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  1. Just got my Enermax Infiniti 720W to upgrade from my Liberty 620W as im going to be pulling more watt soon Lets hope i got a good one of these as well and it does not screw with the dfi.
  2. Installed Vista Ultimate64 last Thursday and have had no disk errors in event viewer yet and that's with the raid uli drivers that are in vista alreadyand no freezing of any kind.
  3. I had no problems installing Vista Ultimate 64. No motherboard drivers were needed it found my raid setup no problem & lan ports Oh & i have no m1575 disks errors so far with vista 64 none with the drivers in vista
  4. Must be a typo. 1.55 vcore for 3Ghz in sig so i doubt that 3350 is on the cards. More like 303Ghz
  5. Efficiency drops the hotter the chip gets, so you ether up the volts to make up for it at a given speed or find a away to get rid of more of the heat. At low speed you can get away with higher temps & still be stable because chip does not need to be as Efficient so can afford to waste some as heat. I was doing a high Mhz Orthos run at low Vcore & failed with in 30min temps only peaked at 48c, i got the desk 12" fan out & aimed it at cooling towers & got peak temps down to 42 & passed Orthos at same settings.
  6. Nice OC but once you get your overclocking sorted its clear from that pic what you need to sort out next if you have a window on that case
  7. When i changed from a 4800+ to my Opty 185 i had to clear the CMOS thats all with just a push of the reset & poweroff buttons but i don't know if your mobo has that feature so you may has to do it the harder way.
  8. The Muilti is the only reason why bought it over a cheaper version. Actually i ordered a fx60 so that i could run my mem tight as could be but was to late & had to change my order
  9. I can only hope when i finish this water cooling setup that it will be, as we all know that some chips have a real solid overclock wall but even if it don't clock much more im happy as hell all the same.
  10. I can only hope when i finish this water cooling setup that it will be, as we all know that some chips have a real solid overclock wall.
  11. Grab it! I'm sure mine is CCBBE 0613RPMW & 9 hours dual Orthos stable so fare at 3003Mhz 1.280 vCore.
  12. I agree! People who have a 939 system who don't have a dualcore cpu should get one now while they can & clock stable as much as they can until AM3 gets here as im not moving until that at the earliest. The Optys are still priced ok here in the UK, infact the price has dropped. Got my Opty185 yesterday for £207 when just a month before from the same place it was £270. And as you can see from my sig its a cracker.
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