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  1. Comes with a nice suite of software that should take care of just about everything. Let me know how you get along with it. Might be a solution I use for others rigs.
  2. Looks good, I wasn't aware that take on ubuntu was out there. Nice find.. Being that ubuntu is debian based and used everywhere support is good as well..
  3. CPDMF

    Ubuntu 7.10?

    Stick with 7.10, it is a nice stable release that won't give you any problems. May want to read up on Linux/ATI card combinations though.
  4. CPDMF

    Ubuntu 7.10?

    512 is enough to run ubuntu.
  5. It needs some updating, especially the [email protected] client as it is no longer available. There are newer versions of vmware and ubuntu available too, but there are also better linux distros available if folding is your primary reason for running linux in vmware. I'm working on a couple of other projects right now but when I finish those up I would be happy to update the guide and present more options as well..
  6. I'll have to keep an eye on my average once everything levels out but it looks like my latest reconfig of gentoo is going to net over 4000 ppd.
  7. LOL.. Probably be faster to learn everything you need to know about fixing the problem yourself than getting through how to ask a question.. Arch is alright, Opensuse has come a long with 10.3 for up and running distros..
  8. Finally got my software situation with Gentoo sorted out so I am back to folding on my main rig again. Seems to be running through %'s pretty good so all of the work may eventually pay off with some added PPD..
  9. In theory the blue slots have a shorter trace length so would have less latency and should be used as primary with 2 sticks of memory. Real world answer is that there is always variances from board to board, slot to slot so stick them in the blue, clock them for a few days then swap. Use whichever perform the best.
  10. The P35 is the far better chipset for a quad. It doesn't have any problems running 4 X 1Gigs of RAM at CL4 or overclocking 4 gigs of RAM. I have a the DFI LP P35 and the Asus P5K Premium. I prefer the Asus over the DFI, but they are so close it's basically a tie. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showpost.p...76&postcount=82 Wevs has put together a nice component list for you as well. I have used the G.Skill HZ and have always been happy with them.
  11. Struggle through it bro, it's purely a mind over matter deal that requires you to understand that quitting anything you have done for 20+ years is tough. It just takes time for things to seem right again. I know what you are going through, never gave up smoking, but I gave up a 12 year I.V drug habit cold turkey 8 years ago. Talk about the shakes, spent 3 nights in the hospital and a little bit of time in the loon ward over that ordeal.
  12. Cool. Thanks for picking up the slack for me. I have some software issues I have to get sorted out before I get back to folding, shouldn't be much longer. (I hope)
  13. If I added up everything from the 4 pc's in my house I doubt it would total 250GB and that includes drive images and backups..
  14. I would have to agree that there are some people that just need to be killed. Didn't want to say anything just in case a body happens to show up near me..
  15. I don't even know how to respond to this because it is just completely idiotic. If someone came in to my shop with that crap I would at the very least knock his teeth out. Might as well go to court for something worthwhile.
  16. I have a 15 year old nephew with a gaming addiction but his 6600GT is seriously losing ground in newer games so I figured I would grab them and make an early X-mas gift out of them..
  17. Some cool stuff you got going on there on zee desktop.. My kick-butt get alot of s*it done desktop.. LOL
  18. Making me feel bad. You have the bling, I don't even have a window and I have a piece of electrical tape over the backlit display on my fan controller. It's kind of cool though. It sits under the desk all blacked out except for just the faintest red from the mobo leds getting past the rear fans.. Best part is, it runs completely silent. Until you sit down next to it you can't even tell it's running, then you feel the heat coming out from under the desk.. Intel still has the market on that..
  19. I will be back folding tomorrow evening. Finally got my shop rig all set up in it's dust free cabinet and now running a VPN between thee old shop rig, the new shop rig and my main rig at the house. Only have time to transfer 8 years worth of data while the shop is closed. Plus the Gentoo install on my main rig needed a little updating and reconfiguring anyway. Just can't leave well enough alone I guess..
  20. I'd like to know what other people are using their rigs for, apps they run and what they think kind of deal. We all use our rigs differently and some of the things we do everyday that just seem normal to us but may open up a door for someone else and vice versa.. How to obtain and catalog is an issue though.
  21. I always preferred to have the cables exposed, with some careful planning and attention to detail they make perfect accents to a fine build.
  22. What does the site require to make a profit? I'm not up on how a forum makes it's money other than ads or if there is any money to be made outside of that. My site makes me money only because I sell products on the site. I guess first thing to establish is how much of what needs to be done to keep the site self sustaining. I could se a folding section being a good thing too..
  23. CPDMF

    new mb

    @yetterben. I was happy with my Abit Ip35 until I really started to lean on my OC, at 400 FSB the board falls apart. If it's not too late to change, you'd be better off with a Gigabyte P35 DS3R. Regardless, the E6750 at stock speeds will walk circles around a 165 @ 3.0 and beyond. @ CrazyCarl. I can run any bench or app you would like on either a dual core or quad core Core2. The lower end C2D's are faster than anything AMD has to offer, just don't care for the crippled cache. With the price difference between the better C2D's and the Quads being $100 I definately feel the Q6600 is worth saving or rolling a few drunks outside the local pub for. For a board on a budget, the Gigabyte P35 DS3R can't be beat in terms of overclocking ability and ease. It gets along well with many different combinations of CPU and memory. For memory, I can seriously recommend the Transcend in my sig. I paid 150 shipped for 4 gigs of the stuff and couldn't be happier. DDR900 4 4 4 12 DDR-1066 5 5 5 15 2.0 volts.
  24. Acronis true image works very well but isn't free. May also look into GParted as an opensource alternative. I haven't had time to test it as of yet though.
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