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  1. Gasp, totally missed this album, thanks! According to iTunes, here's my most played... makes sense too so I can't argue with play numbers.
  2. Could you be referring to AUROS? Just a shot int he dark even though it's a bit late and you've already ordered
  3. In! Going to (try to) convert my gf from squishies to clickies! Miami, Florida
  4. Made it to the end... at 0:55 it kicks in and gets much better, dat meow at 2:30. KPop is still better though.
  5. Sweet! That is one heck of a piece of work right there. Safe to assume you're going to do the same thing myself and my better half are doing Sunday? ...Nothing but stare at the TV? You've got Monaco, Indy 500, Coca Cola 600, then all the coverage in between. Should be an excellent Sunday. Indy Lights was also quite interesting yesterday, I'm not usually one to overly indulge (nor is she) since it kinda makes us look like failures going through college while these 20-22 year olds are racing but still lol Which track is that btw? Just curious.
  6. Wouldn't the easiest route have been to build a Hackintosh? Regardless, have fun. My machine at work is a Mac and I absolutely hate everything about it. Actually I considered that, but seeing that I needed a new laptop anyways for Solidworks and MultiSIM... well it just seemed easier to buy a shiny fancy-pantsy Macbook gimmick and give it a whirl. Do schoolwork stuff and learn the OS at once. Of course my old laptop died a month out of warranty, mb went kaput, so I harvested it's innards and they went right into the MacBook. Free-ish ram upgrade and ssd lol. ITT...? Seems my brain is failing. In this thread? That's all I can guess Waco, run. He's giving Panda ideas!
  7. Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook. Need to learn the OS the easiest way possible, just jump right in. Quite liking it too :x
  8. Late post but whatever. Hung out with the gf all day (after we had our classes of course) and just enjoyed each other's company as we do everyday, had a nice dinner as well. Oh, and we went to see A Good Day to Die Hard. Both had a blast. Not going to lie, while being single had it's advantages, once you find someone that you just click with... there's no feeling like that in the world. Yeah it's a risk but hell, reward is worth it
  9. I learned how to shoot at the local-ish range with a Colt Huntsman .22. Granted, I didn't buy it, it is my father's piece but it's an excellent learning pistol, or so I think. It was enjoyable to use with targets.
  10. Guess I'll be the one to break the cat and dog train lol. Yay leopard geckos!
  11. Because Congress right now is a ridiculous joke of stupidity from both sides? Increasing the debt ceiling is a necessary evil imo, I just find it comical that now we have an issue with it, while under the previous presidency it was done 7 times without any public outrage. 18 under Reagan, and then it was considered necessary, but today it isn't? Yes debt is a problem, and we can't outspend it, it will always be there, but right now isn't exactly the time to put things on a stand still, my thoughts anyways. I'm also quite late in this thread so I'll just drop in one last nugget of comedy: We did, for 8 years. That turned out quite excellent did it not? edited for a typo.
  12. Another +1 for the Hyper 212+ Evo. Got it for my system as a temp before the D14 and it's extremely impressive. Not sure what kind of stuff CoolerMaster did with it as it looks like any other coolers out there, but it's an excellent performer.
  13. Probably got ticked off that they didn't let him implement a start menu
  14. I'm perfectly fine with Texas seceding, no harm there.. though lets at least let malmsteenisgod get out of there first, then it can secede. Though while we're at it, lets send Rick Scott to Texas for a permanent vacation, he'd fit right in...
  15. Ew. Great review as always Panda but eek. Different strokes for different folks I guess :|
  16. I'll do it as soon as my better half does... seeing as she never will, guess I'm out too
  17. Yup yup! lmao, you almost made me spit out some water on my keyboard. edit: It's a reference to that imbecile Richard Mourdock's rape comment.
  18. If anything, I'm more bothered by the fact they're testing the waters with the brony community while supplying generally sub-par peripherals (DA excluded). :|
  19. I am too. Hit 80 recently, 85% map completion (since I just refused to map out the home areas for each race). Now just farming for my exotic 80 armor set. Ectos, Gossamer and Vials of Powerful Blood just had to be expensive mats, so farming it is!
  20. It should be, the GPU:0:G92 is your card, and it is running. Most likely taking it's sweet time picking up a WU. For reference (or lulz) my 580 yesterday almost took 20 minutes to pickup a WU. Not sure why but meh.
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