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  2. I found out what was messing my computer up. I has a WD 1TB black that held me hostage. It was 10 years old so maybe it was time. The rest of the box is working fine.
  3. Monster Sanctuary at 50% off: $9.99 or $17.99 (40% off) for the Deluxe Edition. DDLC on sale for 25% or 50% off. Pumpkin Jack at 44% off: $16.79. Soundtrack on sale at 40% off. Midweek Madness: The Tenants at 25% off: $14.99. Dreamhack Beyond Sale HITMAN 2 Standard Edition at 85% off: $8.95 or $14.99 for the Gold Edition. DLC on sale at 70% or 75% off. (OCC Review)
  4. Today, Jim takes a look at the new game The Forgotten City. Check it out below! https://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/forgotten_city_review/
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  6. Judge Dredd: The Only Law that Matters in Mega-City One Bundle: Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Vol. 01 Insurrection Vol. 1 Devlin Waugh: Red Tide Mean Machine: Real Mean $10.00+: The Simping Detective Mega-City Undercover Vol. 1-3 Judge Dredd: Satan's Island Judge Dredd: Nobody Apes the Law Judge Dredd: Chief Judges' Man Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Vol. 02-03 Insurrection Vol. 2 Hondo City Justice Dredd: Urban Warfare Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood Dead Man Cadet Anderson $18.00+: Young Death Missionary Man Judge Dredd: Total War Judge Dredd: The Pit Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection Judge Dredd: Origins Judge Dredd: Mechanismo Judge Dredd: Mandroid Judge Dredd: Heavy Metal Dredd Judge Dredd: Cape & Cowl Crimes Judge Dredd: Brothers of the Blood Judge Dredd: America Judge Death: My Name is Death Judge Anderson: The Psi Files Vol. 04-05 Hondo City Law Dredd/Anderson Deep End Dredd: Final Judgement $25.00+: 2000 AD's Greatest: Celebrating 40 Years Absalom Book 1-3 Age of the Wolf Aquila Bec & Kawl Best of Tharg's Future Shock Brass Sun Brink Book 1-3 Counterfeit Girl Defoe 1666 Halo Jones Book 1-3 Hope Book 1 Judge Dredd Case Files 01-05 Great for running exciting battles on your favorite virtual tabletop! Kingdom Book 1-4 Mazeworld Scarlet Traces Book 1 Shakara Book 1 Slaine: Book of Invasions Vol. 1 Slaine: Warrior's Dawn Zenith Book 1-4 Zombo Book 1-2
  7. Typing Journey at 54% off: $16.18. Individual titles on sale at 25% and 80% off. Tales From The East Bundle at 39% off: $23.73. Individual titles on sale at 20% to 60% off.
  8. Windows 7 system. Just started to take forever to shut down and start up. HD light is on continually/ I upgraded my HD recently by I exchanged the new one with the old one and it still does the same. Any Ideas? I checked the Task Manager and no programs are running.
  9. Today, Jim takes a look at Mechanical Keyboard Switch Lubricating and Filming. Check it out below! https://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/cmk_switch_lube_film/
  10. task manager ought to help you identify what is starting up and enable it or disable it as you see fit... ctl alt del ...
  11. Call of the Sea at 25% off: $14.99 or $17.73 (39% off) for the Deluxe Edition. DLC on sale at 20% off. Mini Metro at 75% off: $2.49.
  12. 古剑奇谭三(Gujian3) at 70% off: $8.99. Mark of the Ninja Remastered at 60% off: $7.99. Remastered Upgrade at 75% off: 1.24.
  13. 1. happy wheels unblocked- the game has terrible graphics. For those of you who like this genre. Choose from several unique characters and navigate your character through the levels without getting hurt.The goal of each level: reach the end or collect all tokens. Some levels are completely objective. You can even create your own and share your own for testing with other players around the world. 2. driftboss- a casual game in which you will have the objective of driving through an endless road full of steep turns. Although, yes, anticipate changes in the direction of the road to react promptly and avoid falling into the void.If you want to show off your driving skills or test your reflexes, Drift Boss Game is sure to be a great game that will keep you glued to the screen for hours on end. They are really fun!!
  14. Just finished recording so tomorrow's video is uploading now and will go live at the usual time.
  15. Just Shapes & Beats at 30% off: $13.99 or $16.36 (37% off) for the Monstercat Track Selection Bundle. Monstercat Track Selection DLC on sale at 30% off. Hokko Life at 20% off: $15.99.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions. Samsung Magician was the problem. I upgraded my storage and installed that program. I guess every company wants to make themselves known.
  17. You might try a search on your C Drive for "startup". There are several "startup" folders. Look in each one for any programs you have not installed. Particularly in your "Users" folder under AppData.
  18. 13th Age Tabletop RPG Bundle Quick Start & System Reference Document Crown of Axis Book of Loot We've all got a treasure-hungry munchkin inside of us, and it’s time to let that grubby-fingered kid out to play. Monsters! bundle from 13th Age Monthly Dragon Empire Map $20.00+: Diabolist: Maps and Awesome Adventures Adventures! bundle from 13th Age Monthly Crusader: Maps and Maps and Awesome Adventures Great Gold Wyrm: Maps and Awesome Adventures Priestess: Maps and Awesome Adventures 13th Age Soundtrack - Original Music Album for 13th Age Treasure! bundle from 13th Age Monthly Book of Demons Book of Ages Loot Harder Dwarf King: Maps and Awesome Adventures BTA: Orc Lord: Maps and Adventures 13th Age Bestiary 13th Age GM Screen and Resource Guide High Druid: Maps and Awesome Adventures The Three: Maps and Awesome Adventures Shadows of Eldolan $25.00+: 13th Age Characters! bundle from 13th Age Monthly Elf Queen: Maps and Awesome Adventures Emperor: Maps and Awesome Adventures 13 True Ways Eyes of the Stone Thief Eyes of the Stone Thief 5e The 13th Age Bestiary 2 Archmage: Maps and Awesome Adventures Prince of Shadows: Maps and Awesome Adventures Lich King: Maps and Awesome Adventures $25 off voucher towards 13th Age print books in the Pelgrane Press Store
  19. Sounds like a program is starting with windows and automatically minimizing. It could be anything really, hard to say what program(s) do that. It is pretty common. You could try and see what is starting with windows and disable things one at a time.
  20. First Class Trouble at 34% off: $9.89. Narita Boy at 50% off: $12.49 or $20.78 for the Deluxe Edition. Soundtrack on sale at 25% off. Weekend Deals: Hi-Rez Publisher Weekend Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game free weekend. Days Gone at 20% off: $39.99.
  21. Some item shoots from middle of screen towards start button after start in windows 7. I don't seem to have any problems but it's weird since it just started about a month or two ago. Anybody have an idea what it is and maybe how to get rid of it?
  22. Hearts of Iron IV Bundle: Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition BTA: Hearts of Iron IV: Radio Pack (DLC) Hearts of Iron IV: Death or Dishonor (DLC) Hearts of Iron IV: Together For Victory (DLC) $8.00+: Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus (DLC) Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns Expansion (DLC) Hearts of Iron IV: Waking the Tiger (DLC) Hearts of Iron IV: Axis Armor Pack (DLC)
  23. Do Not Feed The Monkeys at 70% off: $3.59. Supraland at 60% off: $7.99 or $16.30 (52% off) for the Complete Edition. DLC on sale at 20% off.
  24. While I am no expert on air coolers, Noctua is always solid choice. Air cooling "technology" hasn't changed much in 10 years.
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