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    [WTS] Intel 1155 Hardware and More

    sent you a pm. is the gpu still available?
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    Steam Daily Deals

    The First Tree at 90% off: $1.00. Barotrauma at 34% off: $19.79 or $23.20 (36% off) for the Supporter Bundle.
  5. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    Thanks for the reply. Thats good news.
  6. Braegnok

    sniper elite 3 problem

    dling, your OC is fine. It's the game. Keep running current Nvidia driver, and save your OC profile in BIOS so you don't need to worry about it. And stick with SE4 till the developers get crashing issue figured out, the Rebellion Community says "We are aware of the crashes some people are experiencing in Sniper Elite 3" , and they are still supporting both games.
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  8. Cespenar

    New Stability tester found.

    Bit late, I know, but would this ramp up work with a CPU water cooler pump?
  9. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    Well the older driver didnt help. I only get about 30mins of game play before it crashes. I dont understand it. SE4 played without any problems, 3 is a different story.
  10. dling

    sniper elite 3 problem

    I was able to play SE4 without any problems. Even played over clked using MSI AB. Now I'm playing Sniper Elite 3 and the game keeps crashing giving me the blue screen of death. I dont understand it. I'm downloading and getting ready to try an older version nvidia driver. I'm not willing to set my system OC back to default o be able to play this game. It took to long to get where I'm at and I dont want to jeopardize what I have.5.2g 24/7 on an I7 8086K proc
  11. Guest_Jim_*

    Steam Daily Deals

    Clone Drone in the Danger Zone at 50% off: $9.99. NASCAR Heat Franchise Sale Metro Franchise Sale Relevant OCC Reviews: Metro 2033 Metro: Last Light Metro Redux Metro Exodus
  12. While you are right and this is true for many games. The big stick with Mechwarrior 5, and all the other titles, is survival. Damage mitigation and tactics will get you just as far as other equipment will. Also one part of mechwarrior5 is it rewards you for tenacity and buying expensive equipment. One thing that I failed to mention is that you can gain an edge just from getting the upper tiers of weaponry. Say when you go from a tier 0- tier 5 PPC (particle projection cannon) the projectile (lightening) moves faster, does more damage and creates less heat, also Double heatsinks can be found. While they are rare they take more component slot but remove double the heat at the same tonnage of 1. That is what separates Star league tech versus common tech. These items in the game give you a severe advantage. not only that some of the hero mechs or special variants come with better weapon configs to give you more Punch. Take my go to variant for example. Its an Atlas - Effective range up to 600 meters. and if they get into 300 minus its a murder wagon. x2 PPC tier 4. lb10x (shotgun) tier 4, srm6 tier 4, srm 4 tier 4, then packed full of double heatsinks. Its mean AF. but boy does it suck when I lose a weapon. stupid expensive and hard to replace.
  13. Hmm maybe it's a case of not me giving the game enough time. Lots of small details like the type of armor or what to equip only comes from experience. Which takes game-play to understand. Lots of games that I really like arent very easy to get accustom to. Dark Souls is a perfect example. Extremely hard to the novice. Not very enjoyable until you figure out how the game works. Then that first tutorial is a breeze. In fact half that game is just memorizing movements. Still a very deep and fun game if you just get past the first few hours.
  14. Thank you for the reply. Keep playing and let me know what you think. Have always wondered what a hotas would feel like. Keyboard and mouse is my jam. You know, I can get that. totally. The game is what you make it. and if you OCD out on too many settings its gonna break yah. In the same right that is part of the fun. to be fair with me I max the armor to ensure survival and use tactics to either spread damage and or keep damage to sides I want them to hit rather then others. It is fun for me. sorry it takes the luster away from you. and to be fair you only need enough back armor to have time to turn around and start blasting.
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  16. Guest_Jim_*

    OCC Twitch Stream

    With Satisfactory's Update III coming to its Experimental branch this week, I decided to go with that and take a break from Darksiders II Deathfinitive Edition. Unfortunately I get even more distracted by the game than I normally do, because that is what this game does to me. Will go live at the usual time.
  17. Guest_Jim_*

    Steam Daily Deals

    Little Misfortune at 30% off: 413.99 or $23.97 (20% off) for the Fancy Edition Moonlighter at 66% off: $6.80 or $10.33 (62% off) for the Complete Edition. Between Dimensions DLC on sale at 33% off. CAPCOM Publisher Sale
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    Steam Daily Deals

    GOG is not the only storefront doing a Valentine's Day sale as Epic Games is hold a For the Love of Games Sale.
  19. WCCFTech has some more information to add to this, that according to its sources there are two versions of Intel Xe, LP and HP, and the 128 EU-per-tile version is the LP. The HP version sports 512 EU-per-tile, which means a four-tile GPU would have a total of 2048 EU in it. The writer also speculates that because the LP is Xe 12.1 and HP is Xe 12.5, meaning they are somewhat different architectures, it might be possible the number of cores comprising an EU in the HP tiles could be lower. The article also states that to the best of the writer's knowledge, only the 1-tile and 2-tile versions have been accepted thus far, which means we might not see 4-tile Xe GPUs in the future, but we'll just have to wait and see. Source: WCCFTech
  20. Guest_Jim_*

