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  1. It should. I'm using some Kingston Value RAM DDR400 ATM as to test the RAM before giving it to a friend. No problems here.
  2. Well, I'm currently running Windows Vista Pre-RC1 on the laptop which isn't too bad considering. RC1 is on the desktop and it performs sweet. Almost on par with Xp but there's still the bloody problem of unsigned drivers. *sigh* Microsoft should really allow users to run common programs...don't ask...
  3. Okay. This is more of a refresh of the CFX3200 but to socket AM2. I don't think there will be any major differences apart from DDR2 support.
  4. Have you manually set the timings for the Geil ONE TCCDs? Usually that can be the case as some RDX200s don't like some timings for the TCCDs.
  5. Well, he did say that RAM and CPU were working alright... In any case, chuck in a PCI card and see if you can boot up that way.
  6. Looks like something went wrong during the transfer of files from your DVD drive to your SATA drivers. Hmmmm, try running the SATA drives on the Sil3114 controller instead of the ULI 1575 controller.
  7. Have you tried just using one card? Try putting only the XTX and see if that can install Windows.
  8. Uh no. I don't think nVidia wants the idea of their trump cards working on ATI motherboards....
  9. Well, have you checked the cable when you plugged in the CF master card? Sometimes, that can come loose so have a check at that. What drivers are you running at the moment? More details on the driver could help as well...
  10. Okay, (read the atomic post before trying this...) Since the HDD is relatively new, I'd discount the HDD as the cause. I'd say it's the board that's the problem. Try flashing the board with the latest BIOS with the flashing instructions by RGone. That should clear up some issues. Also, try disabling USB mouse and Keyboard support in the BIOS. I think the hanging issue occurs when you enable USB mouse and Keyboard support. Try installing on the Sil3112 SATA ports and see if that works. Also, use a PS/2 mouse and keyboard if you have them lying round.
  11. I'm assuming that the G-Skill is this one? http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/memory/di...b-gskill_3.html and use this as a guide for the OCZ... http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/article.asp?CIID=36969 Generally, it's a hit and miss affair as some sticks can clock higher than others...
  12. 60?!?! Wow, even my 3000+ OC'ed to 2.45GHz doesn't run that damn hot! Seriously, I think you need a new cooler or reapply some thermal paste.
  13. Well, so far, I haven't had any errors on me yet. The x86 install was a bit more responsive as compared the x86_64 one which I thought was just dog with the slow startup. Seems that this thing really loves a big HDD (at least SATA2 and NCQ), dual core and as well as the latest chipset. Gaming was no problems. The only gripe is that some games doesn't work unless you get the patch to make them work under Dx10. Looks like something was missing from Dx9 in order ot make this happen. Wonder why... Anyway, I think I might keep this one as the primary OS until the real Vista comes out. Why not XP? Well, the XP one seems a step back. Plus the features in Vista is growing on me even though it's a beta...
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