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Wayway - sold memory to him

Byron - arranged a video card deal for co-worker

GregP24 - bought a video card off of him

Nuclear - bought some di-electric grease from him

InvaderTrax - Sold him an X800XT

Necron80 - Sold him a water cooling kit (excellent person to do business with)


I think that is all of the OCC members I have done business with. If I forgot any I will add them to the list later. :)

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Positive People I have done deals with are:












The Unforgiven









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Kobalt bought mouse pad from him

Mazakman he paid me to buy a book for him but it cost more then he paid me so he made me a custom vid card cooler that i still use

Paranoid i bought an io backplate from and have yet to install it :D

DevilMB3017 got some old ram from him

sykocus sold him a psu and he paypaled me before i though we were done talking bout the deal

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well :P  i dont remember others than the ones that mentioned me :





im sure ive dealt with more thoe! i should be getting a star for this  :rolleyes:




I think I bought something from you, if you remember I'll add you to my post too.




Got XP-120 and Barton 2500 from E_Fudd and Likely775 :)

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I can't remember all of my deals, but these are the ones I can remember:



Sykocus - Bought various rounded cables and a heatsink

Stitch_626 - Sold a Acrylic case to him

InvaderTrax - Sold some AS3 and a 10gb HD to him

Crash - Sold a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ barton to him

Lil_Jun - Sold a DFI NF2 Ultra Infinity motherboard to him

MasterRex862 - Sold him a MSI TV Master @nywhere PCI TV Tuner card

WayWay - Bought a SLI bridge off of him

DarkScorpion - Bought a stick of 512mb RAM from him

Shaggy - Sold him a X800pro VIVO video card + ATI SIlencer 5

sdy284 - Sold a Sunbeam Rheobus to him

kask5 - Sold a D-Link USB Wifi adapter to him

roadkill - Sold him a Tagan 480watt PSU



None so far

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Coolzero101 - Bought a 9600pro from him. Got here in just a few days, great seller, easy to work with, and excellent prices, product was in great condition for being used. :)

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Wow I'll have to come back an update this later, but anyway, i forgot what i sold to who...


Positive Sellers:

Coolzero101-A LOT of stuff

MasterRex862-Skt 478 mobo

foolio2k4-BF 1942 Deluxe Edition i think....

bigr5026-MX4000 PCI

InvaderTrax-Sold a mobo to a friend of mine

bigred-Shuttle skt 478 mobo + 1.8 celeron that i still havent tested. (<--was good)

DarkScorpion-10x 256mb PC 3200, 2 x 3.0c P4

DangerousFigure-x800xt pe (smooth), MX-518, Wireless keyboard/mouse combo (USPS wanted to fold the keyboard to make it smaller...), 200GB WD SATA HDD

mattwalter85-E8400 Arrived speedy and intact.


Positive Buyers:

GregP24-Maxtor HDD

henbenley-PSU, fan(s), PC2100

Poopsicle Boy-some stuff

OneShot 926-ASUS A8N-SLI-Deluxe


Negative person:

Wayway-never sent all he was supposed to after telling me repedidly that he had, and that i would be getting "tomorrow" though he never had a tracking # for it...Dont guess this one matters bc he has ofcourse been banned, seems like he moved on to do the same on Indygamers ( he has sence been banned there too after he made a bad deal and i linked to OCC)


My OWN "faults":

When i sold my 9600pro to someone, cant remember who, it was listed as delivered by Fedex, yet they never recieved it. I still have the Fedex customer coppy of when i sent it :( i miss that card and would love to shoot the bastard who mostlikely stole it, and i assume the Fedex driver, bc he was home all day when it was delivered...

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