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    Starcraft II

    Hey fellas, add me if you want to dominate in some intergalactic space battles - [email protected] - Griswold
  2. It's been several years since I've posted, but I always knew I'd come back! Does anyone have thoughts or comments on this subject? I'm no millionare, so price is a main concern... but if the product isn't quality than I'd rather not own it at all. I have a lot of .avi files that I'd like to watch on my new TV. The hookups include: USB 2.0, as well as ethernet and HDMI. I'm sure there are many of geeks out there who have setups like the one I desire. So, please do share! Thanks!
  3. Cool, thanks guys. I just downloaded mozilla 3 and avg 8. I know how those guys can be, that's why I came here right away If you have any other must-have software apps on mind, please share!
  4. My dad's computer guy reformated my hard drive. In addition, he included notes that warned me not to use mozilla, norton or adaware. My question is, what is the safest browser? And, is there still such thing as a good, free anti virus program? Thanks!
  5. Sometimes when I'm studying late at night and my eyes are getting heavy... or I'm just bored... I'll try to remind myself how much of a privilege it is to be in the US, to be in college and that before I know it, it's gonna be over. If you want a job in the Comp. Engineering field, than don't shy away now.. you're not going to remember how it felt to stay up late studying when you're driving home in a nice car, to a nice house, from your nice job. Also, make sure you're connecting with your professors and you're studying effectively. I'm actually taking a semester off to travel, work and just catch my breath. I just spent 2 months in Israel, and I just got an internship with Burton. Good luck!
  6. We should become isolationists, take care of our economy and our broken society. Ron Paul should be our president. Terrorism stems from occupation of lands. If we want to stop terrorism, we bring our troops home. Have them defend our boarders or something?.. instead of sending them out to conquer the world by america's interests. Peace. love.
  7. Our fence shocked one of our dogs so bad that her ear wax heated up and boiled the skin in and around it. We just stopped using it, because it was unsafe and our dogs would still run over it if they really wanted.
  8. Woo I live in Vermont as well. I only smoke that stuff that induces euphoria =D whatever that is.
  9. The world has always faced turmoil... The only difference now is that there are more people on the planet, and more weapons. Yes, I think a change is inevitable, partly because BUSH WILL SOON BE OUT OF OFFICE...but the world will never see peace until education is our (the world population's) number one priority. This will not happen, for a long long time, if ever. There are just way too many ignorant, uneducated people...which makes for angry people, which makes for greed and war mongering.
  10. Fixed it! Turns out it was the PSU... and it just wasn't all plugged in correctly =X
  11. Okay I will check. But it's one long contious BEeep =(
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