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  1. It's a 200w amp. Nakamichi makes great audio gear. Do you have one?
  2. For your games it won't make a difference. Movies, it might. Depending what format. Dvd will be fine either hdmi or toslink. Blu Ray on the other hand will benefit from hdmi which will allow HD audio like DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD and there is a difference. But,if you decide to watch a blu using toslink, the audio will be stripped down to core dts or Dolby digital(dd).
  3. I would recommend using speaker stands and fill them with sand or lead shot. It will greatly improve overall sound. And when your ready, do a crossover upgrade. nice setup.
  4. I still have my laserdisc versions of starwars. The original untouched and the 1997 special editions.
  5. I am not a fan of Emotiva.But then again they are decent for an entry level pre amp and or amps.I also know the UMC-1 does have bugs/glitches that they are still working on. If your pockets run deep,look into an Integra or anthem pre amps. But for your doing,I would look into a A/V receiver.To save some coin,buy used and look into the older Pioneer SC models with class D ICE amplification.Try the SC-05,07 or the 25,27 series. What is your budget anyways?
  6. What is your budget for the receiver and the other for speakers?
  7. It sounds a lot better than it did stock.The mods tamed the brightness and brought it to a smooth and warm sound,especially in vocals.Also a tighter bass response and it digs a little deeper. Thanks
  8. Sold the 8's and got a pair of RTi A7's and CSi A6 in cherry.Had crossover mods done on them and the woofer baskets have been Dynamatted Center and crossover mod L/R and crossover mod
  9. Were you still looking into the Polk's and looking for a receiver?
  10. Vooduu

    HTPC Build

    The Link that Vandread supplied would work.The board does have an HDMI output,so you should be OK.Like I said earlier,video and audio all in one.You will be happy with lossless soundtracks on blu ray.
  11. Vooduu

    HTPC Build

    As far as audio,HDMI will pass lossless audio (DTS HD Master Audio & Dolby True HD) plus carry video signals.Nice all in one. If you have an older a/v receiver w/out HDMI,optical or coaxial is your only way and end up with compressed/core DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1
  12. R.I.P I really enjoyed his concept art.
  13. Nice set up you have there road runner. Have you tried setting that sub on the floor, and what make is that speaker in the corner on the second picture?At first it looked like a older Polk SDA model,but they use the SL tweeters.Still,it is nice and I have an appreciation for older gear.
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