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  1. There is not much you tube coverage yet. Someone should post something
  2. After I purchased the deluxe Godaddy web host service under windows, I decided that my online business would work fine with Zencart, which comes free with godaddy. I installed it and it works fine. My problem is that I am currently deployed to the middle east and I can't install a template for my cart due to internet restrictions. I want to install the bottom left template on this page titled "All Business" http://www.picaflor-azul.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=27 I have my FTP information for anyone who can do this. I will compensate you.
  3. I just went live with my personally owned and operated business. I sell devices for lazy people. www.linkpencils.com. It should take about a week to ship as the fees I pay to have them assembled are monstrous.
  4. Thank you. I can afford to make them in sets I just need to have the components on hand. Im wondering if any company's would adopt the Idea.
  5. Hello members of OCC. I've been an in and out member for several years, my more recent military service has kept me from staying up to date with new members and the advancement of the old ones. In the recent months with some help I've developed this product posted on my crappy wordpress site. www.linkpencils.com, morals aside I'm not asking you guys to buy these things. What I'm looking for is advice from those of you who have experience in online business. I'm clear with the USTPO and the FCC, I need to know, is this product going to fly? I want to know what you guys think before I manufacture a large quantity. I currently have the components to piece together 250 sets at my apartment but I'm still in the middle east until august. Let me know what you think.
  6. I'm looking around for someone with a background in electrical engineering who can answer a few questions off the board. If you are and want some cash for research, contact me.
  7. I'm attempting to create a very, very,compact two part system that has several key functions that make it my perogotive. The components required are as follows. RF, FM, or What ever transmitter can transmit DATA (Not in any particular ammount), across a room. This transmitter has to be very, and I mean very low power, and of small size. Calculator style screen: I need the smallest LCD, or what ever screen I can find. Preferably a 1 digit re-count logic. Meaning it has 1 small number it displays, and for numbers above 20 it just rolls over like Y2k The idea is one item transmitts data via to the other, and vice versa to be displayed on the 1 digit screen. The cost of these components matters for use on large scale production. Anyone with a back ground in electronics who is interested either reply to this post, or email me at [email protected]
  8. I've made some posts here on the forum, however when trying to read posts or reply I get a blank white screen with IPS Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. You can try to refresh the page by clicking here . I've tried base internet at the recreation center, I've tried the free wireless internet in the barracks, and I've tried my buddies connection he pays for in his room (he has his own modem). I've used 3 different computers and I've tried different browsers. It seems I just can't use this forum ANYWHERE on this base. Are they even censoring internet we pay for now in the military? This is bs. I got it to work once with a proxy however it was an unreliable connection.
  9. I was once a proud member of OCC, happily enjoying my days of eating hot pockets, downing 2 liters of mountain dew, and playing counter strike. However the days of being a kid had ended. I joined the navy as a fire controlman(a technician who works on targeting computers from the 90's). I was once very knowledgeable about computers and I could fix nearly anything. I've come back three years later and everything has changed. My once mighty Radeon X800 is now a piece of silicone, and I have literally NO idea what
  10. I'm not sure who all is on the forum still, I decided to finally come back. I'm a fire controller for the USN now and I haven't been keeping up on technology much at all but I figured this is the right place to go to. Basically just saying whats up yall.
  11. 2x white sony dvd player $15 shipped 1x Gforce 5700 LE AGP, oc's to 500 core $10 shipped 256x2 PC2700 Kingston $20 shipped 1x 40 gig seagate harddrive $15 shipped 1x 17 inch crt moniter, shiney blue looks good works well. $40 shipped 1x dvd burner/player $18 shipped
  12. Ive got $300 for a simple laptop. Hit me up if you have what im looking for.
  13. Its a.. biostar, thats all I feel like knowing right now. Im looking for money. Nothing else. Tell me what you have, and Ill say wether or not its an adequate price.
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