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  1. if you get that and running RAID, you are Screwed, this beta driver might work http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/408 but the best solution is to uninstall all uli sata raid drivers, but might be a for RAID setups, then you might want to get a pcie addon card like Silicon Image 3132 PCi Express 1x SATA RAID 2-Port
  2. i have done some research, and i know that this is a controller issue, it happends on diffrent drives seagate,wd,etc some says it works for them but do they run the drives in AHCI mode or RAID Mode? or IDE Mode, i dont run raid but i got the same problem after installing the uli driver, and this problem is on diffrent montherboards from diffrent manufactures, dfi,abit,asus and so on :sad:
  3. have you tryd this driver http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/408 ? i havnt had any problems since i installed that around 2-3 days ago
  4. see what the readme.txt brings of http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/408
  5. the beta driver from dfi site sems to work on abit at8 havnt had any freezes/hangs yet and yes i run x64 windows
  6. i have the exacly same problem the system hangs/locksup for 3 secs randomly, but i found out that this is a driver issue, as when i run with the defeult windows drivers by microsoft it works 100% fine, but then am not running raid but i got WDC Raptor 74GB 16MB NCQ, and i had this issue on a WDC 250GB SATA 8MB Windows Driver = OK ULi Driver = has this issue, even the latest and yes this is not DFI specified issue as i got a abit AT8 :angel: then if you want to run RAID then you should spank nvidia into updating the uli drivers or buy a PCIe SATA Controlller and run the two raptors in RAID on that
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