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  1. OK think installing an old version fixed it... which is weird because I tried that before.. must be a diff version Thanks guys!
  2. This is still bugging me!
  3. Would changing the graphics card change the ClearType settings in Windows?
  4. From what I've heard, if you try and click on anything in the secondary screen, the game minimises? Cos I had the same question, never got round to buying another monitor though
  5. If you're not an Overclocker then yeah an FX-60 would be a good idea. But if you are, an Opteron 165 or above, or a X2 4400+ might be a better idea, get FX-60 performance for a quarter of the price
  6. Moving house. And getting drunk at every possible opportunity.
  7. Surely that should be forget?!
  8. I've got my next upgrade planned. x2 4400 or above and an 8800GTS please
  9. Sounds like something is shorting out. Maybe the temperature shut-down is enabled in the BIOS, but a bit too low. Dual cores run hotter than single cores. Check the Shut Down Temperature in the BIOS
  10. What's the difference between the two :confused: Apart from $25 lol
  11. Ha yeah I seem to collect those cables.
  12. Evercool VC-RE Same height, if not a tad smaller than the stock one. Lowers temps by 5-10C
  13. Try pushing the power connectors in. I had this like two days ago. Scared me sh*tless lol
  14. Yeah I'd say get two 80s or 120's in RAID 0 for the OS etc. and then a 500gB drive for storage
  15. Rubbish, dual ATI HD2900XT or whatever FTW!
  16. Can't you just change the language of the OS to french?
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