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  2. I have lodged a ticket with support. That may eventually be fixed. Will check other mention when in game. Thanks.
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  4. Out of the Park Baseball 21 at 25% off: $29.99. while True: learn() at 26% off: $9.61 to $11.02 (21% off) depending on Edition.
  5. While it's still fun to overclock, I just wanted to say that if you get, or have, a newer generation processor, most of them have boosting technologies that will automatically get you most of what you're gonna get. The days of getting a 20-50% overclock for free are gone I think. Unless you're going to get into freezing.
  6. Thank you so much for this. I was into this issue and tired to tinker around to check if its possible but couldnt get it done. Now that i have seen the way you did it, thanks guys with regards
  7. I'm sure your card is fine, no chance of exploding from running a game 24/7. You could use VoiceAttack software so all you need do is say "pause track" to toggle off. https://store.steampowered.com/app/583010/VoiceAttack/ Also look through your keybinds, headlock control, or within the TrackIR software, their is a function to provide a keybinding specific to pausing (alongside re-centering) the TrackIR hardware. Seems the exit issue is indeed a bug, most likely a patch will fix, perhaps in Fleet Carriers: Beta #2. https://elitedangerous2016.wordpress.com/category/patch-notes/ Till then exiting through task manager may be your only option, unless you can use a key or joystick binding which suits your needs.
  8. Thank you. But is the graphics card in danger of Exploooding ........ and taking my home with it? Do I need a new one? Oh. Just checked. If you are familiar with the game, please advise which part of options to place a pause button. I don't know how to make one, and there are a heap of headings in options/controls.
  9. Assign a pause button in the options, pause game scroll to quit and press your accept button. If that don't work, it's a bug. I would ticket it at https://support.elitedangerous.com/
  10. I play Elite Dangerous Horizons. The livery and store are causing a problem and I have to use Task Manager to exit those screens. Today a (maybe) new problem surfaced. The game pic is the place I can't exit. The pic of the Task Manager is what really worries me. I have recently ditched the free Win10 and installed a retail version. 1909. Any help would be appreciated.
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  12. Probably the quickest way is to watch reputable YouTubers, read a ton of reviews from all different websites and ask question on forums for things you don't fully understand. I am still learning things daily, so it is a never ending cycle. Also welcome to OCC!
  13. I've been building and fixing computers, mostly my own, for a long time. But I have never tried it learned how to overclock my systems. I've seen diagnostic screens and overclock programs, but they turn me away because I know next to nothing about electrical engineering aside from how to pick the right power supply based on the hardware specs. I've also been told things like that it isn't worth it for a regular rig, or that water cooling it's a must. But frankly I don't know anything any that either, just the idea of inducing water into my rig seems like a terrible idea. Where should I start to learn these things, they weren't exactly covered in my A+ cert class.
  14. Biped at 15% off: $12.74. Rakuen at 67% off: $3.30 to 12.69 (45% off) depending on edition.
  15. Why isn't this person banned yet?!?
  16. What the heck are they up to, gta5 free last week and now this ?
  17. He's BACCCK ! This guy will post this on every pc site out there and he will not accept any answer. Don't waste your time on him unless you have lots of time to spare with b s !
  18. this guy has like 30 threads asking about a 1 time random crash
  19. Computers do that sometimes. Like I said unless you are doing some NASA level stuff, you shouldn't worry about a random crash in a game. Heck Call of Duty crashes on me weekly across multiple computers and I know my systems are stable. Just goes to show, software isn't perfect.
  20. Nearly forgot because it felt like it was Saturday for some reason, but I just finished recording the video that will go live tomorrow at the usual time. Back in Darksiders II since I finished off the time-sensitive projects I had so had no excuse to play something else. (Though I do want to get more generators going in Satisfactory.)
  21. Between the Stars at 33% off: $16.74 or $19.03=7 (36% off) with the Soundtrack. Soundtrack also on sale at 33% off. PAC-MAN 40th Anniversary Sale
  22. Civilization VI is free on Epic Games till 5/28. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/sid-meiers-civilization-vi/home
  23. PAC-MAN is 40 years old now, so naturally there is some celebration for this anniversary and NVIDIA decided its tribute to the classic would be to use an example of fairly new technology. By leveraging the power of generative adversarial networks, or GAN, a form of artificial intelligence, NVIDIA has recreated PAC-MAN just by having its new GameGAN system watch as it is played. Generative adversarial networks are a kind of neural network that can be applied to accelerate the machine learning process. Typically the process for training a network would require providing it with reference information, and potentially that information has been first filtered by humans to make sure it is all accurate. That human component can slow the process down because if a neural network may require thousands of images to finally learn to identify whether a specific object is contained in an arbitrary image, each image would need to first be looked at by a human. By using a GAN this process is sped up because it gives a pair of neural networks the task of defeating each other. One network tries to generate information accurate enough to fool the second, so it is called the generator, and the second network tries to find the flaw to expose the fake, so it is called the discriminator. Though they are adversaries, some information is shared between the networks so both can improve until you eventually have the ability to generate information that cannot be distinguished from actual reference information. NVIDIA has previously deployed GANs with GauGAN, a technology that can take in rough images from a user and generate detailed scenes that will appear realistic. The potential here would be to ease the amount of effort required by those who need to supply synthetic yet realistic images, such as architects, landscape designers, and game developers. Now the company has put together GameGAN with PAC-MAN as one of its first examples. What GameGAN has done is taken in about 50,000 PAC-MAN episodes to learn from so it could then imitate the original. It watched both the screenplay of the game as well as keyboard actions for its training. From this information, GameGAN was able to determine the rules of the game as well as its mechanics, such as how consuming a capsule causes the ghosts to change color and run from Pac-Man, instead of chasing him. It also had to learn something that might seem obvious, but as it was not starting from a game engine even realizing how keyboard input controls Pac-Man was important to achieve. While just imitating the original game via an AI method is important on its own, GameGAN did something else with this process that was important, and that was disentangling the static and dynamic components visible in the image. One reason this is important is that it allows the system to create a more interpretable model that can also be better applied to tasks later on that explicitly relate to dynamic and not static elements. In PAC-MAN the map would be one of the static elements and by separating it from the dynamic elements, like the ghosts, the map could be more easily replaced. For training the researchers behind GameGAN used a modified version of the game to work with random mazes, so that ability to distinguish between static and dynamic undoubtedly helped it. In addition to working with PAC-MAN the researchers also worked with ViZDoom, an AI research platform actually developed to teach AI to play DOOM using just visual information. Thanks to the disentangling of components, GameGAN can replace elements from both, such as allowing one to play as Mario in either game or changing the environment of ViZDoom without compromising the gameplay. Though this research shows GameGAN being used to effectively reverse-engineer a classic game, its potential uses include automated generation of game levels as well as easier creation of simulators for training autonomous machines. For those wondering about playing the GameGAN version of PAC-MAN, it will be made available later this year in NVIDIA's AI Playground     Source: NVIDIA and NVIDIA GameGAN Paper Back to original news post
  24. In event viewer there was not driver crash or even not app crash. Game just simply freezed and i used to logout from system by ctrl alt delete. So propably bug i mean no hardware? There was nothing in event viewer.
  25. I don't know. But i wouldn't worry unless it becomes a consistent problem.
  26. Because first time it happened after 2 hours ,when i back to home it freezed. I left game running for 2 hours when i go out. Second time it happened after 20 hours and no more. Only 2 times. So it can be memory leak?
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