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  1. My plans for the year are to finally replace my case fans, saying I have a few that stopped spinning. If I had the money (or if I find it), I do want to build a minitix rig for bringing to a friends if I want to LAN it up. We get together on weekends and my current case is just too big and heavy for my liking.
  2. I got a compound bow a year ago, shot it a few times. I would like to go hunting, but the only person I know who hunts is not currently someone I am getting along with.
  3. I am ashamed that one of my favorite shows is Gossip Girl. Other top shows are King of the Hill and Futurama. The Current Watching List is: 1) House 2) Parks and Rec 3) The Office (when my GF isn't around) I need to watch this Game of Thrones show everyone keeps talking about.
  4. I have a copy of Half-Life 2 I will give away for free! Save you $5! I would love Medal of Honor.
  5. Hey I am in! This is why I should log in more often, fun giveaways!
  6. Great build! Got some nice ideas for my own case if I ever decide to shut my computer off long enough to work on it.
  7. I didn't think this would turn into such a discussion! As for the games that I am playing, mostly things on steam, with the newest being borderlands 2. I want to be able to play BF4, CoD, Assasin's Creed, and other future games like that. Graphics isn't the top priority, but I would like to get the best bang for the buck. If this rig doesn't really perform how I want, I will just hand it down to my girlfriend and build something that will work more like I want. She doesn't play too many graphics heavy games, mostly just wants to be able to play co-op with me and do some digital art work stuff.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I looked at what you had, and I still wanted to the 8 cores, but that was more of just because I could. I switched to the HD7970 and dropped the ram down to 8 gb to keep the 8 core cpu. I went with a cheaper board too. I ordered a 250gb SSD too using my old dell account, so I will pay for that over time. Not the best idea but I wanted it for the build up front.
  9. So my old q6600 is no longer performing the way I want it to, so it is time for a new rig. My budget on this is only around 500, so I am already way over budget. How does the build look? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1Zyyw I could drop the SSD to save some money, but I wouldn't really apply it to upgrade anything (maybe to a 8350, but probably not). I honestly won't OC it, I just want something that will last me 2-3 years. edit: case will be an old antec 300 I have, and the psu is a 750w corsair.
  10. Long story short: Need an ecommerce or shopping cart solution for online sales at work. This type of thing is new for us at work. I have been looking at volusion, and I like the backend of it, but I am told that if you aren't big on web development, it can be a bit tedious. I really like how it handles products and orders. What we don't like is expensive costs to get it to work with our other software (accounting and shipping). The bosses don't like that expense. My main boss said to look into just paying someone to make a site too, so its all upfront, but no monthly fee (or transaction fees). Is it worth trying to reinvent the wheel (so to speak) creating a custom solution? Ideally I would like an easy to use admin portal to handle sales and products. Is it even possible to reasonably link an online store with our accounting software (Sage 50) and shipping (UPS Worldship) and not need an in depth admin panel? I know volusion will link to UPS, and they said Sage is possible (they have never run into it yet, since most people use Quickbooks), but that is at a very expensive level. Or should we have someone develop our site, and still just use volusion? I am kind of at a stand still here on what to do, and our timeframe is getting small.
  11. CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Motherboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3P RAM: G.Skill 2x1GB DDR2 GPU: nVidia 9800 GT Storage: 2x 1Tb WD Black, 1x 1Tb WD Green Chassis: Antec 900 (first version) Cooling: Zalman 9500 PSU: Corsair 750W Display: LG 20-21 inch widescreen Audio: Eagle 2.1 Keyboard: Razer Lycosa Mouse: Logitech G5, when it wants to work (they have bad cables) Country: USA!
  12. I want to keep at or around 400 for ram, board, and cpu. Video cards can come later, but I am thinking around 300-400
  13. I am not against buying used. Most of my builds have been used parts. I think every stick of ram and CPU I have used in the last... 8 years was bought used from Doc. I would like to SLI but it may be out of my cost range right now. I am using the 750 because I already have that, along with the case. I will look into the i5 route. Thanks for the advice both of you.
