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  1. Yes, it happens on XP x64 too, much to my annoyance and frustration. We have been using HPET for a long time now with not much improvement .... it appears to be some bad ULI chips.
  2. I found with the older BIOS my USB keyboard no longer worked pre-OS, so I hae to plug in a PS/2 one for BIOS changes, what a PITA!
  3. Well said, not much use ADVERTISING the board has 2 x 4-port controllers if they can't actually be used at the same time ....
  4. It SHOULD be possible. As long as your DVD drive is recognised when the ULI is in RAID mode. The RAID BIOS allows you to pick which drives are in the RAID array.
  5. Well there we are, mine says Rev. A01 .... so, have we determined that everyone here with problems has Rev. A01? If so, I think DFI should send us all advance replacements, I can't be without my machine for 2 weeks+ while I send the board away. Can you confirm if the A00 supports both controllers in RAID (or at least bootable one in RAID, one not)?
  6. I just set mine to ZERO the other day and everything seems MUCH better and my board PWM circuits have stopped squealing too.
  7. Hi all! I was poking around in my PCI-E settings to make some changes related to the gfx card and noticed the "Max payload size". There's options for GFX and SB (odd not for other slots I thought). Anyway, I dropped the SB one from 64 to 32 and rebooted. So far (too early to be sure obviously) I've not had a freeze nor a lock during boot and per the below (confirmed with HDTune and HDTack as well) speed has not been degraded. If everyone with problems can give this a whirl, especially those that are having them all the time. Sorry if someone has already suggested this, but if not, here's something to try. BIOS is 7.28 and I have the SBB settings at default but with HPET enabled. HTT is 310 x 4) Cheers! Sandra results (4 x 160GB Seagate per sig). SiSoftware Sandra Benchmark Results Drive Index : 355 MB/s Results Interpretation : Higher index values are better. Random Access Time : 4 ms Results Interpretation : Lower index values are better. Performance Test Status Run ID : ZXR on 11 November 2006 at 10:37:47 Processor Affinity : No System Timer : 2.8GHz Operating System Disk Cache Used : No Use Overlapped I/O : Yes IO Queue Depth : 4 request(s) Test File Size : 2GB File Fragments : 1 Block Size : 1MB File Server Optimised : No Benchmark Breakdown Buffered Read : 743 MB/s Sequential Read : 488 MB/s Random Read : 155 MB/s Buffered Write : 542 MB/s Sequential Write : 461 MB/s Random Write : 201 MB/s Random Access Time : 4 ms (estimated) Drive Drive Type : Hard Disk Total Size : 30GB Free Space : 18GB, 60% Cluster Size : 4kB
  8. I suspect so .... I'm also very annoyed about not being able to boot from the SiI controller while having ULI RAID enabled etc. It should allow BOTH BIOSes to be loaded at the same time with either in any mode. The A83R2-MVP allowed it .... there has been NO word on a fix for that problem from DFI. :mad:
  9. Not that this is an ASUS support form (ahem) but has the board the latest BIOS, I had the problem on the A8R32-MVP too, a BIOS update and it went away .... I wish I could say the same for the DFI .... I've had some freezes today, it seems to be totally random, it looks more and more like a hardware fault as time goes by.
  10. I just installed the linked driver (64-bit version) and it is OLDER than the one I have, windows says it is from December 2005 not July/August 06 like the file date ..... not rebooted yet. It certainly isn't 6221, is the 64-bit version the latest one? It says it's version
  11. For the person thinking it's OK to buy and use Seagate, I have problems with my Seagates. I've also just started getting lockups again for no reason, it was fine for a few weeks (just cold boots) with the old 425 BIOS and now I'm getting them again. Nothing changed .... I'm going to go back to the 728 so at least I can unplug the Ps/2 keyboard! :-(
  12. The plot thickens ..... So, for fun, I flashed in 425 again .... I noticed the flash util reported a date of 7/28/2006 which I thought was curious but the files was def R5UD425.bin. Anyway, I have the SiI in SATA mode for now, and no ROM errors, will boot again shortly and see if I can see it in DOS again. The down-side so far (always is one eh?) is that Legacy USB KB support seems to have vanished and my ZBoard is not usable until Windows loads. :-( Thanks goodness for spare keyboards. Speed is not affected, not seen a lock yet, HDTach is reporting ungodly speed - Long test results from the 4 drives; Burst: 608.7MB, Avg. Read: 421MB/s, latency 7ms. I can compare against the previous BIOS as I think I forgot to test under the 64bit OS, so it could be that helping things along or the AU size now at 16K ..... Apart from the USB, if the SiI will enable properly now, I might be happy(ier).
  13. Yes, I found the controllers worked better together with the older BIOS(es) too. Do you have both LAN controllers on as well out of interest? Good luck with the comparisons ..... and the other funny thing is the older BIOSes also have the older RAID BIOS from ULI .... so maybe the newer "so-called fixed" ones are a little larger and just don't fit. :confused:
  14. Regarding the no errors with Hitachi drives: Assuming this is fully repeatable, it appears as follows: Raptors give problems Seagates give problems (well my 160GB 7200.9s do anyway). Some people had boards that worked with the above drives. Mine seems mostly stable with Win x64 and 16k stripe with 16k AU ("cluster") but I have still seen freezes at cold boot and also running "DOS" clone utilities. More voltage on the RAM seems to help for some reason too, even though apart from freezes I see no errors in StressPrime with the lower voltage ...... Maybe we should get a drive poll ..... but I do think a lot of this does point to BIOS issues and possibly sub-par batches of ULI chips. Maybe someone who is seeing a lot of errors all the time still can run some tests at different SB voltages and see if that makes any difference. (including the highest AND lowest possible). Food for thought I hope ..... then of course there is this co-existing RAID BIOS issue .... not response on that, it is a MAJOR and OBVIOUS flaw, it means the board does not meet the specs advertised (we expect two WORKING at the SAME TIME RAID controllers). Here we are months later and we can't use both arrays .... I would like a mirror on my SiI controller for backups ...... Later!
  15. To lend weight to the "It's the BIOS and not the drivers" theory .... I've had freezes in "DOS" as well, e.g. using DriveImage/Ghost when there aren't any drivers loaded.
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