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  1. What do you have your ram settings at? IE: Main timings, voltage, etc. As far as i know that error is usually caused by bad ram. First check all your settings and make sure they are set to the manufacturers recommended settings (the 4 timings and voltage should be on a sticker on the actual module). If they are set correctly for your ram, try both sticks individually to see if the problem persists. If the problem continues with 1 stick, but not the other, then i think you found your problem. You can test to see if they are working via a few hours of memtest (TMOD & Loggan's CD is bootable and has memtest on it) and if memtest passes, you can fire up windows and do a prime95 or Orthos blend to stress the memory within windows.
  2. EllisD

    Intel Folding Rig

    Not quite, I have 2 machines. My Server, which is native Ubuntu 7.10 64-bit, which I fold 24/7 using the SMP client. My Main is left idle for ~16-18hrs a day so I have it folding via the USB method I posted in the OCC Teams section which requires no OS (but the machine has XP on it). The only thing I somewhat worry about with GPU folding is the power consumption. I have no data to put forth, but would be curious to know what takes more power between GPU2 vs Dual Core (65\45nm) SMP vs Quad (65\45nm)SMP (2 instances). I know my 1900xt is a power sucking beast when running full tilt.
  3. EllisD

    Can't Register on OCC Forums - Help!

    I read those rules after I registered with my Hotmail account, lol. I was quite confused. Maybe they turned it off to help ease the transition and have now re-enabled it?
  4. EllisD

    Windows Vista Question

    Chances are no, not legally. What is bundled with PC's are usually OEM copys so they live and die with the machine they are coupled with.
  5. EllisD

    Intel Folding Rig

    Its a tad over 1500 PPD (typical 2605 or 2653? finishes in ~28hrs.). As for times in vista, I have never used vista and dont plan on shelling out ~$200 when I am more than happy with XP You will have to wait for someone else to chime in on that one.
  6. EllisD

    Intel Folding Rig

    The GA-P35-DS3L has everything you listed. I have that same setup as my server folding 24/7 (2180 + DS3L) and it does ~16.5mins per % in native linux. Good little folder for the money. That would be my recommendation on that budget. Linkage to DS3L (this is the upgraded model from the one i said. The revision adds the Dynamic Energy Saver.)
  7. EllisD

    Temp Difference Between Cores

    Check out this "mod": Linkage (2nd pic) Seems to do wonders though i do not have any personal experience.
  8. EllisD

    Official Post Your Desktop Thread - Windows

    I found that a while back when I first got the dualies at work. I did see a couple more funny ones in that wallpaper pack of yours. Gotta see if they are \ I can make them the right size.
  9. EllisD

    Sins Of A Solar Empire - Space Rts/4x (or Rt4x)

    Yea, im game for some sins. You should hook up some Rainbow Six Vegas 2 also. Awesome game (if you are into tactical FPS) What time you gonna be around tonight? I'm futzin around the house today, Gettin stuff cleaned up to make space to setup the dual monitors. Cant wait to play some sins at 1920x1200
  10. EllisD

    Vegas 2 Anyone?

    Yea doc, terrorist hunt with a few of the crew = awesome. If there are only 2 that want to play, you can also do the coop story mode. Only thing i dislike about that is that 1 person (the host) controls 2 AI teammates while the other person controls none. They should have at least split that up. Definetly up for more
  11. EllisD

    Digital Photography

    Wow, those are beautiful pictures.
  12. EllisD

    Digital Photography

    I will be when i get home, and i have never had msn, but i suppose i could use the windows one. I have popped in a few times over the past days but must have been odd times cause ive gotten no response. Shortly after, ive retired to the couch to watch the idiot box, lol. 513pm now and im itchin to leave. Should be home ~6:30-7pm You got me scared with the "We" bit....i told you before that i will NOT wear a dress, no exceptions!
  13. EllisD

    Another Build

    Between a Dual and a Quad...well, you're a folder, lol Quad or bust
  14. Is that with the fan speed being automatically adjusted via the driver? Or are you manually setting it via a program like rivatuner? With auto fan speed, my 1900xt got to about those temps (mid 80c on load) because it took way too long for the fan to ramp up. By manually setting the fan speed to 60%, it kept the temps from exceeding 75c on load. As a comparison, the card is now under water and doesnt go over 45c If all else fails and you are going to stick with air, a HR-03GT may be something to look at. I hear really good things about them (as with most\all thermalright HS's)
  15. Bump for the last day of trading :dog:
  16. EllisD

    Digital Photography

    Very cool. Nice shots
  17. EllisD

    A Night With A Dice Bucket!

    Wowza, nice work man! That water box looks awesome. DICE looks fun
  18. EllisD

    26in Lcd Mon.

    How does the GTX handle the native res with the eye candy cranked up? I picked up a 24" yesterday and my x1900xt does surprisingly well, starting to show the grey hairs though Care to elaborate for those who arent "in the know"? Whats so bad about a 26" at that res? (curious really, not trying to sound confrontational)
  19. EllisD

    Not Summiting Wu?

    Which method are you using (vmware, windows)? As long as the net is hooked up properly, which i assume it is because you downloaded the core and got new work, then it will keep trying until it is successfully sent. It is giving you an IP address of the server it is trying to send the work to? You can check the Server status page to see if maybe that server is having problems. I have had it happen a few times, but just forgot about it until i saw the points for it.
  20. EllisD

    Razer Krait Mod

    Looks good, Nice work. I am definetly a fan of the blue over the orange.
  21. EllisD

    E6750 2.67ghz @3.4ghz

    What are your load temps on the stock cooler? Its going to start getting hotter and hotter now so im sure your CPU will love you when you grab the new cooler.
  22. Well, payday came, and i was contemplating between a new 24" monitor, a quad, and something else that i forget now because im pretty excited There is something quite interesting with this monitor that i found by scouring forums researching for a good 24", but more on that when i get some pics taken. I got it at FutureShop (boo, hiss!) because they had a ton of monitors to look at, and this by far looked the best. I also didnt see any other place that had this that i could get to to pick up. It isnt the most attractive bezel\stand combo, but see this care cup? \_/ <-- yea, its empty Here is the Manufacturers Page I gotta clean up a bit to make space, and im gonna take lots of pictures. I was just too excited not to post [EDIT] Well, that knocked me down a notch I had the sales associate open the box so i could inspect the monitor while it was plugged in, and the stand never made it back in the box ;\ It is too far away for me to bus it back so i will have to pick it up tomorrow
  23. EllisD

    Graphics Card Stress Test?

    From the link i posted (also has the download in the first post) "- Full Vista and XP64 support" Thanks for the confirmation Verran
  24. A world that i wish i could afford to live in, lol
  25. EllisD

    Graphics Card Stress Test?

    To Loop 3dmark, do you not have to have a Pro version (ie: not free)? ATiTool should run fine on the nvidia cards, but i will double check the site. [EDIT] It may be hit or miss on the nvidia cards. It says they are supported, but in the latest beta thread here it says "- Latest NVIDIA non-WHQL drivers with some G8x cards not supported". Wouldnt hurt to try though.