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Problems with CFX3200-DR? Post here (merged)


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    • My Hard Drive is 16MB Cache
    • My Hard Drive is 8MB Cache
    • I have issues with the ULI Raid Controller
    • I do not have issues with the ULI Raid Controller

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I'm gonna buy this board early December.


But before I do, I would like to ask :


Does this board works with Kingston Value RAM (at stock speeds)?


It should. I'm using some Kingston Value RAM DDR400 ATM as to test the RAM before giving it to a friend. No problems here.

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I reckon I have cured this problem, however I have no magic fix.


I was getting the errors 2 hours after boot and then every 2 hours thereafter. After scouring these forums I stopped the ULi utility loading at Windows startup, and bingo - no more errors. I've had my PC on for 3 days straight playing WoW, Half-Life 2 and FS2004 and event viewer is clear. It seems the ULi utility was doing something every 2 hours that was causing the hangups.


What may surprise people is that I have never updated my BIOS - I am using version 6.00 PG, dated 03/28/2006 that came with my board. My ULi driver version is, dated 12/23/2005.

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Unfortunately, for me it didn't help. Perhaps the lock-ups are fewer and/or shorter, but the event log still shows pretty frequent errors... :( Both bios and the driver updated.


how did you update? :rolleyes:

give me a rundown

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Hi all!




I was poking around in my PCI-E settings to make some changes related to the gfx card and noticed the "Max payload size". There's options for GFX and SB (odd not for other slots I thought).


Anyway, I dropped the SB one from 64 to 32 and rebooted.


So far (too early to be sure obviously) I've not had a freeze nor a lock during boot and per the below (confirmed with HDTune and HDTack as well) speed has not been degraded.


If everyone with problems can give this a whirl, especially those that are having them all the time.


Sorry if someone has already suggested this, but if not, here's something to try.


BIOS is 7.28 and I have the SBB settings at default but with HPET enabled. HTT is 310 x 4)




Sandra results (4 x 160GB Seagate per sig).


SiSoftware Sandra


Benchmark Results

Drive Index : 355 MB/s

Results Interpretation : Higher index values are better.

Random Access Time : 4 ms

Results Interpretation : Lower index values are better.


Performance Test Status

Run ID : ZXR on 11 November 2006 at 10:37:47

Processor Affinity : No

System Timer : 2.8GHz

Operating System Disk Cache Used : No

Use Overlapped I/O : Yes

IO Queue Depth : 4 request(s)

Test File Size : 2GB

File Fragments : 1

Block Size : 1MB

File Server Optimised : No


Benchmark Breakdown

Buffered Read : 743 MB/s

Sequential Read : 488 MB/s

Random Read : 155 MB/s

Buffered Write : 542 MB/s

Sequential Write : 461 MB/s

Random Write : 201 MB/s

Random Access Time : 4 ms (estimated)



Drive Type : Hard Disk

Total Size : 30GB

Free Space : 18GB, 60%

Cluster Size : 4kB

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Well there we are, mine says Rev. A01 .... so, have we determined that everyone here with problems has Rev. A01?


If so, I think DFI should send us all advance replacements, I can't be without my machine for 2 weeks+ while I send the board away.


Can you confirm if the A00 supports both controllers in RAID (or at least bootable one in RAID, one not)?

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I thought i had A00 but after looking at the pics at XS i found the right ones.

I have AB0


Damn. AB0's are the latest revision.. I would assume they don't have the problem.

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