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    LanParty LT P35-T2R
    Bios 12/24/2007
    Q6600 G0 @3.6 1.33v VDroop enabled w/ C1E
    MCP 655 -> heater core -> heater core -> Apogee GTX -> MCW30 -> micro res
    OCZ Reaper DDR2 800 1Gx2
    Seagate 320 GB perpendicular reading SATA II
    Samsung HD501LJ 500GB SATA II
    Corsair HX620w
    SAPPHIRE HD3870 512M RT
  1. Always? Even if the OC isn't very high? GTL tuning is an arduous (at least for me) process and I haven't been able to ring any more from my current settings by adjusting GTL values. Maybe I jut haven't tried long or hard enough.
  2. Be warned that DVDFab is sometimes responsible for bad rips. Anydvd is good but costs a small fortune and isn't necessary unless you are ripping HD DVD or BD. If you are just trying to rip a DVD then DVDDecrypter works for me about 95% of the time. If it can't handle it then fire up ripit4me. DVDDecrypter will let you do things like keep only the main movie if all of the extras take up a dual layer DVD. If you need to make the movie smaller even after that you can easily use DVDShrink to squash it down a bit, but you certainly loose quality here. If you are going for serious compression while retaining quality you will have a pretty steep learning curve ahead of you. Oh BTW, DVDDecrypter, ripit4me and DVDShrink are all free. The only reason you would need payware for backing up movies is if you needed anydvd for ripping a HD disk.
  3. So I got the video card mentioned above and I'll be damned if I can get into any advanced options for it. There is the Asus smart doctor utility which is supposed to have all kinds of pages to it but the one that pops up for me only allows me to set the clock for the GPU and the RAM. I'll be damned if I'm going to overclock either of those without being able to know how hot the card is running to begin with. Apparently you need to install the Asus gamer osd to get this all working and I think I have done so. But all I see is some horse . called Asus game face or something like that which is some kind of IM for online gamers who all use Asus cards. I got some Nvidia utility which is supposed to give some additional functionality and readings but it doesn't do a damn thing at all. I got this card for it's ability to accelerate h.264 on the GPU (amongst other things) but I'll be dipped in . if I can figure out how to turn hardware acceleration on. Any Ideas at all?
  4. In XP there is an option in the audio configuration dialog that allows you to "use only default device". Vista has no such option. I have two entirely separate audio devices that I sometimes use at the same time. When I turn the second one on it mutes the default device and I have to manually turn the sound back on when I am done using the second device. Does anyone have any ideas about how to set Vista to only use the default device?
  5. The brand doesn't matter. It' all about the quantity. I hope to have some ideas like that tonight!
  6. The latest bios is what you want. I am easily cruising at 400 fsb right now on my 975 x/g. It only took me a couple hours to get the overclock stable. It's a very easy board to oc.
  7. The oversized O ring for the appogee only works on dual core processors. So if you want to switch to a quad you will need to get a new water block because once you bow it there is no going back. Check this out. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=142998
  8. The thing is that if I push the MCW30 down on the side where it's not making complete contact with the NB due to the tubing's tension the temp goes down. SO needless to say I am unsatisfied with my current mounting. And I tried for hours and there is no way to hold it in place with a zip strip. Brilliant idea Praz. Thanks for the tip. Your quite the industrious fellow it would seem.
  9. Well I seem to have lost the retention spring that came with the board so I am still running on one spring while I try to track a new one down. Right now the NB is at 45 under load @ 1.65 V. It's about 41 - 42 at idle. The outside temperature right now is about 30. Do you all think that the average retention spring for an Intel MOBO will work here?
  10. OK. I just tried to put the foam cushions on and I doubled up on some like had previously been mentioned. When I fired the system back up I had all kinds of problems. I originally thought that it was my overclock because I have been having trouble with anything over 385 fsb. So I cleared the cmos and rebooted. To my surprise the bios told me that my NB temp was over 70! I quickly shut down and took the extra padding off of the MCW30. Now with a moderate overclock of 333 fsb I am seeing HIGH NB temps still. 53 under orthos load. The cpu is at a steady 39. I accidentally sent a friend home with my retention spring that came with the 975 x/g so I haven't had a chance to install that yet. I'm hoping that when I do I can alleviate this problem. Realistically I would have better temps with the old HR-05 and an 80 mm fan! :mad: The problem has to be how close the NB is to the CPU on this damn board. It's very difficult to bend the tubing without having it pull the NB block at an angle.
  11. Ok I'll get those off to you tomorrow or Saturday. I have yet to re seated the MCW30. I'll do that today. So the temps on the NB might be a little high as the AS5 will not have cured yet.
  12. The best solution would probably be the Thermalright HR-05. I used it for quite a while on my 975 x/g and so have many other people. We all have had great success with it.
  13. Great. thanks for the input. Yeah I saw those disks and momentarily became a moron and didn't think about them again. :beer I might take the block off tomorrow and tinker with those things. Also the idea of a second retention spring sounds pretty good. I'd like to have it held on there better. Especially since the tubing going to it does place a considerable amount of strain on the block. My loop goes like so: Reservoir > Pump > Radiator > CPU > NB > Reservoir. I'm not going to put the reservoir anywhere but in front of the pump. And if the order of cpu to nb or nb to cpu really affects nb cooling I would rather have the cpu cooler as the nb is at acceptable temps now and the cpu runs at about 56 after 13 - 14 hours of full load in the middle of the day.
  14. I didn't put anything around the base. I am still toying with the idea of doing that though. I am still not sure that it's situated properly. At 1.75 volts and 400 FSB (I forget what the CPU voltage is atm) the NB runs at 46 C under load. I would obviously like that to be lower but that might just be what I get. It would be nice to have it below 40. I might just have to wait for winter for that. Or I might put some kind of neoprene around the base of the chip. Does 46 C sound reasonable or does that seem like the block isn't properly situated?
  15. There is a lot of pressure from the 1/2 inch tubing that I'm using and is was tricky to get the MCW30 to sit flush with the chip but I think I have managed to get it on there nice and tight. And you don't have to worry about the stand offs. It comes with them now. It has two little plastic bushings like what are in Praz's picture and they screw in with alan bolts that are included.
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