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    3DMark06 Scores

    What This Thread Is For: For OCC members to post and brag about their 3DMark 06 scores. Having all the scores in one place should help other members see where their system compares to other similar systems. Guidelines: 1- One post per person in this thread. - If you upgrade or get a different benchmark, edit your post. 2- This is for 3D Mark 2006 scores only. 3- If you wish to discuss a system, score, etc start a new thread. 4- Please try to include your systems specs as well if they are not listed in your signature. 5- Also, if you want your scores taken seriously you must include a compare url.
  2. swifty11212

    Left 4 Dead 2 Racism? Lol....no...pff

    on topic, i think we can get used to ignorant people crying foul upon issues that are not as significant as it was in the past. like a previous poster brought up resident evil 5 as a issue as racism. not too sure how to really put it in to words but here it goes, the majority video gamers are tolerant to many issues that some of the bigots try to exploit for their own advantage. people try to impose fear on others to gain control over them. anyways the hot coffee mod for gta:sa wasnt that much of a big deal being that you needed a 3rd party to gain access to that content while out of the box you couldnt access it.
  3. swifty11212

    i love western digital

    so back in january this year my raid-0 setup of dual raptor 150 drive have failed and i have been too lazy to rma them. so a few weeks back I decided to rma it only to find out when they arrived that WD had upgraded me to the velociraptors. time to redo my rig
  4. swifty11212

    Should I leave OCC??

    NRG!!!!!1111!!!!!1111!!!! man im gone for almost a year here and NRG is still OCC's most awesome member lol. hes my favorite crazy euro. anyways to the OP, i have seen your posts before in the past and everyone at somepoint says something dumb and sometimes may get a warning or worse but shouldnt let a forum affect your personal life unless you or someone uploaded some pics. anyways just take a break for a bit if you want but do feel free to come back.
  5. swifty11212

    Intel Core i5 750 Core i7 870 Reviewed

    these things look soo good to have, man i'd like to see a mac run on this chips
  6. swifty11212

    680i board

    hey guys its been a while since i last been here. anyways my 680i's raid controller went to fail suddenly. so im stuck with a bad 680i board (evga and dont feel like going through warranty). i am keeping my system as is but will like to upgrade to a 780i board. evga or asus for the 780i boards? im not jumping on the ddr3/i7 or phenom bandwagon just yet.
  7. swifty11212

    guild wars

    Ok, so I decided to buy a character slot for my guild wars account using their ingame online store. I used my debit card this time instead of my dad's CC (should have done it in the first place for security reasons). Now on my citibank account statement, the purchase with NC Soft shows up (its only $9.99) but this one also popped up too. *DEBIT AUTHORIZATION AT 16:09 RBS THE NETHERLAN GA $ 0.00" I have no idea what it is but it showed up the same day as the NC Soft purchase I made. I emailed citibank and am awaiting a respond. Calling them was of no use since their representative had a strong accent but he did say that I'm ok, but I'd rather have it via email above all.
  8. swifty11212

    975x Question

    enabling the option to change my multipler seems to be the culprit, but ill keep it at 9 for now anyways. edit: didnt work well as i expected, so i put it back. ill probably just get a q6600 for my p5wdh and 680i.
  9. im wondering if the intel 975x chipset (my old asus p5wdh deluxe board) supports 45nm chips.
  10. swifty11212

    975x Question

    hmm its having issues... not fully compatible or what...
  11. swifty11212

    975x Question

    yea since my 680i rig's raid-0 died, im pissed the hell off at it, figured id try my e8400 thats in it and see how it plays with my p5wdh board. already updated the bios in preparation, may leave it in there if it goes well then rebuild my 680i but put a q6600 in it.
  12. swifty11212

    975x Question

    i think your wrong. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?p=2816096
  13. swifty11212

    Little Help Here?

    one of the drives turns off suddenly and always during chkdsk, and my nvidia controller reports an error on my raid-0 set. ill troubleshoot it further in a bit. but as far as i know all my data is gone, doubt its the nvidia controller.
  14. swifty11212

    Little Help Here?

    Event Type: Error Event Source: NVRAIDSERVICE Event Category: None Event ID: 1006 Date: 1/9/2009 Time: 3:30:50 AM User: N/A Computer: 9800GTX-SLI Description: Access failure: Critical error on disk WDC WD1500ADFD-00NLR1 (Port: SATA 3.0). i am lost, confused, and worried... happened after i was finished playing TF2...
  15. swifty11212

    Little Help Here?

    pure bloody hell, this is not my day, i lost ALL my data on my main rig, and now i need to see what i can do. and i know i am up feces creek... sigh... hope i can rma these drives...
  16. swifty11212

    Problem With Sli

    is there a particular bios update that may address possible sli issues? also, perhaps the bios of the cards need to be exactly the same? (when the 6series were released, it did matter i think).
  17. swifty11212

    What Games Support Quad Core?

    most games should support quad core, if not then dual core. but either way i think with what you mainly play, quad is the way to go.
  18. swifty11212

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    prior to thanksgiving: fallout 3 (ps3) dead space (ps3) resistance 2 soul calibur 4 (ps3) socom little big planet carrying case for my macbook pro.
  19. swifty11212

    Think Excitement - Think Spedo

    what did i miss out on?
  20. swifty11212

    4850x2 Contest Starts Today

    Quotes of the day!!!
  21. swifty11212

    680 V 790, Why Should I?

    layeth down the smack down upon the 780i. Not really sorry for thread jacking but I guess I'll stick with my 680i for now.
  22. swifty11212

    Hd4870 512mb Troubles

    try the older cats 8.8
  23. swifty11212


    well apparently changing my subnet mask back to fixed it...
  24. swifty11212


    is anyone having problems accessing citibank's website? all of a sudden I cannot connect anymore and it IE and FF times out, safari too. My iphones can access it no problem using tmobile edge and att 3g/edge. I havent dont any thing to my network as of late so maybe verizon is doing something? ugh...
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    hmm, maybe this would be a good reason to switch ISP.