    Steam Daily Deals

    Because of it being Valentine's day, GOG decided to make its usual weekend sale the We <3 Games Sale and offer various co-op and single-player games. Some are for playing together, while some are for playing, "when no one’s watching."
  21. Star Control: Origins launched in September 2018 and it was in the following December when its four-part Earth Rising Expansion announced. Now its fourth and final part, titled Earth Rises has been officially announced so we can expect it soon. With it players can expect new missions and quests, which can be completed prior to completing the base game's campaign, thanks to the game's non-linear design. These missions will task you with finding the missing Commander Magara, keeping an eye on the humans building a deadly Terran Battlecruiser, and preventing the Measured from harvesting a star and destroying an entire civilization. You will also get the visit the new location, Kapteyn's Bar where you can learn the latest gossip, win in a bar fight, and pick up bounty hunting quests. The new battles you can expect will include leading your fleet into battles against massive space stations, but you will also have new weapons to help you like the Black Hole Array or the Charged Warhead. The Earth Rising expansion is available for $19.99 on Steam and its first three parts can be played immediately. The first part is titled Aftermath and provides six new major quests, including multi-stage chains that follow humanity on its first steps to the galactic stage. It also introduced players to a new alien faction called the Gloosh, a species noted for being slow moving and lazy. The Observers believe they would make good allies for Earth though. This part also added new ships for the Lexite and Kzanti factions, and some of them could be added to your fleet. The Kzanti also obtained a Factory Ship that naturally needed some destroying. The multi-manifold sensors of the Precursor Starbases started to power on too, revealing the location of new items of interest throughout the galaxy, including relics, both ancient and recent. The second part of the expansion is Return of the Lexites, the post-singularity species humanity actually created. After they suddenly left Earth, Star Control was formed to discover their motive to leave and why they are acting to halt Earth's expansion. The new Lexite ships that came with this part were fully armed, but by earning rewards from quests you would be able to unlock and purchase new ships. You may need them too to face the enemies with weapons never seen before. The Syndicate is third and currently most recent part. It introduced a new threat just as Earth's alliance and efforts to expand in the galaxy were starting to fall apart. This new threat came as two warring factions, the Liberators and the Syndicate, both of which are willing to help humanity but will not tolerate anyone working with their rival. Players get to interact with new characters as they learn about the two factions and ultimately pick a side in their war. In case you need more to keep you busy there are also refugees from the Scryve Empire to deal with. At least there are new weapons to get and the powerful ships available for recruitment from the Syndicate and the Liberators, depending on the side you choose to help. With Earth Rises, what remains of the Scryve Empire approaches humanity about becoming the new custodians of the sector, but you must first prove your worthiness for the task. If you do, the Scryve will grant you hyper drive technology that will allow humanity to colonize deeper in space. Earth Rises will also see the reluctant return of a god, and personally I am looking forward to seeing how Jeff is doing. Hopefully he will not be too annoyed.     Source: Stardock Back to original news post
  22. Guest_Jim_*

    Streets of Rage 4 Gains Adam Hunter to Roster

    Bit of a necro, but there is a new trailer out today as a video has been released to cover the art of the game with the developer's Art & Creative Director, Ben Fiquet, and Lead Background Artist Julian Nguyen You.
  23. Guest_Jim_*

    Steam Daily Deals

    We Were Here Together at 25% off: $9.74 or $17.99 (45% off) for the Series Bundle. Legion TD 2 BOGO at 10% off: $17.99. Weekend Sale: HITMAN 2 at 70% off: $17.95 or $29.99 for the Gold Edition. Expansion Pass also on sale. (OCC Review) DayZ at 40% off: $26.99 or $35.62 for the Livonia Edition. Livonia also on sale at 10% off. Free weekend. Last Year at 30% off: $13.99. Free weekend.
  24. Minime 939

    General Free Games Thread

    Kingdom Come Deliverance Free on Epic now till 2/20 at 9:AM. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/
  25. percyjackson

    bios flash rx 470 is a problem?

    How is your pc now? Is it work? I want to ask for my nephew because he is planning to do the same thing as you
  26. Guest_Jim_*

    Humble Weekly Sales

    Humble Best of POLYGON Game Dev Bundle: POLYGON Prototype POLYGON Adventure Simple Town BTA: POLYGON City POLYGON Samurai POLYGON Knights Simple People Simple Dungeon $25.00+: POLYGON Sci-Fi City POLYGON Western POLYGON Heist POLYGON Vikings Simple Military Simple Apocalypse $10 USD Discount on Synty Store Featured charity is Code.org.
  27. To be honest the whole 1 billion loadout options put me off from playing. It takes 15 minutes to setup a loadout and half the stuff I apply, I have no clue what it does. Just that my stats go up. I really just want a mech game where I can blow stuff up without having to worry about how thick my rear armor is and how it will slow me down and use up my energy reserves. Clearly this game is for extremely patient people who want a really deep game. It's just not for me.
  28. Guest_Jim_*

    Humble Weekly Sales

    Humble RPG Book Bundle: Cypher System & The Strange by Monte Cook Games: Unmasked Worlds Numberless and Strange Expanded Worlds Strange Revelations: Ten Instant Adventures for The Strange Player Notebook After the Nightfall The Infinity Shift Cults, Factions, and Syndicates Mastodon Swordbreakers The Estate Dossiers The Hum $8.00+: Predation Gods of the Fall The Strange Player's Guide The Strange Bestiary Cypher System Character Portfolio The Cawdor Complex Unmasked: In the City Assault on Singularity Base Alternate Origins Eschatology Code Impossible Vehicles $15.00+: Cypher System Rulebook The Strange Corebook The Stars Are Fire Encyclopedia of Impossible Things In Translation: The Strange Character Options The Dark Spiral GM Notebook Castaway Extreme Cyphers Dread Expectations Featured charities are World Wildlife Fund and American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
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