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What power supply do you have? (open to all platforms)


1,912 members have voted

  1. 1.

    • OCZ (all makes)
    • Fortron/FSP (all makes)
    • Enermax
    • PCP&C
    • Antec
    • Skyhawk
    • Thermaltake
    • Coolermaster
    • I'm using a 20-pin psu still
    • Other (please list in a post!)
    • Silverstone
    • Sunbeam
    • Tagan
    • Seasonic
    • Hiper
    • Mushkin/BFG

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You lucky dog!


Actually when I went from my 520W Powerstream to the 700W GameXStream I almost pulled the trigger on the Mushkin power supply. But lack of reviews, information or recommendations made me do otherwise.


Hopefully the Mushkin PSU's will kick some serious butt and give our DFI users another excellent power supply to choose from.


Off topic, but only for one second . . . Duonger ordered my first set of Mushkin RAM today. Hopefully I'll be pleased :)


there are some reviews of our psu out there. these 1st units are just to get our feet wet. we have others coming out as well. ... cant say much about them yet but we plan to roll our MANY of them... 550w is avg but very stable. the 650 and 550w were targetted more towards stability and pricing.




I saw your post that you bought the 991493. if you need any help configuring it, we are always around. you can post here or on our forums or even call in to our tech line (800-569-1868). We opened an office in Malaysia and are setting up support there also so support will be around even at night when guys here are in bed.



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Thanks Duonger. I appreciate the support you are showing around here already.


I'll keep everyone posted.

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Ooooo, im in the market for a new PSU AND Ram. I have been considering Mushkin and OCZ cause of the awesome support that OCZ has around here and now Mushkin steps up to the plate. This just keeps getting better and better.


Now if i could only justify $300 for a 2gig kit ;


I cant wait till the guys on the Street have a chance to check out all the new toys, i will definetly be considering a Mushkin PSU, i dunno if this Antec 550 is going to power my rig to where i eventually want to take it.

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I believe mine is called the Fortron Epsilon. 700W, Quad SLI compliant... I love it to death, treats my SLI system way better than my Aspire 680W "The Beast" did. Don't get me wrong, the Beast handled it... until I upgraded from an Opty to an FX-60... then it was game over, had my +12 going as low as 9.9Vs while gaming, got the Fortron, I now never see anything below 12.5Vs regardless of gaming or not ;)


I supposed it helps that my combined +12V rail amprage is 60A ;) LOL

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Ultra X-Finity 600watt... Because I had to fight just to get a new PSU, ran out of money, and the person handing over the cash for my upgrade is a cheapskate. Controversial, I know, because it isn't on the recommended list. However, it *ALSO* is the listed exception on the "don't use" list for Ultra, where it specifies "except X-Finity".. Mine is the dual 12v rail titanium version (not the earlier X-Finity... there appear to be at least three different X-Finity revisions out there). Voltages are stable, actually more stable than my old Antec True430.


However, I can't vote for "other" now since I had previously voted for "still using 20 pin"... woops.

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Antec Neo 480 on my Asus POS A8N-SLI Delx

Antec HE Neo 550 My DFI Ultra -D


after I voted I noticed the comment you wanted the info for NF4 boards only.


one Other and BFG can be removed as they fall in my intel / ITX / other systems (Yeah I have to many computers)

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I'm using the 620 watt Corsair PSU. It rocks. Almost completely silent. It makes nowhere near the amount of noise that the fan on my little dinky Gpu does. It's easy to use too. The cabling is a cinch. I highly recommend it to any one at all.

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Quite some time has passed since this poll started and I suppose many have changed their PS unit. Even new standards have entered the market.


Would it be a good idea to let's say close this poll and keep it as a reference and start a new one updated with PSU:s which have made a good impression lately?


It's just I thought that crossed my mind when I checked the first page of this thread. Or maybe it's just me being interested in statistics.

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