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"BATTLEFIELD 3" PC Case Mod...Video Posted Today!

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Thanks for the comments guys! Painting the machined aluminum bullet thumbscrews to look more authentic.






The surface is first prepped, using red scotch brite pad to scuff the bare aluminum



Is that a "cribbage board" for thumbscrews?, drilling holes in a piece of wood, works great for holding thumbscrews for paint. The threads were taped off.



For maximum paint adhesion, we use SEM brand self etching primer for the base coat



A couple coats of grey self etching primer



for holding the bullet thumbscrews, tape the bullet thumbscrews to paint stick






Paint entire bullet first copper color first, mask off the tip after cured, then paint the shell brass color.




After the paint has cured, I dry brushed the shells with "Antiquing Gel" by Home Decor. "Dry brushing" means you are painting with a brush that is almost 100% dry. It's an easy way to create a weathered effect or highlights. These are machined aluminum bullet thumbscrews




After 2 hours, the "Antiquing Gel" had cured. The final coat is a "Flat" Clear coat aerosol paint by KRYLON





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Dayam, are you a GOD?!? If you arent then you should be. Nice work man. You are talented, skilled, and motivated. :cheers:


Some of the best work ive ever seen.

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I had a custom painted case once, it was by the guy who is famous for the realistic flames for cars and stuff. I ended up selling it to a buddy of mine lol... I always enjoyed modders who went to this extreme of modding their PCs. I always had a bunch of ideas in my head for mods like this, but alas I lack the artistic talent to do something as awesome as this project.



Great job man keep it up!

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