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  1. I am sorry I am using an DFI Infinity Board not a lanparty (As per rules it is listed in the sig). Please read all of the post before reply again as each time you are making assumptions that are not happening. 1) all ram removed not Error beeps codes 2) Ram installed (1 Module, any slots) gets a Video card firmware POST, next step is the Motherboard posts screen) system reboots and displays Video acard post once again. 3) Remvove video card No post error. 4) Even cleared CMOS for 24hours and had same issue. All hardware has been tested in 2 other systems and works. DFI board RMA'ed sorry sig is not biggesnt to handle all of the computers I have.
  2. You know .. i would try memtest86 if it was able to boot. But since that is my problem, its going to be a issue isn't it?
  3. Evga 122-CK-NF68-AR Intel E6600 Kingston HyperX Dual Channel kit [2G] HKX9600D2K2/2G Nvidia 8800GTS (Evga) 2X 250gig Seagate drives. Pioneer 110B DVD burner Antec Trio's 650W PSU Set Ram voltage to 2.30V (stock) unlocked processor FSB and RAM FSB Set Ram to 1200Mhz Set Processor to 1334 3dmark03 3dmark06 3dmark05 SuperPi Orthos 8+ hours PCMark Score short Disscription: 333X9 [email protected] @ 2.3V
  4. system1.default Ram Memtested in the EVGA system (using those right now as well). cleared CMOS Removed Ram No beeps removed video card. No error beeps. I cleared CMOS to make sure things were at the stock settings as I was going to test some new 4Gig Ram and wanted to double check settings before had with the 2gig kit.
  5. Are you using the fanmate2 with the 700?? if not and you have it running at full blast, then that is the noise maker (trust me I own one on my HTPC). I also have the Zalman fatital1ty on my 7900GS, both can be load if you dont use the fanmate2.
  6. What I am getting now is no POST beep. My system starts to boot up (I see the post screen from the video card) Screen goes blank and then the video card post screen again. over and over. DFI board in sig
  7. updating windows now on mine and getting it ready to load all of the benchmark tools for stock benchmarks. I also want to make sure the BIOS is on the newest before I start hitting the testing hard.
  8. IMHO you would be happier with 2X512 than 1.5G in single channel
  9. Have you had good luck with the 680i board? Mine will be here tomorrow.
  10. Do you have a stick or two of RAM that was not in this system before. Sound a little like the RAM issue you can have with the infinity board.
  11. I used the 700 on my media center PC to replace the dead fan on my 6600GT. It has kept the noise down a lot, I also used the fat1at1y version on my 7900GS, if you have it turned up you can get a lot of noise from it. But other wise it does a good job cooling if you use the Fan mate2
  12. OK I will byte ... TV = 32" Maganvox CRT Toshiba DVD 40.oo off woot Pioneer THX Cert Amp / Receiver Infinity speakers (No sub yet) Old GE VCR Gay Cube for the kids.
  13. All above is true.. Cutting acrylic you want to go slow and not force things. Heat causes it to crack and do other unwanted things.
  14. Personal I would go with the Mushkin if the price is the same.
  15. Nice to see that your up and running. My machine has been through 5 Sets of Ram now (1 OCZ that had the same problem and One Kingston set) .. Rest have worked fine. I got the test ram in there now and been playing with the settings.
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