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  1. gravy

    Attention Mods...

    that explains it, he likes to jump in and ramble off a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the topic, and then abuse smiley's while doing it he's jay
  2. what do you use to monitor temps?
  3. gravy

    Attention Mods...

    it was your discussion, you tell us
  4. gravy

    Attention Mods...

    what the crap does this have to do with getting banned on an internet forum board?
  5. chances are 62*C is not your true load temp, by the time you alt-tab or whatever to get to your temp monitor, the temp has dropped significantly try getting Rivatuner, enable the hardware monitor to run in the background, run a benchmark or game for a while, and go back to see what your true load temp was..... if you idle at 47*C, your load temps is likely 67*C or higher
  6. gravy

    Attention Mods...

    thats pretty easy to understand in your case swifty mc ritalin
  7. gravy

    Contest X800xl Drawing

    is that all they are good for now, giving away? (no offence Urvaius, you're still a good guy in my book)
  8. [edited by moderator] Wow... Really not sure what to say about the post that was here.... I'm truly at a loss...... Good day
  9. rude schmood..............you are all ignorant, i have never seen such a bunch of ignorant fanATIcs in all my time here............OCC has officially gone BUNK!
  10. but when one has the choice of having it and not having it, why would you not want to have it? other than to stay a loyal ATI customer........ride that ship baby, you saw their latest last ditch effort to overcome the 7800GTX 512 release which just stomped the x1800xt before it even got a chance to be sold http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=3902 ROFL they aren't getting their money from these x1800xt's, they are getting it from the fools buying their old crap R423/R480's like you guys........ROFL
  11. you are all ignorant enjoy riding the fanATIcal Express down the tube
  12. 6800GS is PCI-E only again, the criteria were A SM2.0 B SM3.0 no other factors.....i am trying to get people to admit that it makes no sense to go backwards if one was buying a new card today......... and as far as Far Cry goes, no, you don't enjoy it as much as I do without HDR enabled, it makes a huge difference, large enough to make me start over from the beginning just to play it with HDR enabled http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=Njc4LDQ=
  13. gravy

    Installing Xp-120 On Skt 939

    you speak of the XP-120 like you are settling for something sub par.......the XP-120 is still the best of the best bro!
  14. true, except, one can have a 6800GS for $209 right now, and only the very highest end x800XTPE/x850XTPE's beat it FPS wise, and they still lack SM3.0............ it is a hypothetical question card A has SM2.0 only card B has SM3.0 which one? i really gave the OCC members more credit than to turn a blind eye to current and upcoming technology, too bad, i can play Far Cry with HDR enabled and enjoy the crap out of it, SM2.0 cards can't, just one small example, and how anyone can logically defend going without when they could have is beyond comprehension
  15. gravy

    What Do You Want For Xmas

    i am Santa Clause at my house, i get what i want all year long, i don't have to ask for anything