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  1. Thats odd. I have a TV and montor plugged into my nvidia card and changing the input on the tv doesn't change anything on the computer it self. But if the TV isn't turned on when the PC boots it does not get reconzied until I turn it on which makes sense. From what I see on my card and your issue it could be just the TV doing that. Like it "disconnects" the hdmi input when ever your switch modes.
  2. If Microsoft decided to send me a free copy for my birthday but the only Windows 8 I will be buying is when their professional tablets come out.
  3. rmb938

    free icons

    There is http://wincustomize.com/ I used it a while back. Most of the things are free so it shouldn't be to hard to find something you like.
  4. I have a UPS for my computer. My dad likes to build things in the garage which the office is right next to. This ends up lowering the voltage in the power lines to around 90 volts when ever he uses something high powered. With my old dell computer it was fine because it was dell lol. With my current computer it would just completely shut off. Then the voltage would jump back up which can cause a surge. So a UPS would help in that situation like mine. My area also tends to have brown outs every once in a while. Depending how worried you are will pretty much decide for you. If your worry about surges a good surge protector is fine. But if you want more protection with voltages, cleaning and what not go for a UPS.
  5. Hi, I currently have 2-Way SLI with two nvidia 460s as well as two monitors a 25 inch and 23 inch.(Only play games on the 25 inch). I was able to get my hands on a 3rd monitor that is a 19 inch but I am running into a issue trying to use all 3 monitors at once. Nvidia control panel as well as the windows one will only let me use 2 of the monitors with sli enabled. Is there any way to allow 3 monitors with sli enabled?
  6. I enjoyed the story of the game but other then that its like every other mmo. Once you hit max level only thing left is PvP or to run the same instances over and over. I suggest you play the game on a RP server and join a RPing guild. You will have much more fun even at end game.
  7. Well were did you get your current card? If you got it from comcast then yes you will need to get the Verizon card. Either way I would advise you to get Verizon's card since then you will have a full TV guide and all their channels and what not.
  8. Awesome! A lot of my friends have comcast and they hate it because of the reasons you stated. For the HTPC you may need to request a TV tunner card from Verizon since that will give you all the channel guides and such and you wouldn't need the extra Verizon box.
  9. I have a antec 1200. It was a great case when it first came out but now compared to other cases in the same price point it is not very good.
  10. Yea that is what I read up on. It has games and such on the drive as well. I just called it a data drive because it has no OS related stuff on it lol.
  11. I just won a ga-z68xp-ud3 in a contest which will start my switch to intel cpus(looking to get a i7 2600k once I have money) and such. My question is what is the different between the ga-z68xp-ud3 and ga-z68xp-ud3p. They look exactly the same aside from colors and heat sinks. I heard the ga-z68xp-ud3p overclocks better but I haven't really heard anything else. If anyone has this board and lets me know their opinions that would be great. Thanks Edit: Also with the mSata port I know you only can use that with intel SRT. Does that work with all your other drives that are plugged in or can you assign what you want it to cache? e.x my 1TB Data Drive since I already have a ssd as a boot drive.
  12. If you have tried many different keyboards and you have a PS2 port on your motherboard try and use a PS2 keyboard. Sometimes depending on stability PS2 keyboards work when USB ones do not.
  13. I liked the Dev preview better. Had a start menu, the shut down button was easy to get to which now you have to log out then shut down. It seems a little bit slower as well. Now it is even more blah to try and use it without a touch screen. Microsoft better think of things with non-touch based computers because touch screens are still expensive and most people will not buy one just to upgrade windows.
  14. I have a Gigabyte Z68(not sure which one) at my house which I will be at this weekend which I could test and see what happens. I am sure someone else would get to it before me though.
  15. Well you can just ask them for a modem and not a modem/router combo. I have TWC and only have the modem and make sure they only give me the modem when I upgrade to the new ones.
  16. With 2 570's a 9800 for physics can actually slow down the graphics data. Since you have two really powerful gpus they would have to wait for the 9800 to "Catch up". You can go ahead and try and run some tests but you will more then likely cause a bottleneck
  17. The sata cords could be bad. This is very rare but it does happen. If I were you just to rule out the cords buy new ones. If the cords aren't a issue then you have extras
  18. You can leave it on. It is the same as leaving your computer on. Of coarse leaving it on 24/7 may or may not make its life shorter then usual but you run the same risk with leaving your pc on 24/7. So just treat the drive the same as you treat your pc.
  19. rmb938

    EVE Online

    I play on and off. It takes a while to do things so I personally get bored quickly lol
  20. Well I have seen videos of people using 48GB+ on x58 even though it says it is not supported. Video:
  21. rmb938


    I still have my account from 2004. I don't play now though. It gets very boring and repetitive after a while.
  22. some ISP limit P2P programs like bit torrent and such. Have you tried and other P2P programs that you can measure speeds with?
  23. Alright so take out the cards clear the cmos put them back in and turn on the pc correct? Edit: Just tried it and didn't work.
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