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Problems with CFX3200-DR? Post here (merged)


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    • My Hard Drive is 16MB Cache
    • My Hard Drive is 8MB Cache
    • I have issues with the ULI Raid Controller
    • I do not have issues with the ULI Raid Controller

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ok, so I just got windows installed on mine, and here's the hardware for the moment:



3200+ Venice

2x1GB OCZ PC4000EB (orange slots, 2.67v, but will lower it as they are getting warm at stock speed lol)

XFX 7800GT 256MB @ stock speed (450/1200 or something, havent even installed the gpu drivers yet)

onboard ALC882 HD Audio (Realtek)

WD 36GB Raptor 10,000RPM SATA drive

Asus 52x CD-ROM

floppy drive

OCZ Powerstream 600w psu


Thermalright XP-90 + 92mm fan






as i mentioned in the other thread, now with ULI drivers (since ULI M1575 is the Southbridge), we get to learn new driver installs yay!!!






one cool thing I noticed...was when you are in teh Device Manager, after installing the ULI drivers (which can be found HERE!), check the ULI SATA/RAID controller, right-click and choose properties, and this is what you get!





anyway, I'll add more to this post in a bit...still checking out the goods lol

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I gave up on my Asus A8R-MVP and its problems and ordered a DFI CFX-3200 mb.


It will probably arrive next week.. hopefully this board will put my mind to rest.


Never owned a DFI board before, always been using Asus boards.. well time for fresh breath to take place :)





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Have you tried any FSB overclocking.. or HTT overclocking yet?







cant even get it to run stock speeds with the above hardware


it keeps restarting at some point during prime95


I won't even begin overclocking until I can get it to run stock stable at stock speeds...and it ain't happening yet


not too impressed by this board honestly (and especially with no Crossfire cards to test just yet, but that will come soon).


It seems each board we release has 10x more options in the bios and it only serves to confuse even the best of us users 10x more and give you 10x more crap to screw up and cause your rig to not be stable.




thats just my 2nd day assessment...I don't really like any new boards for the first few days I have them (except the original Lanparty NF3 and NF4 boards...I freakin loved them!).


Keep in mind that ATI is going through what Nvidia went through...their first couple attempts at chipsets pretty much sucked and they learned the hard way how to make them good...as well as Crossfire pretty much sucks...BUT...like SLI really sucked at first too....


which is good news that ATI is still trying...as long as they are trying their best, then they will succeed like Nvidia (look at how popular Nvidia chipsets and SLI cards are now!)

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Angry... You think I'm gonna have problems then? Should I RMA and get the ASUS A8R32-MVP? They ay with the new bios not 0311 but the newer one that it is now stable...

I think you should just wait...as I said, I hate all motherboards when they first arrive because they are new, and I keep trying to use my previous knowledge on them (ie like trying to use your WindowsXP experience to navigate through Linux...it just doesn't work for the most part)



just be patient and let's see what is up...plus I have some Crossfire cards coming from a few different mfg's to test, as I could care less honestly about this board with Nvidia video cards (if I wanted Nvidia vid cards, I would stick to a mature NF4 Lanparty board!).


I also just flashed to OCZ Tony's BTA bios for this board so maybe that will show me some more stability as DFI tends to wind up their stock bioses so damn tight its like piano wire =/

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Well let's hope that DFI will release a new bios soon..


My system is not so much different from yours.. so looks like I'm in for a fight when I get the board..



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