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  1. yea i would vouch for him great person to deal with.
  2. i want a pool game for the wii, that way i can stop paying $10 an hour in the local pool place.
  3. I am 37% Video Game Addict. i play once in a while, but sometimes i feel guilty thinking i should be doing something else
  4. The Dash phone is one of the latest phones launched by T Mobile, has great features such as WI FI (WIRELESS INTERNET), Mp3 & Video playback.. ETC. Brings all retail accesories: Documents, Warranty, Battery, Stereo headphones, Leather pouch, Wall charger and USB cable. http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=1041 $280 Shipped
  5. Seriously 4Gb will be an acceptable capacity, I'm currently on 1Gb, but for gaming (mainly) i would upgrade to 4Gb once vista comes out. (I'd get a board that takes 4x 1GB because 2x 2GB must be hella expensive)
  6. KB thats a bit far, if things keep going as they are with the food they can enjoy with $100 then well the saga continues, newer commercials of the same crap, they will still lack the real essential of life, its time to think different, think out of that box then burn it.
  7. well the laptop could be bundled with educational programs. with the way things are looking teachers don't have to be actual humans. edit: my comment is from a budget perspective, otherwise then actual schools will obviously be the best solution.
  8. well with food they are not going to progress in life. in my opinion why live if you arent going to do something useful. i rather be dead than suffering.
  9. the ram will NOT run in par with the FSB. they will independently run at their frequencies. i highly recommend going for 2gb (i took same step). preferablly 2x 1gb, less chips provide higher chances of stablity and higher overclock.
  10. sounds interesting, i might join you after getting my b.s. heh, hope its worth something overthere.
  11. hmm, seems like the place is mainly about tourism. how would you make your income overthere?
  12. they should make a special episode and take some of the sweet 16 girls on a helicopter and drop them in a deserted island for their birthday
  13. ok erase this thread, save some KB's in those servers.
  14. pc's will always rule. its the beacon for these pre-assembled machines you call consoles.
  15. in my world notebook is a a series of blank papers together with a front and back cover to form something u can write in.
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