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  1. Cool great read! I think it's a neat thing to keep using a case over and over, I still have the same case in my pic, 3 system builds later.
  2. Black64

    AMD Potentially Readying Another Polaris GPU

    Nvidia really needs some competition, these $1000+ GPUs need to go.
  3. Well I can't afford to buy a new GPU, we have reached over the thousand $ mark here. Also hello, everyone! Been about a year since I've been back. Been mostly on Reddit, Lol.
  4. Black64

    I have returned from the depths!

    Welcome back, I am also returning as well!
  5. Black64

    Star Wars Battlefront II

    When it goes on sale for $15, then I will take it.
  6. Been holding off on my upgrade for this, I think I will pick up a 1700 (no x)
  7. Black64

    Hello - wanting to overclock a new build

    Welcome, sorry I can't help with that OC!
  8. Black64

    No Man's Sky

    Delayed for the PC version until the 12th, still pre-ordered for steam. Also the patch notes are insane! so much new content! And it's crazy! I posted on this thread over 2 years ago and the game is finally coming out!
  9. What an amazing time to be alive!!!!
  10. Oh god, the VR madness has begun...
  11. It's silly to me, I still have a GTX 980 and have yet to see any FPS drops in any current game at my res (2560x1080), setting everything to max settings.