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    [WTB] Q8400, (any) Netbook

    I'm looking to purchase a Q8400 so that I can hop in to the OCC WinterWars with a fighting chance! The processor will be given a loving home in a nice case with a (hopefully) well built water cooling setup. I'm also looking to purchase a netbook for my mom for Christmas. As long as it's not a first generation Eee, I'll consider it! I'm looking to spend up to $300 on the netbook, though at that price I could easily purchase a new one (which I'm still considering, though I'm very open to any awesome offers that happen to fall into my lap).
  2. MasterRex862

    Place intel gulftown info here!

    That's not a good reason to not cite a source! I expect more from OCC members than I do other message boards. This site used to be the premier place for hardcore PC enthusiaists, and I really hope we can retain that.
  3. MasterRex862

    Place intel gulftown info here!

    With that kind of pricing, they may just not be applying the EE branding. They're going to be 'extreme' enough with those kind of specs. Also, as a wise troll once said in reference to the gulftown: They are going run 4500MHz @ .8v (stock), Overclock to 7+GHz and cost $89.99 and come with free Motherboard fitted with 12GB of DDR4-3000 We just don't know the truth yet. @ RO GamerZ: Can you provide a valid source? Sorry OP, didn't mean to call you out.
  4. MasterRex862

    [WTB] NOD32 anti-virus

    Listen, I'm not trying to preach here, but DAMN. Why the hell would you suggest that anyone torrent NOD32? It's an application that NEEDS to be supported to survive. If you like it enough to recommend it or know how to cheat them month after month, don't you think they deserve the profit? They're not a big name that can handle piracy. That's all I'm trying to say. I'd download a car, but damn I wouldn't download a stolen item from a small business. It's just rude.
  5. MasterRex862

    [DEALS] Newegg BlackFriday

    Newegg is damn slow right now...
  6. MasterRex862

    My new website

    What the .? Did you create another account to give yourself a pat on the back? The level of idiocracy at OCC has risen dangerously since I've been away.
  7. MasterRex862

    Gmail Multiple Inboxes

    This isn't a difficult process at all. You're going to want to add your @uni.edu account as a POP3 mail account in 'Accounts and Imports' in GMail settings. After adding the account, you can apply labels to incoming mail from the @uni.edu account. You can also use a filter to control mail behavior and create another 'inbox' of sorts by autoarchiving incoming mail without marking it as read. You'll also be able to use GMail's 'Send Mail as' section under Accounts and Imports to grant yourself a dropdown list of e-mail accounts you wish to send an e-mail from. In these cases, mail will be delivered as '@gmail.com on behalf of @uni.edu'. Psst, GMail usually detects the correct settings for ports. If it doesn't or if for any reason you cannot figure it out, I suggest calling your campus Tech Support Center.
  8. MasterRex862

    Data Recovery?

    Why not wait till the RMA drive has hit your doorstep to try the controller board swap? Hell, call the company and be honest about it. Does the drive 'rattle' at all when shaken? Chances are it's not going to be worth the effort if the arm wasn't in locked position when the drive failed.
  9. MasterRex862

    Fixing an LCD display

    Replacing a backlight usually requires a bit of soldering. It's usually more of a pain in the arse to disassemble the LCD panel than it is to solder the backlight leads on, though. Good luck!
  10. I have a separate thread for my own setup in progress, but what are the advantages to running independent loops vs one single loop? Perhaps I'm missing something, but if the heat transfer capacity of each individual loop (assuming you aim for a multiple loop setup) is great enough to adequately cool the water-blocks independently, why would the radiators suddenly be less efficient? The only difference I'm aware of is the additional strain on a single pump, though adding an additional pump to a single loop setup isn't an unorthodox tax.
  11. MasterRex862

    Top 8 Programs That Can Make Your Computer Run Faster

    They're missing a couple notable programs: GOM Player Sumatra PDF Viewer I prefer Sumatra to Foxit, and GOM to VLC.
  12. MasterRex862

    Windows XP registry missing "active controlset key"?

    Why not try a repair installation of Windows? If it's successful, your friend won't lose any data. If necessary, click here for a quick how-to.
  13. Now we're getting somewhere. Why do you seem to think 76C is an acceptable temperature? Your processor is overheating. I'm willing to bet the stock thermal pad dried up under duress. It's also possible that your fan ducting is filled with dust or pet hair.
  14. MasterRex862

    Name That Car!

