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    amd 3700 on a Gigabyte Triton series mobo. 2 gig corsair xms ddr400. Pny 256 video 6200
  1. yeah I am in RI sux.. I always buy stuff from them
  2. screw gun/trim saw.. Panasonic..But it all depends on what tool.. I own a little of all Recip saw.. Porter cable (tiger saw) Tile saw.. Porter cable Chop saw.. dewalt (can't beat how well built they are with strong motors) worm drive.. Makita jigsaw... Bosch Framing Gun/ air tank Stanley Bostitch ( though their compressor.. not too good.. I think you have to replace valve off the bat) Gassed Framing guns .. Paslode Finish nailer cordless senco ( poor quality) and Dewalt.. (better)
  3. The Home despot and Blowes.. and even my little hometown hardware store carries the tools and lengths of cable... I found buying a spool of cat5 is cheaper...though more money upfront.. Goodluck and just remember to test as you go..
  4. Beware of the Red Dress Mafia They make you rape them??? Talking about taking responsibilty?? Her fault for her choices of placement in life?
  5. Both Sil and Uli can not be used at the same time??? This was an issue I think that has not been resolved?? Basically I think there4 isn't enough space in bios to boot both?? I had that same message for months and semmed it did nothing, but just for the sake I did eventually disable other in bios.. I was using ULI in Raid.. SO I diabled sil and message went away.. I hope this helps.. Peace
  6. I have recently reformatted.. to 1 drive.. (switching from single core to dual and raid to single drive) 3200 came back from RMA... I am 4 hrs into this with no errors.. I do not guarantee anything.. Good luck.. I will post if anything bad happens (knocks on fake wood paneling) I think we have the same drives wd1600js?? Peace
  7. heres my initial..will have steppings by today or tomorrow.. Need to RMA board KAB2E 0546FPBW
  8. Broadway Photo My wife and I each bought our own camera there. They were average on price but they had the best bundle pricing... And a selection of toys like no one has ever seen... And they are a reputable source ... Good luck post pictures of the beaute when you get it... And as for lens.. I would get the nikon kit with one lens (18 to 70).. Or go to a photo place and try out then lens, because with auto focus speed and noise worries me.. its a big oops..
  9. What worked for me was 1 ram in furthest orange slot clear Cmos... But it took me a couple of clears. It was my memory.. Bad timings.. I think it was like 3 times before my board acknowledged I had cleared it.. That was the big issue then went right into BIos and adjust settings
  10. Rgone.. I checked power.. everything was solid within .1 volts of spec.. 12 was sead on.. I think 5 was 5.1 and 3.4.. did not check amperes.. Don't know what would be needed.. yes this was done with a multimeeter I checked delay in bios.. 0.
  11. I keep losing channels.. no m,atter what I plug my drives into... at first i thought harddrive was going...nope other one would dissappear... why is it 0 thru 3 numbered in uli controller and 1 thru 4 in booklet???and I think 1 thru 4 inbios?? wtf?? All I have to do is reboot.. and both controllers are shown or the other dissappears...anybody have any ideas.. And within that.. my file system got corrupt.. In my ide (my other winxp boot)it as seen as formatted raw.(can not acces it) my files are lost.... post says NTLDR missing.. (when I get back both channels).. anybody know where to start?? I need this fixed.. without reformatting.. cause I did this the last time it happened thinking I had oced and corrupted.. this was me turning the power on... poof.. Is thqat what $179 dollars are worth.. poof...there goes all your info (mind you this isn't a stab at any of the techs that host this website.. you are fantastic)
  12. Its the motherboard... Don't know how to fix this.. now all ULI channels drop when they want.. I switched (I did this the last time this happened) channels to see if it would recognize the supposed culprit harddrive.. and No it saw two harddrives in 1 and 2.. and then switched back... then 1 dropped out of nowhere.. This is getting frustrating.. because I can't figure out what the problem is.. and everything is corrupt...I can't acess Raid from other Ide hdd.. says they are raw format.. (when they are seen)...Um anybody want to help???
  13. So I have both hard drives being recognized.. Now I get disk boot error.. Press Ctrl+alt+del to restart..... Um How do I fix this.. and what is going wrong??? I had previously memtested my ram before install.. and done a prime for 8 hrs three times on cpu oc...?? where is my instability??
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