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  1. Noob question.. What is GG I am no fan of him cycling the drives from one location to the other. Anyone heard of Paragon? Think he was referring to my comments. GG= Greengiant.
  2. The big thing for me was growing up I didn't have the latest and greatest hardware/systems to game on. So games like Starcraft were the only games that would run on my PC, add a 56k modem and well... The biggest thing that disappoints me about newer games is how short they are. I can easily finish a campaign of one game in 3-6 hours. The games I grew up with generally seemed harder, and well longer. These days with the multi-million dollar budgets a lot of games are put on strict development timetables, and I think they sacrifice gameplay, story, and length of game for shiny graphics.. I haven't played a game in sometime that has absolutely wowed me and kept me entertained for more than a couple hours lately. I think the last games were Skyrim and the original Dragon Age Origins, those games I spent anywhere from 50-100 hours in them, well worth the $50...
  3. OS X is Unix based, so you can utilize the terminal to move your way around the directories. A simple "cp -r /Users/*username* /Volumes/*ExHDD*" would copy the entire user directory to an external hard drive. On a Mac generally any user documents and settings are stored in the Users directory (ex: /Users/greengiant/) Love it or hate it OS X is designed brilliantly, you only have a few major moving parts. The System (which is the OS), the library (items that support the system, and applications), Users directories (all user account data), and Applications (any installed applications). Makes things super nice for troubleshooting issues. Lets say there is an OS issue that won't let my computer boot correctly. Don't need to reinstall the whole OS and loose all my data, all I really need to do is maybe replace the System, which is the OS while preserving my user data.
  4. I am assuming since there has been liquid damage to the logic board, that it does not power on. If by chance it does you can utilize target disk mode to get the data off. It essentially makes the entire computer one big external hard drive. https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19021?locale=en_US
  5. So he is running separate servers for each office, instead of having a central server that is utilized for all locations? Ideally it would be easier for him to have 1 server, and have that hosted at a single location and through a VPN link connect all locations. I have had clients in the past with multiple small offices, some healthcare related. What we would often do is use a small appliance like a Cisco ASA5500 to establish a VPN link to the primary location. Is this data medical records/data? If it is medical data, you have to be careful, there is federal laws protecting such data (HIPAA), so things like retention of records, and record security are a must. He should not be storing this on a hard drive he carries around with him. I would NOT use any public cloud storage solution with anything related to health data. I personally would focus on a central server, setting up a connected network between all locations, and have a raid based backup solution on that primary server. You can always use the other 3 servers as failover too, that way you are utilizing the hardware that has already been purchased.
  6. Wow thanks guys! I know I am not as active here anymore, but I still lurk around and read posts from time to time
  7. Anyone playing Destiny on PS4? I am looking for some groups to run the higher level stuff as I progress more. Almost hit 20, and would be interested in running strikes and raids once I get the gear! If anyone is ever up for something hit me up on PSN greengiant912
  8. I honestly wouldn't get too upset about the issues with folks not receiving PC keys. Its not a simple web form, when you are dealing with hundreds of thousand unique keys (if not more). Anyone could of had this problem, not just EA... From a development point would you rather have them developing systems to make sure you get the right key? Or maybe that one feature in the game? They fussed up to their mistake and did a fantastic job of giving options to resolve the issue, something they really didn't even need to do.
  9. One of the things to remember is that this is a beta stress test. So they are sending invites / switching to open beta in waves. So they don't hammer the servers right up front, they want to hammer them, but they want to do it in a manageable way so they can make changes as needed..
  10. ulgh really want a key... Still no email... I even signed up with every email address of mine. Edit I got a key!! w00t. This game is soooo awesome!
  11. If anyone gets a xbox one code and wont use it I will be more than happy to use it
  12. Ulgh I think my beta luck has run out. I really want to try this game out... Super excited about it... This game is the product of a team who isn't forced at gun point to only make Call of Duty games... So glad these guys are finally able to make a new IP.
