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  1. this is about 30 years old. lol. Still, cool. Amen to that brother. Awesome documentary.
  2. Thanks for calling me an idiot. idiot.
  3. spend some on clothes. The rest of it, girlfriend. Women like things. If you provide them with these things, a happy time can result.
  4. Blue_cow

    Alot of Viruses

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! Well done, but you can tell its fake
  5. look at the date this was posted.. Posted Jan 5th 2007 8:51AM Really really old news..
  6. I am also looking to invest in an hdtv some time in the next 6 or so months. From what ive gathered in my small amount of research, plasma has a short life span, and im looking for something to last like, up to 10 years maybe, so thats out of the question i guess. Rear projection looks alright. My dad has got one, and it seems good. Not sure. ive got a 360, which goes right up to 1080p from what ive heard. Not that i need that. I'll be getting an HD pvr, not sure the resolution that has..... Anyway, so theres my setup. Watching movies, tv, and playing my 360 and wii. What do i need. lol. Thanks. Oh by the way. Im looking at around 37", willing to go down to 32" and im on a budget of around 1000 bucks, but i could probably bump that up to around 1100-1200. Thanks again.
  7. this is really old. i saw it on digg like, 8 months ago
  8. mmm.. im partial to that one. it just looks like a box.
  9. they had a song that was big a few years back.. short skirt long jacket i think it was called. ive heard their big in quebec, or at least used to be.
  10. LOL. i saw that coming.. when it was zooming in up on him im like.. saddam isnt asian..
  11. http://www.lanparty.com/biglist.shtm
  12. just an update, i didnt have enough money to buy a good psu for now, but i got a semi-decent one for 50 bucks. Put it all in, held my breath, turned it on, let out a sigh of relief. Oh joyus day! My computer isnt fried!
  13. Im not really picky about what i get, i just want something that works, is all im saying. Didnt mean for anyone to take that the wrong way
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