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  2. Hello, i can connect alright and everything and it works great when its connected. but for some reason i'll lose the connection even though my router and modem are working fine. i know this becuz my laptop still stays online. is anyone having this problem and how do i correct it? thanks alexsunny
  3. Thanks for addressing this topic. I was looking for the information regarding the same upsers
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  5. same tech different conecters Nvme 2.0 slides in a slot and screws into the mobo and the drive has no moving parts. sata ssds have sata power and sata data conecters and screw into the case and the drive has no moving parts. thus both drives are a type of ssd as are flash drives Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  6. its not a ssd though its a NVme .2.0 samsung 970 pro
  7. not sure on the ssd front but it should be a simple matter of using a universal boot cd flashed to a usb drive n use parted magic to clone the os ssd to the 1tb ssd under linux you could use the gnome disk utility program to cloan the drive and restore the image to the new drive and then extend the partition as needed to the max size of the drive Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  8. I own a asus z390 e strix mobo it has two slots for a nvme drive both support PCie 3.0 x 4. I have a samsung 970 evo plus 500g in one of the slots, I want to upgrade to the 1 tb version. Can I put the 1tb Samsung stick in the second slot and use Samsung's data migration software to clone the original 500 g 0r will I need to purchase a Plugable USB C to M.2 NVMe Tool-free Enclosure to do the job? Thanks
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  11. The Steam Autumn Sale has begun!
  12. Today, Isaiah takes a look at the new XFX RX 6800 XT MERC 319. Check out his thoughts below! https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/xfx_rx6800xt_merc_319/
  13. Untitled Goose Game at 25% off: $14.99. BELOW at 60% off: $9.99 or $38.76 (39% off) with the Soundtracks.
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  15. We Happy Few at $8.99 or $21.98 (75% off) for the Digital Deluxe Edition. Season Pass on sale at 75% off. BPM: BULLETS PER MINUTE at 33% off: $13.39 or $16.88 (40% off) for the Soundtrack Edition. Soundtrack on sale at 33% off.
  16. Check out https://whattomine.com/ to see what cards are best for mining. Its what I used when I was into it. Honestly though, its waaay more profitable to buy coins when its low than to mine it yourself.
  17. Mining Cards: Looking to make mining rigs using the RX 570 and RX 580 It seems like there is not much difference in performance when it comes to mining with the RX 570 and RX 580. I don't know much about these cards in terms of how AMD is different from NVIDIA. Could someone help me understand this?
  18. Thanx for the reply. I'm trying to gather as much information about my card as possible before even thinking of flashing something on it. I don't wanna risk it. The Always 33% Fan is not a problem for now. I was just thinking that it's useless for it to do so. It's got 5 years of warranty, so might as well just let it be. Edit: I did read about a guy who flashed the 2070 Super Amp Extreme bios on this card, but even then, he could only bring it down to 29% Fan. This is kinda weird coz the 2070 Super Amp Extreme itself can do 0% fan.
  19. Flotsam at 20% off: $19.99. Supraland at 60% off: $8.00. Weekend Deals (cont.): Titanfall Series Sale Latinx Games Festival
  20. Tonight, Alex takes a look at the Cooler Master ControlPad. Check it out below! https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/cmcpad/
  21. This month there is a new Treasure Hunter promotion named RS Dressed to Skill. From Nov. 17, new Master Construction outfit can be obtained from Treasure Hunter. Enjoy RS Dressed to Skill from Nov. 17th The latest Treasure Hunter promotion is RS Dressed to Skill. From November 17th to November 24th, players can participate in RS Dressed to Skill promotion in Treasure Hunter to gain the new Master Construction outfit. Get new RS Master Construction outfit RS Master Construction outfit has five pieces: Master Constructor's hat Master Constructor's jacket Master Constructor's trousers Master Constructor's gloves Master Constructor's boots During the Dressed to Skill Treasure Hunter promotion, there is a chance to get the full Master Construction outfit by collecting all five pieces. Equipping all five pieces of the set will provide players with the following bonuses: Option to automatically remove furniture as you build it Ability to convert logs to planks on the go Temporary +3 boost to Construction Increased build progress for Construction Contracts Chance to instantly finish repairs during Construction Contracts Unlimited teleports to your house, house portals, Estate Agents, and your current Construction Contract Have you participated in RS Dressed to Skill TH promo? Anyway, every day you are able to enjoy all other rs updates and guide on our site RSorder.com. And welcome to get cheap OSRS gold & RuneScape gold for sale on RSorder anytime.
  22. Elite Dangerous is free on Epic until 11/26. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/elite-dangerous/home
  23. Uploading now and will go live at the usual time tomorrow. Been a busy week as I am still working on AC Valhalla, so back in Satisfactory.
  24. XERA: Survival at 75% off: $5.00. Rising Lords at 25% off: $14.25.
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  26. Curve Monitor The curved display delivers a revolutionary visual experience with a leading 1800R screen curvature as the images appear to wrap around you for an in depth, immersive experience Upsers
  27. Ohhh! But enabling 6 (80 total) more ray trace cores isnt going to bring it any closer to the 3080
  28. Today AMD released a tech demo of RX 6900XT GPU running hardware- accelerated DitectX Ray Tracing supported by FidelityFX Compute Effects, and SSSR. It looks like there is Fidelity Variable Shading enabled.
  29. House Flipper at 50% off: $9.99 or $31.47 (30% off) for The Flipper Bundle. DevGAMM Conference Sale Weekend Sale: Shenmue 3 at 66% off: $16.99 or $22.09 for the Digital Deluxe edition. DLC on sale at 60% off. Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition at 75% off: $9.99 or $38.20 (64% off) for the Mobilization Pack. Most DLC on sale for 33% or 50% off. theHunter: Call of the Wild at 70% off: $5.99 to $48.78 depending on Edition. DLC on sale for 23-43% off.
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