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  1. so, i was running out of disk space on my hard drive. got a second hard drive, the exact same brand and size. figured i would raid 0 these suckers together. does this require me to completely reformat my original hard drive or can i still keep everything on my existing hard drive?
  2. Hey Guys-- I moved from my apartment recently and went to start up my computer today and nothing turned on. Not a single fan, light, nothing. Then I heard a faint squeeking or whistling sound coming from the PSU. Definetely sounds like the PSU got shooken up a bit. I checked all the cords, made sure everything was seated properly. What do you guys think? New PSU? It was an XCLIO 450.
  3. I don't understand how you can smack talk a system that hasn't even come out. Ok, games. Have you seen the launch games the ps3 is cooking up. They look amazing. The xbox360 games look like games that I ran on my computer 4 years ago. Go the gamespot.com and and check the ps3 preview section and compare. As for developer hell, the ps2 was notorious for that crap too, but once they came out for kits, there was like, a zillion games that came out for the ps2. It's going to be the same for the ps3. developers will catch on and sony will find ways of making developing games easier. Also, the release of ps3 games is going to smack the hell out of the release of xbox360 games. I mean, c'mon. All the games for xbox360 release were sports games. I'm going to wait and see, but more then likely I'm going to get a ps3 unless Microsoft can show me otherwise.
  4. Ya, MSI is the way to go if you don't want to dig into the bios settings of a DFI. MSI is just a reliable, user friendly board and they won't crap out on you.
  5. My friend's mobo fried and he's done everything to try to get a hold of Albatron, but they won't reply back to his emails and the phone lines don't work. Don't get an Albatron. Crappy...uh...no customer service support. I would really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction for a budget socket a mobo. The highest he would go is $50. He's not looking for best performance, just something reliable. Thanks Dudes!
  6. ever since i updated nforce drivesr, I've been getting that "safely remove hardware" icon for my seagate barracuda internal harddrive. What gives?
  7. I get those suckers too, but I don't think there is any correlation with monitor type or usage. I don't know. Did you google the problem to see if you could come up with some better answeres?
  8. lilkev sold me his x800pro and was one of the most professional sellers I have dealt with. Sorry, I just had to put in a good word.
  9. You guys are awesome. I'm gonna go at it tonight and let you know how things go.
  10. ive done some oc'ing with past 32bit cpus but ive never gone crazy high with the fsb where i would have to mess around with voltages and timing, partly because of crappy cooling. but the venice core runs soo friggin cool, its sexy. my temps are anywhere between 27-32C depending on room temp on stock cooling w/as5!! so, i know this puppy has potential to break 2.3 easily and my goal is to reach 2.5 eventually. ive just messed around with cpu frequency and pushed it up to 225 and it ran fine and then i made a big jump to 235 because i figured it could handle it, but i had to restart cmos. so what do i do from here? mess with voltages on memory, cpu, or timings?
  11. i prefer this. it doesnt cut stuff like a knife, but it blows s*** up!!! that's much better.
  12. i bought an x800 pro from lilkev715. one of the first forum purchases i've made and certainly not my last. lilkev715 was the most professional seller i've ever dealt with. the card was packaged better then newegg, very fast and insured. great seller.
  13. updated bios to revision 1.9 it helped a lot of other issues i was having. went into cpu-z and the memory read dual channel at 200mhz. but then suddenly switched to single at 166mhz. frustrating. also tried all the dimms and still no bueno on the dimms 1 and 3, but 2 and 4 still work great. wtf??
  14. thanks for the reply. i've literally tried every combination there is and for some stupid reason, my motherboard only likes memory in dimms 2 and 4 (purple). if i try any other one, it won't boot. should i try updating bios??
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