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    CPU: i7-6950x
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  1. Hyper

    Processing Power of Today

    I hear you, I have less systems folding (only 2 and one of them only generates about 300k) and 10x the points I did back in the day.
  2. Hyper


    might be all the internet security we have at work...
  3. Hyper


    When I do that search I see several (not all items) "Unable to decode output address" listed.. looks like I may not have something set up correctly...
  4. you could use the flexable sli bridges. mount one card normal and one horizontal with the top of the cards close enough to attach the bridge...
  5. Hyper

    hard drive help............

    sorry to hear that, I wouldn't waste money on a lottery ticket right now though...
  6. Hyper


    of course the day I set the flag's is the lowest I've seen since I fired up the two 1080ti's.. will how it goes over the next few day's
  7. Hyper


    haven't set any flags myself yet.. though I do need to set the 100% one.. I saw one waiting to start while it was still finishing up one the other day.
  8. Hyper


    hmm, sounds like they let their quality slip or are the other manufacturers having similar fall out?
  9. Hyper


    Got my 2 new 1080ti's running last night. So far so good..
  10. Hyper


    I tend to favor EVGA cards, not really sure why but I think in the past I've had the best luck with them.
  11. Hyper


    I stopped WC GPU's a while back, too much expense for gain... and they generally only work on one type of card.. If I upgrade the gfx card.. means buying a new block.. unlike CPU's..
  12. Hyper

    GPU Overheats

    Possibly NIC adaptor/divers or memory PSU is still suspect though
  13. Hyper


    this one looks decent... 1080ti
  14. Hyper


    Danm you! How will I ever pass your 1 billion points and be number 1... Lol guess you need to order two more ... Cant wait till winter to crank everything up should be over 8 mil per day It's been way too hot here to run everything... though I have been thinking about replacing my 1060's folding in the back room with 1080ti's on that note, is there any particular brand or card I should look for or all all the 1080ti's pretty much the same
  15. Hyper

    ASUS Targeting Miners With Upcoming GPUs

    I wonder if I can just re-tune one of my 1060 6g cards to get similar results? (without cutting off the display ports lol)