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  1. bishop245

    Rate my new build

    Some of the other old farts are still here too
  2. bishop245

    Rate my new build

    Good to see ya back. While I am not up on the AMD stuff like I used to be, it loos like a good build to me.
  3. bishop245

    need a pic resized for FB round photo

    i will have her give it a try tomorrow thanks.
  4. bishop245

    need a pic resized for FB round photo

    it cuts the name i can only get rawberry fiel lol
  5. My wife is setting up a Facebook page for her company. and the round image is where she wants the sign out front to be. I really wish I was still remotely smart about computers and photos but alas I am at a loss. Please help the local idiot Thank you.
  6. bishop245


    Yup specs help a lot. Oh and Welcome to OCC
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New year all
  8. Very nice job on the mod project and the pumpkins.
  9. bishop245

    Dell Vostro 400 case mod

    The red leds really look good with you theme congrats
  10. bishop245

    Fractal Design Vector RS Reviewed

    Nice review to bad I got married now I dont have the money to buy new stuff like i used too lol
  11. bishop245

    Elise will live again

    Well it ran the whole time we were gone folding for me and it even bit my wife once before we left when she got to close to a fan
  12. bishop245

    Goodwill monitor find

    Maybe a pissed off parent like mself that wants to take the samsung curved monitor from my son then place the playstation under the front tire of my 3/4 ton ram I am driving and say watch this to him as his ps slim gets real thin
  13. bishop245

    Elise will live again

    yup I have been really stressed lately with my upcoming vacation with my family to DC and so getting it up and running last night was great as I was able to game for about 30 minutes but as soon as i get back from vacation i will really start working to get it running properly and back to folding Thanks again RHK you were a big help to me I am just to far outta the loop now since I have so much more to think about having a family but I wouldnt change it for the world either
  14. bishop245

    Elise will live again

    new M.2 drive I am using Elise to type this now still haven't activated windows yet but that will be a fone call I am sure glad to have it back up and running though I rave run into so memory issues I havent sorted out yet but seem to work pretty good for my tired eyes tonight
  15. bishop245

    Elise will live again

    On day 3 of the install it at Getting files ready @ 97% I hope it finishes this part tonight I may have to retry the install via usb drive if this takes all day tomorrow I am getting pissed as I want to install my other gpu and my other 2 sticks of ram and maybe I should have already installed them but I was trying to diagnose my usb problems so I took stuff to almost the bare minimum and now I want it all back in but figured I could wait till I had winblows installed