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    Fedora Core 3 / Windows XP Home Edition
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    400w PSU
    AMD athlon xp 3000+ Barton Core @ 2.2GHz (i know it sucks :P)
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    NSF24-ALH XFX Motherboard
    BenQ DVD+RW
  1. Blue_cow

    Stairway to heaven

    this is about 30 years old. lol. Still, cool. Amen to that brother. Awesome documentary.
  2. Blue_cow

    What should I buy with $300?

    Thanks for calling me an idiot. idiot.
  3. Blue_cow

    What should I buy with $300?

    spend some on clothes. The rest of it, girlfriend. Women like things. If you provide them with these things, a happy time can result.
  4. Blue_cow

    Alot of Viruses

    LOLOLOLOL!!!! Well done, but you can tell its fake
  5. Blue_cow

    xbox360 v2 coming out

    look at the date this was posted.. Posted Jan 5th 2007 8:51AM Really really old news..
  6. Blue_cow

    Plasma vs LCD - Need help A.S.A.P.

    I am also looking to invest in an hdtv some time in the next 6 or so months. From what ive gathered in my small amount of research, plasma has a short life span, and im looking for something to last like, up to 10 years maybe, so thats out of the question i guess. Rear projection looks alright. My dad has got one, and it seems good. Not sure. ive got a 360, which goes right up to 1080p from what ive heard. Not that i need that. I'll be getting an HD pvr, not sure the resolution that has..... Anyway, so theres my setup. Watching movies, tv, and playing my 360 and wii. What do i need. lol. Thanks. Oh by the way. Im looking at around 37", willing to go down to 32" and im on a budget of around 1000 bucks, but i could probably bump that up to around 1100-1200. Thanks again.
  7. Blue_cow

    Official Seal Generater

    this is really old. i saw it on digg like, 8 months ago
  8. Blue_cow

    Occ Logo Contest

    mmm.. im partial to that one. it just looks like a box.
  9. Blue_cow


    friend was a member
  10. Blue_cow


    they had a song that was big a few years back.. short skirt long jacket i think it was called. ive heard their big in quebec, or at least used to be.
  11. Blue_cow

    New Saddam Footage Leaked

    LOL. i saw that coming.. when it was zooming in up on him im like.. saddam isnt asian..
  12. Blue_cow

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    happy festivus
  13. Blue_cow

    Lan Partys

  14. Blue_cow

    Yummy, Smoke From My Psu

    just an update, i didnt have enough money to buy a good psu for now, but i got a semi-decent one for 50 bucks. Put it all in, held my breath, turned it on, let out a sigh of relief. Oh joyus day! My computer isnt fried!
  15. Blue_cow

    Yummy, Smoke From My Psu

    Im not really picky about what i get, i just want something that works, is all im saying. Didnt mean for anyone to take that the wrong way