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  1. The Corsairs, Antec HE's & Trio's & the Seasonic M12's are in reality single +12V rail PSU's, as there is no "per rail" current limiting. These are all very good PSU's & are highly recommended.
  2. Yes, or the DA 750W modular version. :angel:
  3. PC P&C has EXCELLENT customer service, between them & OCZ, they PWN customer service! :angel:
  4. It doesn't work that way, dual rail PSU's almost always use one rail to power the CPU vis the P4/EPS & the other rail for everything else. Single +12V rail PSU's are recommended for "monster" GPU's, especially in SLI/CF. You PSU should be fine with one 8800GTS. :angel:
  5. Test with a DMM as soon as possible, but I wouldn't be too concerened.
  6. The 580W Hiper was never recommended for DFI mobos in North America, as there are so many better (& cheaper) choices available. The Hiper 580W can not do highend SLI, impossible! However with just one 8800GTS (not a GTX), you "might" squeek by. My recommendation is either the Corsair 520W/620W non-SLI or the PC P&C 750W Quad for SLI. Good Luck, Dave
  7. An excellent choice for any Nvidia SLI rig! :nod:
  8. Given their hit or miss quality, I would stay away from anything Tagan. :dog:
  9. Silverstone will soon introduce an 850W version of their single +12V rail OP/DA lines & it should have the right connectors.
  10. What is with you & Coolermaster? Do you own a lot of their stock? There are better PSU's in the world & the DIY members have recommend quite a few of them.
  11. The XCilo is more appropiate, but if it works, it works.
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