  13. I'm going to play it for a bit, if it doesn't turn out to be huge, I figure not a big loss... My biggest fear is that its going to turn out to be another Old Republic... Also NDA is still in place to anyone who might be playing this weekend
  14. So... We all have tons of USB devices lying around that need to be charged. For me personally I have my iPhone, iPad, iPod, and then I have my console controllers. I have been looking around for quite awhile for a device that has multiple USB ports that can handle charging all my devices at once. The idea is to have it on my coffee table and then just be able to plug in my controllers or whenever they need a charge. If there was something that just could charge all my controllers I would be happy! It seems like generic USB hubs will not supply enough power to charge. I have tried charging my controllers via other options like my desktop and they will power on but don't charge... Anyone got any ideas?
  15. The games I pick are games that really got me into gaming in the first place. I myself enjoy playing games regardless of if they are on a PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, or console. I enjoy great games. Some of my favorite are not even PC games. Top Games: Starcraft - This is the game that brought me to PC gaming. Surprisingly my dad brought home this game looking for a awesome science fiction game to play. Little did he know that I would become hooked to this game. I used to dial up to battle.net every afternoon after school to play some Big Game Hunters, or explore custom maps. I even created a few maps of my own using the map editor. One that I was very proud of was based on Star Trek, it utilized the full power of the editor with triggers and what not. It was pretty awesome, only was able to play test it a few times... Goldeneye N64 - This game really brought me into the whole multiplayer shooter scene. I remember that I would have my friends come over after school to play this game for hours. Then we discovered what fun we could have with cheats. We were doing a lot of the stuff you see posted on youtube these days before there was a youtube. Lots of fun with unlimited ammo turned on and mines Battlefield 1942 - This is the game that brought me back to PC gaming, rather it forced me to finally get involved with building computers, as my computer at the time could really only play Starcraft (thus why I played soo much starcraft lol). In high school a group of us got together and discovered this game, which required a somewhat decent computer (my pentium 133mhz and like 64mb of ram just wasn't going to cut it). So I taught myself to build a new computer, this was pre high school job, so I really didn't have much money just what I got from my birthdays and christmas. It was enough though to purchase a new mobo, ram, and processor. I figured I could just use my old case, power supply, disks, etc... Well I soon learnt about the different form factors lol.. Luckily though I got a deal from the guy at the local computer store after I told him I spent almost all my money on those parts. He was luckily kind enough to help a young kid building his first computer! I finally was up and running, and able to play Battlefield 1942/DC although not super ideal. A few years later after I got my first job, I stumbled across this community and with the help here I had my first true gaming PC! World of Warcraft - This is a tough one to list. It is a favorite of mine I guess because I have enjoyed playing it for 11 years... To think 11 years on one game! Granted I've played on and off during that period but still... I remember getting hooked on it at the local LAN center I used to work at. Everyone else was playing it and well so I had to try it. I got into the beta with a few friends and the rest is history. 11 years, 5 Blizzcons, and countless friends made. There is no other game that has really been around that has done what WoW has done. I have lost friends, I have gained and found out who my true friends are because of this game. Maybe its time to move on, but frankly I enjoy being able to just login here and there and get lost in Azeroth. I don't play nearly as much as I used to. I used to raid 40 hours a week, and play an additional 40 just to prepare for those raids. There are countless others, those are just the few that have really stuck with me over the years...
  16. I think the game will be awesome there is no doubt about that. But after The Old Republic not living up to end game expectations I am a little worried that this game wont either... The Old Republic is an amazing game, but it just got old, fast... There really wasn't anything to keep you in the game. I think ESO is going to end up the same way... It will be awesome at first but nobody wants to keep playing MMOs anymore...
  17. The only supported way to get music on an iPod is with iTunes. In terms of importing your CDs iTunes makes it super easy... When working with older generations I think most forget that we need to be a little more patient with them. I know I hate teaching my folks how to do stuff because I feel like they aren't taking in what I tell them, thus they get intimidated by the technology... I always say don't be afraid, you can't break it. If you do well there is tons of resources out there . My mother got an iPad for Christmas and I have challenged her to learn herself. I gave her the basics and some great resources... That old proverb goes, "give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime."' Lead to the solution , not just dictate. You will be surprised how fast people learn, rather then just giving them the solutions.