    I think Phil has nailed it with "Berkeley SE492". I've never heard of that car manufacturer till now.
  15. Were you ever able to run WoW fluently? EDIT: If your laptop isn't overheating and you have correctly addressed the power options, there isn't a reason for the under-clocking (AMD Cool n' Quiet, you've done it again!). I suggest you run Notebook Hardware Control to verify that you are not experiencing heat related issues. You may also change your CPU frequency with this application to 'overclock', though I'd recommend against exceeding the stock speed of your Athlon X2 QL-60 - That's 1.9GHz.
  16. MasterRex862

    3 monitors, 1 video card?

    Do you have any available PCI slots? You needn't run all three monitors off of the same video card. You can purchase a 'main' gaming-grade graphics card for your AGP slot and stuff a cheap-o graphics card in a free PCI slot.
  17. Your laptop could be under-clocking for a couple of blatant reasons. You have set the OS to use as little power as possible to extend battery life. Overheating If I read correctly, the laptop you're using employs AMD's 780G chipset. That means you have an HD3200 mobile graphics chipset - more than enough to run WoW. I have reason to believe the only reason you're experiencing such frame rate stutter is due to Windows environment variables (read: power options). Try mulling this over.
  18. MasterRex862

    Christmas Contest on the horizon

    Oh wow! Excellent! I wish I stayed more active as a forum member over the years. This kind of thing makes my eyes water.
  19. Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a water-cooling setup. I've been wanting to do it to my e6750 for a while now, and I think it's time. I've been sorting through my options @ Xoxide and Newegg, but I don't really have any reviews for most of the radiators [Koolance HX-362?] I've been eyeing, and I don't have much to go on. I've only ever installed 'kits' before (remember the Bigwater?), so I'm not very experienced with piecing together the setup. Anyone have insight? The PC I'm water-cooling is in my sig. Thanks, Rex<3
  20. MasterRex862

    [WTB] Virtual Keyboard?

    I had a very similar model folding keyboard for an old Palm Pilot - they're compact and work quite well. I think it's a much better fit than a laser projection keyboard!
  21. MasterRex862

    Radiator/Waterblock/Pump Recommendations

    Right now I'm only planning on one pump; it may not be enough. I'm thinking that the loop will be as follows: Reservoir -> Pump -> CPU -> 120mm Radiator -> 80m Radiator -> GPU -> 240mm Radiator -> Back to Reservoir Any recommendations? Is it possible to pump water too quickly for the radiators to successfully transfer heat? That is one of my greatest concerns about adding another pump. EDIT: Oh yeah, you had better believe there will be a work log when I amass all of these components! I haven't done a work log in a while, so I need to make up for lost time!
  22. MasterRex862

    Radiator/Waterblock/Pump Recommendations

    I see what you're saying wevsspot, but I've already built a few water cooling kits. I've never designed one, however. Thus, I'm willing to jump head first into this project. I'm quite certain that I won't have the most efficient setup at first, though I will be damned before I stop tweaking and upgrading until I'm happy with the outcome. I'm trying to keep all of the radiators inside of the case for aesthetics and ease of transportation. I'm quite accustomed to case modding, cable management, etc. I think I'm going to mod 1/2" risers into the bottom of my case so that the 120x2 radiator (check out the image attached in the second edit of my previous post) has room to breath. I may need additional ventilation, though there's already going to be one 120mm intake fan that will be in addition to the two proposed radiator fans exhausting outside of the case. I may end up building a heat shroud to direct hot air from the 120x2 radiator to the built-in vent in the side panel of my case. With one 120mm intake and multiple exhaust fans (though all inhibited by radiators..) would I have any issues with stagnant heat?
  23. MasterRex862

    [WTB] Q8400, (any) Netbook

    Thanks guys, I've purchase a bunch of stuff from Woot in the past but I haven't been able to find anything worthwhile on that site recently. They've really gone downhill. EDIT: I'm actually open to Q9550's as well! I'd definitely be happy with one of 'em.
  24. MasterRex862

    Computer won't boot

    I'm getting a headache trying to comprehend what you've typed. Please try and be a little more descriptive, and I'll be glad to help you diagnose whatever issue(s) you seem to have. What exactly isn't functioning properly at this point?
  25. MasterRex862

    Redoing cluttered server room

    If you have the ability, would you mind taking a few pictures of your server room? I'm just curious! Good luck, mate!