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  2. Well after multiple delays, the Cyberpunk 2077 release date is quickly approaching and is set for November 19, 2020. I remember seeing an early trailer video which was running at 4K 30fps with an i7-8700K and SLI GTX 1080 Ti configuration,.. since than the game has received much more development time, and I'm hoping the PC version will support SLI and work with my NVLINK RTX 2080TI configuration. I can't seem to find any information in regards to SLI support,.. looks like RTX-powered ray tracing and Nvidia DLSS 2.0 is indeed supported. As I do not plan on upgrading my system to 30-series single card configuration until mid December.
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  6. i have been reading around the post but im still confused on the subject of choosing the right memory for the right CPU. if i were to have a Q6600 which im planning to overclock to 3.0 Ghz(9x333FSB) or more.What is the clock speed of the ram that i should choose for DDR2 n DDR3?
  7. That is essentially my plan. With the leak of the iffy benchmark, the supposed Ryzen 7 5800x is roughly 16% faster than the 10900k, but that is a take it with a grain of salt test. If the 5800k should be approximately against the 10700k, could be looking at 25%+ better from the top Zen 3 compared to 10th gen Intel. With just over a week until the announcement on 8 October for Zen 3 CPU's, I have decided to wait. Worst case, I stick with Zen 2 / 10th gen and get a better deal in a few weeks compared to now. Downside is my watercooling is just going to sit there waiting for my set up. But, I think this is going to be a decent setup and should prove well for overlclocks.
  8. Last week
  9. I'll have to check but it seems like the VF Curve has been adjusted to 2Ghz @ 1.093v instead of 2.1Ghz. Just means instead of 45mhz OC offset, now it will be 145 instead.
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  12. With the new driver does your MSI RTX 3080 review card still boost frequency between 1959MHz and 2100MHz, and do you still see a 100MHz swing in clock frequency depending on the resolution and work demand.
  13. No kidding about the 10900K. Mine clocked at 5.1 (All-Core 1.275v) goes to 332 Watts with Prime95. 250 is standard for gaming. However if you leave everything on stock and follow Intel guidelines of 55 seconds Turbo 1 core. It will be about 180 watts. If you playing at 4K, AMD and Intel preform the same. You can see all the results in the OCC review. AMD does greatly benfit from memory running 3800 MT/s to match the Infinity Fabric of 1900Mhz. Intel, not so much. Get a 4000 CL15 kit and your set.
  14. The point of the gaming rig is just that. Gaming. I know AMD is announcing Zen 3 CPU's on 8 October and Big Navi on 28 October. Neither necessarily mean a launch next month, best bet is early to mid November for GPU nad mid to late October for CPU. I'm not in a rush. If I go AM4 or socket 1200, both will be changed on the next generation, so there isn't much of am upgrade path with the hardware. Most people don't want to wait, but for instance, 10900k marketing TDP is 125w, but for PL2, looking closer to 250w, while it appears AMD is more on the money with TDP, Zen 3 is rumored to be closer to 150w compared to 105w with the 3900x or so. Waiting a few more weeks isnt an issue. Worst case, the new Zen 3 isn't really a big performance gain, so stick with 3900x or 3950, or go intel 10700, 850, or 900k, which should all be at a lower cost, with the new hardware release. With 3080 / 3090 impossible to get right this moment, waiting is really the only way. Gaming will be all 4k, not planning on 1080p or 1440p. There will also be some multimedia work as I have my server rack in my office.
  15. Personally I would grab either a AMD 3900X or Intel i9-10850K. Both systems will cost about the same. If you are playing games at 4K, CPU doesnt matter. 1080 or 2K, Intel is slightly better (10fps more). Doing workstation stuff the 3900X may edge out Intel depending on the workload.
  16. Hi, I recently changed an old H60 which was working fine for a Mugen 5, mostly because it's 10 years old and it surpassed its lifespan. I have a Ryzen 3600. Temps with the Mugen 5 are very similar, generally a little lower at load, almost the same or higher at idle, but it has some spikes that weren't present with the old AIO. I decided to add the H60 120 mm. cooler to the heatsink for a push/pull config. Since it has higher RPM, right now the Mugen fan is as pull, and the H60's as push. I don't see a noticebeable improvement, if any at all. Since I have a Corsair Spec Alpha case, changing the coolers is a considerable effort, 'cause I have to remove the top exhaust fan, and the clips with the H60 fan are really hard to take out (it's much tighter than the stock fan). Do you think it would be better to take out the H60's fan and leave the Mugen with the stock as push, or leave the push/pull with the H60's fan? BTW by reading reviews I thought that changing the H60 to a Mugen 5 would be an upgrade, but it was more like a side-grade, so I'm kinda dissapointed. Temps at idle are between 39-50, 72 after running Cinebench R15, and 79-82 with Prime95 at maximum heat with ocassional spikes to 88.
  17. That's funny, I was only joking. But I guess if the new driver keeps the boost frequency @ roughly 1950 MHz than problem should not occur,..
  18. The answer really depends on what you planning to do with the system. AMD will annouced the 4th Gen Ryzen in October followed by the "Big Navi" aka 6800XT or whatever the final name is. Intel will release a refresh in 2021, though it seems to be rumored 8 core instead of 10.
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  20. "Fixed" by lowering the clock speed haha. Actually I don't know what changed to make it stable.
  21. Indie Cup Celebration Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter at 90% off: $4.99.
  22. You're joking but NVIDIA actually brought out 456.55 WHQL a few hours ago and there seems to be very positive feedback from RTX3080 users. Sounds like the issues have been solved, with minimal (if any?) performance loss
  23. Building up a new gaming rig and trying to figure out hardware. Case, PSU, and cooling is done, EK water cooling hardware, waiting on blocks until I figure out what to do. I know the waiting game is bad, wait for the next release and you'll always be waiting. But with the release of Zen 3 CPU's and pending Big Navi, the age old question is, wait for that or just get 10th gen Intel and 3080/3090 whenever there's actual stock available?
  24. Out of the Park Baseball 21 at 75% off: $9.99.
  25. I always had good luck with Triplite. Though it will be hard to find a KVM that supports HDMI or DP that is of quality. If you are just looking to get a picture on a screen (server stuff), brands don't matter much. If you want good image fetidity, it will be a problem.
  26. Don't worry Nvidia will fix issue. Get ready for the latest Nvidia GeForce Graphics Driver,.. includes automatic performance tuning, downclocking for RTX 3080 3090 GPUs.
  27. Hey y'all, Like I'm sure many of us are, I'm currently working from home during COVID. My job recently extended our WFH to 9/01/21, so I'm trying to streamline my workspace a bit, and I want to get a kvm. The issue I'm having is that my work computer has an HDMI out, and my main rig's monitors only have a DP in. I would like to find a solution that doesn't involve needing a kvm and a $50 hdmi to DP adapter, but if that's the only way, then I will just suck it up. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good kvm at a fairly budget price? I am an idiot, I double checked and realized that my main rig has 3 DP outs and 1 HDMI, and that my monitors accept both. SO now I just need a rec for a good kvm lol
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