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  1. Nexus 4 is $200 off contract. Can't beat the price, and you can always resell it. http://www.google.com/nexus/4/ You can also find used phones here: http://swappa.com/
  2. It all depends on what is installed on the server. Most schools don't let long running processes live though. Some schools have them setup to host websites. Other than that, you can create an SSH tunnel to use the server as a proxy. Then there is the obvious that you can store files on it.
  3. What is prompting this upgrade? Are there games you can't run at full settings? I have a 7870 and it is able to run everything on Ultra at 1080p at a decent framerate.
  4. How is the visibility of the bag at night? Any reflective materials?
  5. Jesus that would really piss me off. Possible to convert your rear hub from quick release skewer to 10mm bolt on thru axle? This bike is EOL for me. I'm just going to save all my funds for a more modern geometry bike, then I'll upgrade that one. Also, Crankworx wrapped up. Here are some recaps of the actions. (I need to ride Whistler) http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Movies-For-Your-Monday-Crankworx-Edition-August19-2013.html
  6. What computer is it? You said that you bought (instead of built) it together. My assumption is that it would have a stock heatsink on it that won't allow you to get any decent results.
  7. Get a bluetooth adapter so you can disable it when your phone is near it. You could probably also use Tasker to autosend the commands when it connects and disconnects from your home WiFi.
  8. Monoprice makes really good cables in my experience. Granted I've only used their HDMI and USB cables, but they are thick and feel solid. As for speaker wires, just use a metal clothes hanger. http://consumerist.com/2008/03/03/do-coat-hangers-sound-as-good-monster-cables/ Guage is one of the most important parts of audio quality.
  9. Damn. You are like the Hulk if you are able to lift 1.5 tons of lumber at once.
  10. I want a new bike with thru-axels so bad. Third ride in a row that my rear tire fell off. I'm buying new skewers today to see if that will fix the issue.
  11. The WRX's with their tires cambered out need to be taken away from the owners. Owning an AWD car is all about grip and making those tires as efficient as possible. Not for cruising around at 30mph...
  12. I just started running 4 weeks ago. I've been able to run 5K with paces between 9-10 min/mile. I'm pretty excited. When I first began, my one mile pace was mid 11s.
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