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  1. I will admit I have had alot going on the last 4 or so years building a house getting married losing 6 family members across 1.5 years from everything from diabetes to old age and everything in between but thats life now I am on vacation in Ruidoso NM for a few days then going to Colorado springs for a few more then back to work
  2. I had a dual monitor mount I used with a plastic table for a while and I went to Lowe’s or Home Depot and got some wood flooring samples that worked great for me and a bit of fabric will keep away scratches
  3. I may have to look into this myself if I canget some of my loans paid off
  4. High Efficiency Image File Format per google lol I have had to deal with this format in the past I believe it is IOS based for Iphones and Ipads. I wish my desk would stay that clean
  5. There are still some of us around here. Welcome back.
  6. Make sure you speaker is selected as the primary output in the sound settings
  7. Some of us are still here Welcome back OC16
  8. Some of the other old farts are still here too
  9. Good to see ya back. While I am not up on the AMD stuff like I used to be, it loos like a good build to me.
  10. it cuts the name i can only get rawberry fiel lol
  11. My wife is setting up a Facebook page for her company. and the round image is where she wants the sign out front to be. I really wish I was still remotely smart about computers and photos but alas I am at a loss. Please help the local idiot Thank you.
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