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  1. paulktreg

    Unable to view OCC website.

    I saw this error honestly, wasn't seeing things!
  2. Error as follows: An E_COMPILE_ERROR occurred; site staff have been notified. If reporting this error, please include the following request ID: [email protected] Obviously OK now.
  3. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    How do I review new content?
  4. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Are you posstive about that?
  5. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Who you calling old? I visit this site everyday to see what's going on and post if I have anything to add. The only problem is if you remove the posts from OCC there has been very little going on recently.
  6. paulktreg

    New Forum ??

    Not sure I like it.
  7. paulktreg

    Merry Christmas from OCC!

    Merry Christmas everybody and a happy new year.
  8. paulktreg

    Official Forum Bug Reports Part 2

    The OCC website address is showing up as "Not secure" in my browser bar (Chrome on Windows 10). Is this a problem (at your end or mine)?
  9. DFI. Those were the days! Almost brings a tear to my eye thinking about them.
  10. paulktreg

    10 active folders

    Hitting 25 - 30 deg C on a regular basis at the moment so have stopped folding until things cool down.
  11. Many MSI motherboard reviews here on OCC and they more often than not earn a gold award. Which motherboard are you considering?
  12. paulktreg

    Intel Announces Core i7 8086K CPU

    Entered. Chance of winning next to zero but you never know.
  13. paulktreg

    Post Your Pets Thread!

    Me thinks cat needs to go on a diet!