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  2. Call to Arms at 75% off: $3.74 to $12.49 depending on Edition. DLC also on sale. Fireworks Mania at 20% off: $9.59.
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  4. I have one for 149.99. X99 dual CPU and dual nvme drive slocks. I may pony up for more powerful processors since they are decently cheap. I need to slow down on the processors and board, and spend on the amount of drives and video card. That's where the most gain is.
  5. The video is uploading now, getting me back into Mad Max since I reviewed it back in 2015. It will go live at the usual time tomorrow.
  6. I have a xfx radeon 5600xt. Is there anyway i can get the modded bios without the overclock on the memory. My card wont do 1820 on the memory. It crashes just on the desktop.
  7. CrossCode at 50% off: $9.99. Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter at 90% off: $2.00.
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  9. Wow these dual X99 are like $400 on ebay used. I beat you could find a Threadripper 1920X+MB for less. $40 for a pair of 2620 v3 is nice, but not good if all the real brands like ASUS and Supermciro the MBs are all overpriced for something used. If you use Divinci Reslolve 16/17 Adobe Premiere CC21 you do offload the video encoding to the GPU. Much faster then any dual socket CPU system.
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  11. Humble Stardock Wayfarers Bundle: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (Steam for Windows) Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (Steam for Windows) BTA: The Political Machine 2020 (Steam for Windows, Mac) Siege of Centauri (Steam for Windows) Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation (Steam for Windows) $12.00+: Star Control: Origins - Galactic Edition (Steam for Windows) Offworld Trading Company (Steam for Windows, Mac) Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter's Forge Expansion Pack (DLC) Offworld Trading Company - Limited Supply DLC (DLC) Featured charity is Gamers Outreach. Relevant OCC Reviews: Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Offworld Trading Company The Political Machine 2020 Siege of Centauri Star Control: Origins Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising
  12. I think the post limitation goes away after you get a few more posts, it's to block spammers. X99 is still very capable, but those Chinese remanufactured motherboards do have some quirks, but seem OK overall. I assume you are looking at the ZX-DU99D4, I don't think you will be able to NVMe RAID on that since one slot gets PCIe from the CPU and the other from the chipset, the lower slot is PCIe 3.0 and the upper is PCIe 2.0, so I would opt for a faster larger NVMe on the lower personally. One of my older systems is an x58 with a xeon x5670 overclocked, it is still very capable at 2K/4K gaming even. Clock for clock modern CPUs will dominate it but they also cost a lot more!
  13. Descenders at 50% off: $12.49 or $20.23 (42% off) with the Soundtrack. Free weekend. Breathedge at 25% off: $18.74. Weekend Deals: Deep Rock Galactic at 35% off: $19.49 to $47.41 (45% off) depending on edition. Most DLC on sale at 35% off. Moss at 60% off: $11.99 or $13.90 (65% off) with the Soundtrack. Soundtrack also on sale at 60% off. Dying Light at 66% off: $13.59 to $61.70 (52% off) for the Ultimate Collection. Most DLC on sale for 15% ot 66% off. Free weekend. (OCC Review)
  14. Thanks. You hit the nail on the head. The best place for me to spend the money in this system is the video card. So I figured the New dual cpu board max as much ram as I can pop on there, and the various drives and it should be ok. Put it this way, a guy with a 2017 based system from puget, was 3 seconds slower than his 40,000 dollar macPro. I think this machine will skip along quite nicely. Oh, how come I can only post one post a day here?
  15. Today Isaiah takes a look a the newly released EVGA RTX 3060 XC Black Check out his review https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/evga_rtx_3080_xc_black/
  16. I have the realtek installed in the bottom PCI slot. The only reason I installed it is because I need to have 2 ethernet connections. One for the Internet connection and the other to FTP to and from my xbox.
  17. Humble Books Bundle: Unf*ck Your Life by Microcosm: Unfuck Your Mental Health Paradigm: Unpacking Individual Trauma and Societal Systems of Power |A Workbook Unfuck Your Adulting: Give Yourself Permission, Carry Your Own Baggage, Don't Be a Dick, Make Decisions, & Other Life Skills Unfuck Your Sleep: The #1 Non-Negotiable Necessity For Emotional and Physical Health Unfuck Your Work: Makin' Paper Without Losing Your Mind or Selling Your Soul Unfuck Your Consent: A History and How-to for Claiming Your Sexual Autonomy, Personal Boundaries, and Political Freedoms The Courage Party: Helping Our Resilient Children Understand and Survive Sexual Assault $8.00+: Coping Skills: Tools & Techniques for Every Stressful Situation Unfuck Your Year: A Weekly Unplanner and Self-Care Activity Book to Manage Your Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Triggers, and Freak-Outs The Autism Relationships Handbook: How to Thrive in Friendships, Dating, and Love You Are a Great and Powerful Wizard: Self-Care Magic for Modern Mortals Fuck Happiness: How Women Are Ditching the Cult of Positivity and Choosing Radical Joy If You're Freaking Out, Read This: A Coping Workbook for Building Good Habits, Behaviors, and Hope for the Future This Is Your Brain on Depression: Creating Your Path To Getting Better Hardcore Anxiety: A Graphic Guide to Punk Rock and Mental Health $15.00+: Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Get Over Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Freak-outs, and Triggers Unfuck Your Intimacy: Using Science for Better Relationships, Sex, and Dating Unfuck Your Boundaries: Build Better Relationships through Consent, Communication, and Expressing Your Needs How to Be Accountable: Take Responsibility to Change Your Behavior, Boundaries, and Relationships Unfuck Your Anger: Using Science to Understand Frustration, Rage, and Forgiveness Bang!: Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities This Is Your Brain on Anxiety: What Happen and What Helps Unfuck Your Brain Workbook Unfuck Your Worth: Overcome Your Money Emotions, Value Your Own Labor, and Manage Financial Freak-outs in a Capitalist Hellscape Unfuck Your Boundaries Workbook: Build Better Relationships Through Consent, Communication, and Expressing Your Needs Unfuck Your Intimacy Workbook: Using Science for Better Dating, Sex, and Relationships Unfuck Your Worth Workbook: Manage Your Money, Value Your Own Labor, and Stop Financial Freakouts in a Capitalist Hellscape Unfuck Your Anger Workbook: Using Science to Understand Frustration, Rage, and Forgiveness Featured charity is StreetBooks.
