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  1. I might be wrong but I think screen tearing happens when your framerate is lower than your monitors refresh rate, not higher. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. also, first post in months !
  2. well yeah, of course. That isn't the original link, that's what the address changes to randomly for some reason. It happens to any site at any time, that was just an example I copypasta'd I've tried different DNS servers, doesn't help. Ran malwarebytes and those other programs listed but they never helped.
  3. Ok I had my internet installed earlier this month and it hasn't ever worked correctly, they had to replace the modem which fixed the major problems, but It's still not right and I believe it has to do with my PC not something on my ISP's end because everything works fine on the other PC's in the house. Every few minutes pages will stop loading and I'll have to refresh a few times for it to work correctly. Here's an example of an error I get, this shows in the Address Bar with a blank screen page or a "no data received" message. Refreshing doesn't fix this one it just gives me a 404 "http:// hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/c/c2/" Obviously the above is different depending on what site i'm on, but the "hostipAddr=, svrDown&blockedURL, stuff like that is always included in the error. Other times the correct URL will show but i'll still get a "no data received' message, refreshing a few times fixes it. Other times the correct URL will show but I'll get a "This Webpage is not available" message, refreshing fixes. Speedtest results are fine http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3717741400 especially considering I'm only paying for 50/5 I've tried releasing, renewing ipconfig I've tried a different DNS server I've tried installing new wireless drivers If this only affected my browsing it wouldn't be a huge deal, but this is preventing me from playing Dota2 because for whatever reason I just constantly rubber band every other match I just know absolutely nothing about networking/internet and I hope y'all can help me out. edit: Also I just realized I haven't posted here in FOREVER, brings back a lot of memories haha
  4. Totally fine with the delay. Giving these guys more time with the game can only be a good thing. There are plenty of other games to play, I can wait for perfection.
  5. Power Supply, so underrated it isn't even on the list despite being a crucial component
  6. I hate Origin I hate EA but they have my favorite FPS franchise so it's kind of a must. I don't hate it enough to where I'll boycott battlefield. I really just wish they were on Steam as well, I like all my games in one place. Although I don't ever even open the origin client since I launch BF4 from Battlelog. Really it's not a huge deal I just wish it didn't exist
  7. hey guys don't worry, you're not missing anything lol
  8. _TheAlexO

    Mincraft x.0

    I like to play obsessively for a month then take 3 months off. Love FTB though, so much stuff to do it's impossible to be bored
  9. Ditched Samsung in favor of Motorola (a google company), got 4.4 kitkat before some Nexus devices, gotta love that!
  10. Maybe.. maybe you should check out the emergency room or something.
  11. Glad T0asty sent this to me earlier. Haven't stopped watching it for 8 hours
  12. I think Flat Tire is the only actual micro brew there. By Flat Tire do you all mean Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewery? That's some good stuff right there, had a few last night actually
  13. and as long as it's public, it'll be populated. Just have OCC member reserved slots or whatever
  14. whoa can't believe this thread is on the front page right now haha awesome Hey I'm down if someone wants to stream!
  15. Yeah I'm on latest drivers and punkbuster is updated. Actually only crashed once since I re-installed the game
  16. Game is unplayable for me at the moment. Crash every other game. Doesn't save stats like BF3 did Hoping for a fix soon
  17. Played a few rounds, waiting for some other people to download it before I play more. Liking it so far
  18. What if you're on a long flight...still gonna have your play music and added battery life then?? I'm just a fan of local file storage and high battery capacity, as well as product functionality/connectivity. I don't know why Google of all people would spec their Nexus line to be so Apple by limiting them so much (only 16GB storage, LOL!)] I have been on a plane one time in my life, so if I'm ever on a long flight again I'll just have to deal with it when that time comes lol not a big deal to me. But like I said, these are downsides but not dealbreakers (for me). anyways, sorry for hijacking your thread Pteroduck, back on topic.
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