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  1. You need to set transaction booster manually for some of the divider combinations. The 333 strap requires setting Transaction Booster to disabaled and a relax setting of 0 or 1. For the 400 strap enabled and boost level 0 works fine with the 0505 bios. I am currently running a beta bios (not cleared for public use until testing is over), that runs just as well, actually a little better. regards Raja
  2. there is a little bios guide in this article by yours truly if you're interested... http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=3149 regards Raja
  3. all roads lead to Rome I guess.. They can sure paint pretty pictures, that's why they are in employment. Linux all the way, stuck it on a 512k ram laptop using a mobile c2, Vista was supplied with the machine, basically it would not run properly, serious speed issues and multi tasking out of the window. 'No good for man or beast'. The latest Linux Ubuntu in, guess what? Smooth as you like and ultra slick, oh yeah, it's free too... regards Raja
  4. I have heard the difference various amounts of global and closed loop feedback as well as settling times have on the leading edge definition of sounds on SS amps, to me they make a difference, as well as higher amounts of standing bias into class A.. These are the points I bow out of threads, it's all opinions and experience, I have my own and will stick with it. regards Raja
  5. Oh man a fellow tube file, I never knew you loved tubes man... Tubes are the choice to enjoyable sound... Yup Cd's do sound harsh, modern recordings are maxxed out in recording levels to keep with high radio volume levels. Red book does not sound too bad if you reclock your cd player and add a tube output stage.. I am still looking at getting some SET amps next year based on either the Monkey circuit or Parafeed topology.. Been round the block with amps, built SS amps of real enviable quality rivalling any $10k amp out there, but they all have that characteristic leading edge sharpness, due to high levels of feedback, that's why 'S' sounds like 'SSSS'.. There's just something about DH Triodes, that just beggars belief... regards Raja
  6. You mean the drab colors and the over dramatic acting? I thought Diy-Street - 'The Blootix years', would be a hit soap.. We have some highly talented actors here, better than most other daytime soaps... Cast; Travis - 'Blootix Tycoon', in search for a foothold for his product.. Lavell - 'The defector', looking for a market stake in anything.. KimTjik - 'Son of Travis', waiting for his dad to cop it, so he can become head of 'Blootix'.. CPDMF - 'Reluctant male secretary of Blootix', need I say more.. bubbaxm2 -'The Mother', always looking at telling her son - 'I told you so sunny'.. Ganiscol - 'The Cliff Barnes', out to get back what he feels is rightfully his.. Raju - The adopted son, and preferred 'heir', to the 'Blootix fortune'.. And of course cameo roles from many resident stars.... Sorry, you called it a soap, I had to oblige with a casting list... regards Raja
  7. you're on top form today man.... I will just keep my preferences to myself from now on in... In fact we all should, let's never post on another forum again, ok? Unless it's running Blootix 2.35 onwards.. regards Raja
  8. It's only for the non enthusiast day to day stuff where cutting edge is not important (cutting edge to me means the latest games and benchmarks).. A second PC, or a situation where basic tasks are undertaken are fine for the newer spins of Linux that are now being released.. PClinuxOS, the later Kubuntu (edgy/feisty) are great on working motherbaords, I have been very impressed for something that's free to be this polished... Of course it's all a game of opinions.. regards Raja
  9. Yeah I am all for support of the up and coming alternatives for every day non enthusiast machines, only limited by lack of all enthusiast software at this time. The situation can only improve with further support from users.. regards Raja
  10. The only thing that keeps me on XP is games, Vista is of no use to me at present. As far as Linux, Kubuntu, Ubuntu and PclinuxOS are solid for people who use their Pc's for daily tasks like word processing, browsing etc; Yes it is a viable and free alternative with some very slick coding by talented people, getting closer and closer to full ease of use without command line entries. In terms of security risks, they are all hackable to some and great extents, still worth trying out for a while. regards Raja
  11. I'll be up for it man, I tried buying the game digitally yesterday, but the game is not available for direct download to the UK (bummer), got right to the end of purchase twice only to be told 'no sir'. So I will order the dvd from a game store over here and get sorted, I am probably gonna get mashed by you guys... regards Raja
  12. Travis, the Wii is awesome man, I got one hear and it's been a revelation to me, as long as you get the right games that is.. Sports with a few friends round is ace.. regards Raja
  13. RS vegas is one I missed out on but always wanted to get, I will have to pick that up asap.. regards Raja
  14. so how good is the beta? just checked #37, bf2ish....
  15. steam has to be the way to go for this game then..
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