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  1. wevsspot

    3.3vRail Overvoltage Symptoms??

    I can't resist................ Why are you modding the 3.3v rail?
  2. wevsspot

    LG monitor

    I haven't owned any LG monitors, but my house is full of LG TVs. I've got an older plasma and a couple of LED based sets. I've been really pleased with my LG TVs, so I'd bet that there monitors are just as good.
  3. wevsspot

    Back from a 10+ year holdayy

    Nice to see you back on board O.
  4. wevsspot

    New Forum ??

    I have nothing to say since I'm a way way old timer............................. Guess it's easier to read without needing my reading glasses
  5. Well, 59 hours in and I'm getting better I've adjusted some of the video settings and the game doesn't look as "soft" even though I've given up some eye candy. Frame rates are up over 100FPS and game play is pretty smooth. Still way too many hackers, but at least the game is almost enjoyable now.
  6. wevsspot

    New to OCC, not new to overclocking.

    Welcome to the Club!
  7. Overall I think that BFV sucks (as politely as I can put it). I'm a huge BF fan and have every version of the franchise through V now. The pattern is predictable for me after all these years. I'll start the latest version and think to myself "man I hate this latest version", but I keep playing and by the sixth or seventh session I'm all in and almost completely forget about the previous release that had occupied hundreds of hours of my time. Not the same with BFV. I keep playing it hoping to learn to like it, but after about ten hours of game play I'm still under-whelmed and totally frustrated. Snipers that can seemingly kill you with one shot from a mile away, tanks and other armored vehicles that feel like they move at a snails pace, people that have a KD of 500/5 and my list of gripes goes on. Don't get me wrong, the PQ is beautiful if you have the right video card and can run high/ultra or some combination of the two. But everything else feels like a change in the wrong direction.
  8. wevsspot

    Case [Rant]

    Got that one on my short list too
  9. wevsspot

    Case [Rant]

    Thank you!!!!
  10. wevsspot

    New Build, artifacting gpu

    The first and simplest thing to do is try to use the internet with a different browser. If you're using IE or Edge, try Chrome or Firefox, visa versa whatever. As Slick pointed out it could be an issue with hardware acceleration. You Tube dropped Flash and started using HTML5 back in early 2015, so this could be an issue with the video engine included with whatever browser you're running. Also, as IR noted, it's never a bad idea to check for subsystem stability (i.e. RAM, CPU, hard drives) using the commonly available tools.
  11. wevsspot

    Case [Rant]

    Update: I may have stumbled upon the perfect case for me. Wish they came in white, but I can deal with black. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078K32G27/?coliid=I1A7ENZHVJU3EX&colid=38CSU2GHRPBLJ&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  12. wevsspot

    Slicks i7 build

    I'm following
  13. wevsspot

    Case [Rant]

    That is a great case................
  14. wevsspot

    Case [Rant]

    If I could find one it would be high on my list I've got the 750D on the short list, but I haven't been able to find the 800 in stock anywhere.
  15. Just bemused and venting...................... So as some may know, I was able to upgrade my gaming PC over the Christmas holiday. And of course that got me thinking about finding a new case to replace my long-in-the-tooth Corsair C70. The situation resulting in this bemusement and ensuring vent (much of it of my own doing because I haven't been paying attention to cases in the last few years) is the difficulty finding a large selection of water-cooling able mid or full size towers that have 3 or more 5.25" drive bays. I know, I know.......... 5.25" drives are going the way of the spotted red-beaked recluse sparrow, but I also have an XSPC dual bay reservoir that needs a suitable home when I move into a new case. In about 72 hours of searching I've identified six cases that are readily available and match my criteria. So in what decade did case designers decide that we no longer wanted or needed multiple 5.25" drive bays in a case that also supported some sort of internal radiator installation?