chip then you'll probably want to find a cheap aftermarket socket am3+ board that will more than likely enable you to do what you're seeking IF that athlon is indeed stable when the two other cores/extra cache are unlocked....Unless there's an unofficial bios you could flash that'd enable these features and others, and this isn't a computer you care about then for the sake of science DO IT!
  7. Thanks for helping me rethink the silliness that would be "upgrading", the 1060 is a little better for most games but I haven't honestly had any slowdowns with this card, even at 2560x1600 for what I've played thus far... Random note, I just bought DmC by mistake for the second time, which I have no idea how that happened. I feel like a moron
  8. Who indeed?! Thanks! Yeah I was just hoping to upgrade before the 970 lost too much value as more and more people learn how gimped it is. It's still a great card and I am not playing anything yet to give it trouble but the 1060s look amazing and naturally the 1070s do as well. I probably will just stick with my card until something actually pushes it TBH.
  9. ...it's been awhile since I've popped in and said hello! I've lurked here and there but my new job has kept me busy so I haven't been on and posting in months. I'll probably open a thread or two about POSSIBLY getting a new video card and POSSIBLY upgrading my HTPC...it'd be better if you all just talk me out of it truthfully since both of my machines serve their functions just fine. I'd be merely upgrading my video card out of saltiness. (970-->1060 or 1070) For my HTPC I may just end up replacing my wireless mouse/keyboard for the time being since the rest is honestly been fine and I'm just looking for things to spend money on but SO FAR have been able to contain myself because I'm hard to let go of things that still work well
  10. Classic Shell is the biggest improvement, but yeah there should be many guides like the ones listed above.
  11. The note7 has an sd card slot doesn't it, that's a huge bonus over the Ssux alone. I don't even view the S6s as worthy of the S-series name, they're glorified android running iphones
  12. Golden advice, screw e-tailer reviews. But some Amazon reviews are pretty nicely detailed with pics and all
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