  18. Glad to see you back! Question though, why use these old X99 / 2620v3? Other than it being really cheap on ebay, these new Intel and AMDs chips will outperform it easily.
  19. Humble Software Bundle: Learn Front-End Web Development: Your First Day with HTML (Topic: HTML) JavaScript Module Fundamentals (Topic: Javascript) Introduction to CSS (Topic: CSS) Creating Offline-first Mobile Apps with HTML5 (Topic: HTML) BTA: JavaScript: Functions (Topic: Javascript) HTML5 Advanced Topics (Topic: HTML) Creating Page Layouts with CSS (Topic: CSS) Building on HTML5: Optimizing for Data, Communication and Offline Apps (Topic: HTML) Debugging Sites Using Chrome DevTools Working with Text and Lists in HTML (Topic: HTML) $20.00+: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture (Topic: HTML, CSS, and Javascript) Front End Web Development: Get Started (Topic: HTML, CSS, and Javascript) Learn Basic HTML5 and CSS3 by Building Your First Web Page (Topic: HTML, CSS) Creating Forms in HTML (Topic: HTML) Building Websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Getting Started (Topic: HTML, CSS, and Javascript) HTML5 Fundamentals (Topic: HTML) Styling Websites with CSS (Topic: CSS) Optimizing and Deploying a Website JavaScript Best Practices (Topic: Javascript) Building Websites with HTML (Topic: HTML) Featured charities are Girls Who Code and Code.org.
  20. Foxhole at 45% off: $10.99. Samorost 3 at 80% off: $4.00 or $4.95 (82% off) for the Cosmic Edition.
  21. I was a regular on here back in the early 2000's. Since then priorities changed with family etc. I am back building a new video editing rig for my business. I have some parts already, but others I am up in the air on. The list as follows Thermaltake Xaser III steel case. This thing weighs 50lb plus pounds and its a tank. I think I am going to give it a custom paint job and change all the red accents to bright green and paint the inside green too. I am going to install nocturna fans in this for slient or near silent use. I am going with a dual xeon X99 board with dual 2620 V3 cpus. I am not sure on a cooling solution for these as they are close together on my board. I will update when I figure out what I am going with. I am thinking nocturna for slient useage. I am installing 8x32 gb ram in the board for a total of 256gb of ram. This will most likely be Kingston ram as I like the brand and has been very reliable for me. Next up is the video card. it's going to be at least a 12gb video card so I can push it a bit. Any suggestions on something like this in a semi affordable version would be appreciated. I will be running software off 2 NVME kingston A2000 256gb drives in Raid 0. There will be 3 kingston a400 512gb drives for scratch/temp/swap drives one each. I will be using 2 14tb HDD in raid 1 for storage most likely seagate drives. I will be powering this with a 1320w enermax revo PSU to make sure I have enough power when pushing the system. This will be driving 2 monitors, my 24" dell touchscreen and a dell 24" 4K next to it. My videos for now will be shot using 4k from a panasonic FZ2500, Sony RX10 iv, Panasonic FZ300 and my iphone 11. Most footage will be from the two panasonic cameras however. They will live in their video rigs with lighting, mics and stabilization setups. For photo I will be using my RX10 iv, Fujifilm X-S1, X10 and some other cameras. I will put up some photos as I go along. The first thing is to get the case painted and ready to go.
  22. Nah, I gave that up after the last crash. I wouldn't buy a pre-mined card though. Might as well throw the money away.
  23. Do you have some retired farmers?
  24. Tonight, Alex takes a look at the Cooler Master MM720 and MM711 Gaming Mouse. Check it out below! https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/cmclawmouse/
  25. What is your budget? The used and new market is ridiculous with cryto mining going on.
  26. Hey all. Looking for anything better then a 770. My daughters rig is crawling along with my back up 770. 970, 980, 1070 would even consider AMD of similar specs. thanks stephen
  27. Humble Tales of Love & Adventure Bundle: Tales of Monkey Island Complete Pack (Steam for Windows) BTA: Telltale Batman Shadows Edition (Steam for Windows) Neo Cab (Steam for Windows, Mac) Half Past Fate (Steam for Windows, Mac) Reventure (Steam for Windows) $12.00+: Blacksad: Under the Skin (Steam for Windows, Mac) Blacksad: Under the Skin Soundtrack HIVESWAP: Act 2 (Steam for Windows, Mac, Linux) $15.00+: Indivisible (Steam for Windows, Mac, Linux) Featured charity is Covenant House.
  28. Memories of Mars at 75% off: $4.99. Dead Island Franchise Sale Midweek Madness: Destroy All Humans! at 50% off: $14.99 or $17.98 (55% off) for the Bundle. DLC on sale at 50% off. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun at 90% off: $3.99 or $6.87 (85% off) for the Digital Collectors Edition. DLC on sale at 50% off. Neon Abyss at 33% off: $13.39 or $16.49 (39% off) for the Deluxe Edition. DLC on sale for 20% or 33% off. Transport Fever 2 at 40% off: $23.99.
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