  14. Just picked this car up a couple weeks ago. Upgrade from the Police Interceptor I was dumping money into (gas tank and repairs!) Had less then 60k, bought it for trade in value. 2009 Saturn Aura
  15. Well I have decided it is time to build a new computer, as my desktop is, well, outdated to say the least. I have decided on AMD over Intel, since I don't want to spend a ton, I started with AMD many sockets ago. No need for anything expensive. Mostly will be doing gaming, but there may be some CAD and modeling done in it. I also want something that will still be competitive for awhile. Last time I did a build was when C2D was all the rage oh... what seemed like 5 years ago. I stopped paying attention to hardware in college, and don't really know where to go with it. I figured I have bothered Dr. Bowtie enough, so now I come to bother you all. I may do some minor OC, who knows. So down to the meat and potatoes of the build MSI 990FXA-GD80V2 AM3+ AMD FX-8150 3.6 GHz G.Skill Ripjaw X Series 16gb DDR3 1866 I will be reusing my harddrives (maybe buying a new SSD for the OS), power supply (corsair 750w), and case (antec 900). I am leaning towards an nVidia GTX 660 ti. Cooling will be determined soonish, deciding on air or water (plus new case). Definitely won't be stock cooling though. Comments and Concerns? Thanks for the help in advance!
  16. THQ Pack, Oblivion GOTY, and the newest Borderlands DLC. All on steam of course Rogue Trader (40k RPG.) Pack of 10 sided dice (need another pack) Desert Raiders (Book about 40k) And in the last... month: New laptop and xbox 360. Yay for being a student! 2 battle forces and 3 Valks, 5 sets of extra bases (40k stuff for tabletop...)
  17. In the past I went through cases quicker than computers. But I plan to have this antec 300... or 600... or w.e it for awhile 3 motherboards, tops. One AMD, and 2 intel. Probably gonna have a new board here soon! 2 CPUs. Again, one amd (forget which), and a Q6600 2 sets of ram. 1gb kit of ddr, and a 2gb kit of ddr2 (hopefully 16gb of ddr3!) 2 video cards. 8600GT and a 9800GT 1 psu. Corsair 850w 1 optical drive that is white so it doesn't match. 4? Hard drives. I have 3 1TB drives in there right now. It has been through at least 2 sets of keyboards and mice, and may be getting some upgrades in that department soon. Also has been through 3 sets of speakers.
  18. My gosh. That looks AWESOME. (Even more awesome is you are still in that same workshop. I still remember the night you invited DFI-Street to come hang out)
  19. I should have kept the box for my case... oops. I take mine to and from school 6 times a year (beginning and end of each semester, and spring break). Since I have a smaller gpu, I leave it in now, but I used to take it out. For the monitor, I kept the box! I knew I would be taking it to LANs (but I don't, since I don't know any PC gamers really anymore). I always put the monitor in its box. It is too pricey not too! edit: I forgot my box once. For the monitor, I set it screen down with a shirt around it to try and protect it. But my car was empty besides the computer and a clothes basket that time.
  20. I didn't know him that well, but I remember him from DFI-Street, and then DIY-Street. He was always a joy to play with in COD4 the few times I had the chance.
  21. well, I was going to buy some ram. But then you talked me into upgrading my board, cpu, and ram to phenom II
  22. Doc got a hold of me. I won't have money for a bit, because of the holidays.
  23. Everyone has been PMed. lucky13 has dibs on it since he was first.
  24. Alright. Cleaning out the workshop. I have a gigabyte P35-DS3L. Used it for awhile and it worked great. Though I had some problems, turns out it was something other than the board. (My keyboard, mouse, and speakers were all bad. I thought it was a USB problem). With it I will include a eVGA 8800GT. This card is barely used. Sat in my friends computer. He is in military and never had a chance to really use it. When he came home for a month, he bought a new card. Price I am asking for is $45 shipped. US only. Will also trade for a 4gb DDR2 kit. If trade, I will include 2gb kit with this board. You will need to send first, and I will be running memtest on the ram to make sure it works before sending anything back. I don't have feedback on here (I don't think). I have done a lot of deals with dr_bowtie and the old DIY site. Best way to get a hold of me would be on aim: sparkyftw
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