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    Better than my net.. I got 13mbps lol just 30 short of you!
  2. Willing to ship to aus?? I could have a buyer fairly quickly for you for at least one card if not both
  3. 4wd on the wrong side of the road around a blind left hander corner in the hills.. head on collision.. not so pleasant haha
  4. man I cant even get mine stable at 4.8 @ 1.4v :/ but it runs just fine at 4.7 @ 1.31v haha what the hell is this thing doing!
  5. mine wouldn't start either till I put it to "full" load on the slider.. so try that!
  6. $300, 3 pairs of runners, a HR monitor (for training and clients) and a broken heart. Also wrote my bike off, spent a week in hospital, was killed instantly and then revived.. ive had a great holiday! If only the driver didn't know CPR..
  7. Sorry for the late reply speed haha ive been away.. busy with business and life in general haha also signed up for a PT course so ill be a trainer in no time :-) Christmas was fairly shit as per usual.. nothing new there.. NYE will be just as shit.. I hope yours is wayyyyyyyyy better dude! Happy new year mate :-)
  8. Couldve sworn the 290 was a rebadged 7970.. not a 280.. could be mistaken though
  9. haha yeah its been great folding again Smashing through it too.. Shouldn't be too long before I catch Camaro
  10. Haha! jerk! my spelling was always top notch.. wasn't it? haha im going to catch up to you! and then im going to leave you in the DUST!
  11. hahah yeah ive noticed!! all good, im on to it! :-P btw hows everyone been?? its been such a long time!
  12. I cycle 12kms 7 days a week, swim 2 days a week, gym 5 nights a week :-)
  13. im folding once again.. watch this space ;-)
  14. I haven't had any issues with either SLI or Crossfire really.. minimal issues anyway if its just a bridge, then just get another one?
  15. Why cant I reply to this dammit! it wont let me paste anything :-( I scored a 10379.. so much fail
  16. P9317 http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/6181247
  17. i beg to differ.. my 3570k @ 4.5ghz @ 1.25v runs at 58 degs under water.. im running the XSPC water loop system with the twin fans but extra thickness rad.. idles at around 30.. and thats at super hot temps.. i mean.. its been mid 30s deg c in melbourne for like a week now..
  18. i used the evga ages ago on my gtx 560.. didnt like it.. i prefered nvidia inspector.. much better and my fave for nvidia chipsets.. also used that on for my 580 sli setup.. too bad they dont make a AMD/ATi equiv..
  19. I officially just bought a Samsung AS850 24" (for my photography work), SSD Vertex 4 (so damn fast!), Plantronics 780 gamer headset (better than my previous cacharias from razer), and an insane 7970 from asus.. reference. but clocked at 1125/1575 (max sliders) without touching voltages.. Pretty happy with everything, and stoked with the vid card. its not far off my old gtx580 overclocked SLi setup.. and its just one card hahahah insane.. Oh and a 70-200mm f2.8 IS L MKii lens and a 135mm f2 L lens, bike tatt on my back.. santa was really nice this year hahaha
  20. i totally agree.. i game with those settings everyday for hours.. and i mean hours.. im on holidays from my real busy tradie life so getting a good 8hrs in dayz or bf3 isnt uncommon hahah well earned rest! i was surprised how easily it overclocked the extra 200mhz without any increase in voltages or loss of stability.. hasnt crashed once or even gone past 80c with the stock fan profiles.. i made my own profile coz i dont like to take risks at it sits around the 55-60c mark with fans hovering around 50% ive seen that i gotta use the older 12.8 drivers to have unlocked sliders but it runs great as is so i see no point going back just to push more.. maybe when we have our next oc comp to enter i will.. by then ill be sporting an intel system as well as this 3 year old @ 4ghz+ 1055t has starting taking its toll.. poor bugger.. hahah oh and my card is just the reference asus card lol
  21. 1134mhz with 1.263v? wth!? ive reached the limit on the slider at 1125/1575 and i didnt touch the voltages at all lol still a 1.112 wish i knew how to "unlock" the sliders so i could tap 1200 on the ass.. easy done for this card id say
  22. 7970 (same price as 670) is like having a 680 with a slight overclock.. id go for a 7950 3gb min for that res.. who wants to be limited by vram.. seriously.. the more the merrier and cheaper than nvidia and just as powerful in some cases and more in others..
  23. http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_192_score.php?id=102924 5386... so much for throttling down cards.. lol
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