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    Intel 3570K @ 4.6ghz, 7970 @ 1.125ghz, 8gb Kingston blu @ stock speeds

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    My gorgeous better half, our race bikes and gym!


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  1. mattyamdfanboi


    Better than my net.. I got 13mbps lol just 30 short of you!
  2. mattyamdfanboi

    2x Sapphire R9 270x's for sale

    Willing to ship to aus?? I could have a buyer fairly quickly for you for at least one card if not both
  3. mattyamdfanboi

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    so... I bought a ducati.. lol
  4. mattyamdfanboi

    What did you get for Christmas?

    4wd on the wrong side of the road around a blind left hander corner in the hills.. head on collision.. not so pleasant haha
  5. mattyamdfanboi

    i5 3570k lifespan

    man I cant even get mine stable at 4.8 @ 1.4v :/ but it runs just fine at 4.7 @ 1.31v haha what the hell is this thing doing!
  6. mattyamdfanboi

    Just started folding again

    mine wouldn't start either till I put it to "full" load on the slider.. so try that!
  7. mattyamdfanboi

    What did you get for Christmas?

    $300, 3 pairs of runners, a HR monitor (for training and clients) and a broken heart. Also wrote my bike off, spent a week in hospital, was killed instantly and then revived.. ive had a great holiday! If only the driver didn't know CPR..
  8. mattyamdfanboi

    the Fitness Thread

    Sorry for the late reply speed haha ive been away.. busy with business and life in general haha also signed up for a PT course so ill be a trainer in no time :-) Christmas was fairly shit as per usual.. nothing new there.. NYE will be just as shit.. I hope yours is wayyyyyyyyy better dude! Happy new year mate :-)
  9. mattyamdfanboi

    R9 270x crossfire with 7970?

    Couldve sworn the 290 was a rebadged 7970.. not a 280.. could be mistaken though
  10. mattyamdfanboi

    Sure got quiet in here again

    haha yeah its been great folding again Smashing through it too.. Shouldn't be too long before I catch Camaro
  11. mattyamdfanboi

    Sure got quiet in here again

    Haha! jerk! my spelling was always top notch.. wasn't it? haha im going to catch up to you! and then im going to leave you in the DUST!
  12. mattyamdfanboi

    Sure got quiet in here again

    hahah yeah ive noticed!! all good, im on to it! :-P btw hows everyone been?? its been such a long time!
  13. mattyamdfanboi

    the Fitness Thread

    I cycle 12kms 7 days a week, swim 2 days a week, gym 5 nights a week :-)
  14. mattyamdfanboi

    Sure got quiet in here again

    im folding once again.. watch this space ;-)
  15. mattyamdfanboi

    World Recond Score on HWBot

    That's wicked dude!