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    Chassis- Cooler Master Elite 110
    Mobo- Gigabyte GA-B75N
    CPU- i5 3570
    GPU- Zotac 760
    PSU- Antec Basig 550w Modular
    Storage- SSD/HDD
    OS- Windows 7
    Monitor- 24" Asus VE248H

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    Perkinsville, VT
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    -Modding/Building/Tweaking PCs
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  1. Andrewr05

    Quick Giveaway

    This would be pretty awesome, right now I have to use the stock cooler on my mITX build because its so small and the aftermarket low-profile cooler I got wouldn't work.
  2. Andrewr05

    not happy with new rad fan

    Some fan controllers mount in a PCI opening.
  3. Andrewr05

    This video...*has some language*

    I've slapped a girl before but that's because she was being a total bitch and she was coming at me repeatedly. DGAF
  4. Andrewr05

    Miata rebuild thread 2014

    Actually that offset stripe would be a badass idea.
  5. Andrewr05

    What happened to the VIP Lounge?

    You have to donate to access the VIP forum.
  6. Andrewr05

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Sure, what do ya want? Then again, in 6 months are you even going to be able to own a gun in CT ?
  7. Andrewr05

    [Build Log] Blue's New MACHINE!

    You can pick up used hardware on Fleabay/Junkyards...
  8. Andrewr05

    [Build Log] Blue's New MACHINE!

    Mod up a cheap supercharger set up, You and Waco could easily rig one up. It'll be a little less efficient without an intercooler (setup a cheap meth sprayer and it'll be awesome), but fuck it it isn't like you're going to dump 20PSI from a cheap setup anyways... I have the feeling that might be just a little too big for the engine bay. Engine bay? More like back hatch and make it RWD!
  9. Andrewr05

    Acronyms for dummies

    MIATA Midgets Inexplicably Amputate Tall Americans... Cranberry
  10. Andrewr05

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Damn and thats without the slave labor factory work too. :/
  11. Andrewr05

    Acronyms for dummies

  12. Andrewr05

    Acronyms for dummies

    Electrotechnology Everret Likes Entering Crazy Text, Regular Ones Too, Especially Computer Hypertext Numbers Of Long Overall Gauge, Yep...
  13. Andrewr05

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Hook me up with a Ruger Red Label lol. That's my next purchase after an AR15. You only get 3 half priced guns a year and guess whos number 1, 2 and 3?
  14. Andrewr05

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Those Monoprice cans are actually rated very nicely for their price range. And if they do break or you're not satisfied monoparesis customer service is fantastic . I just bought a Dewalt DC05 radio/battery charger for work. Also, speaking of work, I started working at Ruger 2 weeks ago. It is terrible, monotonous, shitty, boring, grueling work but it's a job. Only 5 and a half months before I can get half priced guns!
  15. That's what she said... Congrats!