  18. Congrats to all the winners and Merry Christmas!
  19. Wasteland is a game that I backed on kickstarted. I dropped a fair amount of $$ on it Its in beta right now for backers I have yet to even try it out since I have been super busy as of late... Its something I will hopefully try next week when I have some time off.
  20. greengiant912


    I have been playing it for awhile now. The game really shines in the easy of being able to pick up. I was never really into CTG games, but this game is really easy to pick up. I think also when Blizzard releases it on mobile devices its going to be awesome. Just being able to jump into a game on your tablet or smart phone when your bored is going to be awesome. Most games last like 5-10 minutes...
  21. So Recently I picked up both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and I must say that I am a little under-whelmed by this new generation. I have never been a super early adopter to consoles, I generally wait a bit to buy them. The reason why I jumped in this time was because there were a few games that looked to be amazing on next gen, partially Watch Dogs, which ended up getting delayed. The two games I played were Assassins Creed 4 (PS4), and Ryse Son of Rome (Xbox One). Both games were decent (AC left me wanting more as usual...) and Ryse while it had some pretty nifty combat mechanics was just essentially a game version of the movie Gladiator, the story seemed super familiar. There are games coming that looks pretty awesome too The Order: 1886, and of course the untethered creative minds the fled the Activision regime and formed Respawn entertainment, Titanfall looks amazing. Not to mention Destiny seems to be bringing the awesome aspects of MMO's into a more refined and condensed game. The multiplayer aspect seems pretty cool, being able to just jump into public events seamlessly. The consoles themselves are pretty nice overall, the controllers both respectively feel nice. However my one complaint about the PS4 controller is the battery life, it sucks... On the other side with Xbox One, Microsoft is still using this ancient technology called AA batteries... When I saw that I honestly thought it was a mistake... It is 2013, most consumer electronics come with some sort of Lithium Ion battery that is rechargeable... I wanted to call Microsoft and ask them if they were going to supply me with AA batteries, because after a day of playing on the console they were pretty much dead. Who the heck has these things around anymore? The only place I have some are in my TV remotes... Luckily they do make a rechargeable kit that will set you back about $25... I just find it a bit odd that the next generation uses a technology that has been around decades... In terms of functionality they both have their pros and cons. The PS4 has livestreaming to twitch and ustream from day one which is pretty awesome. However the Xbox One's goal to be the center of your media center is kinda working.... Xbox One comes with the ability to input an HDMI signal to the console. This is pretty awesome since you can hook your cable box up to it, setup did take a few minutes but overall it works pretty good. Tons of features are let to be left desired however. The IR blaster in the kinect sensor dose a great job of bouncing the proper remote signals to my cable box, but other things like my receiver don't work to well yet. I hope in time MS works this out and finds new ways to expand upon this technology. I honestly feel that Microsoft might have something with the "Media Hub" idea, and frankly I have been saying this for years, but they should honestly just focus on Xbox... Scrap the stupid Surface which nobody really likes, and stick with Xbox... Just my opinion as it turns out. Anyways I am curious to see if anyone else picked up the latest and greatest in the gaming world, and what games have you purchased? I am likely going to pickup Killzone for the PS4 next, and am looking for a game to pick up on Xbox...
  22. Haven't been around much this year with the new job and all (gotta be super careful about what I post these days o.O), but I plan on getting back to the gaming section as I used to . Hope everyone had a great year and hope everyone's holiday season will be uber 1337! Good luck to all that entered!
  23. Which is why I posted it haha j/k Honestly its nice to see the show go on its own accord. I always like it when a show knows that they are running out of steam. It shows you that they really care about it, and that they don't want to keep producing it to milk it (cough simpsons cough)...
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