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  1. It really only occurs in raid, if you had a second raptor u'd soon know if you have the bug. if you run the uli sata without the raidrom then i think the problem disappears but then there'd be no raid function.:sad:
  2. Im Sorry DFI but this issue still has not been resolved for a board which cost me £180, Im dumping this board for a cheapo MATX nvidia chipset mobo.
  3. Surely a pcie 1x card will still gain better performance due to it not going thru the pci bus? So it says on this site interfacebus that site says pcie 1x is 250MBps so thats nearly double the bandwidth of the pci bus
  4. You need to backup your important data and move the drives onto the silicon image controller and disable the uli controller in bios and enable the silicon image controller and then reformat the drives and reinstall your OS.
  5. Please do some benchies with that card and show us the results. It might be an alternative.
  6. i for one am well chuffed at the o/c capabilities of this board i have never seen 300mhz htt x 8 (2400mhz 1.375v + 107%, 1200ldt) before now prime stable 19hrs canceled (lol i want to make sure it is stable, can only achieve 8x multi though looks like it hits a barrier between 2400 and 2500mhz)
  7. its the same for me only in reverse if i disable lan2 it forces the sil3114 to display as sata link and no sata raid no matter if i changed it to raid 5 in bios it would remain at sata link weird eh?
  8. does that rs482 use a realtek software chip? software sound is dirt you might be better off getting a usb hardware sound card if you dont want to block off that extra pcie.
  9. OFF TOPIC: Can the conroe go down in multiplyers?
  10. yea i used partition magic to change the cluster size before i installed windows i used partition magic 8 (dos) to format the drive first then install windows. i cant seem todo it after windows install it complains about compression being enabled on ntfs. i get "error reading partition" or something like that after the first part of setup. What app did you use and was it a dos app?
  11. hmm i cant get to grips with this at all. i move my 2 raided raptor onto uli slots 2 and 3 and with a 64k stripe and so far its ok. but i cant seem to change cluster sizes because of sp2.
  12. i dont even know what that setting does but i could guess that it is related to the band width between south and north bridges, i wish dfi could explain these settings in the bios.
  13. hmmm have you always tried with the 4 raptors? Are the f6 drivers the beta drivers or the drivers that cames with the board? edit: just after checking the event log again (curious since i got a slight freeze during san andreas) and there stood an m5288 error and disk warning with it. this after a week with out incident ARGH.
  14. Sir you are installing a driver when you f6. that is a driver. no i dont install the uli package of nvidias site.
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