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  1. 2019 has been overwhelming busy for us. So many new projects in the works, https://mnpctech.com/promote-game-release-gaming-computer-pc-giveaway.html
  2. I plan to get back on this Mad Max build, as it was supposed to replace my old shipping PC months ago Here's another chance to win a build of mine, just announced today by Cooler Master, https://landing.coolermaster.com/computex2019/campaign/
  3. Thanks for posts and tip I had paused progress on this build so i could get this metro exodus https://youtu.be/Mz6ozE1X62s?t=55 finished in time for their launch.
  4. LanParty! cool, made note to come back to that link, I'll be Working to get Ep5 finished after Xmas
  5. Thank you everyone for being patient! Here's Ep4 of my Retro PC Build Series, thats the FIRST wave of photo submissions, I will have more in next Ep!
  6. looking on ebay at 3dfx cards, BIN listings, which doesn't mean they will sell, but none the less, wishing I kept my voodoo 5 card.
  7. Great photos, Thank you! I'll have first wave of submitted photos on Monday, I've created Retro Gaming PC Video Playlist *People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.
  8. Awesome, Thank you rob! I've got your photo added, also, if you need anything else from https://www.mnpctech.com, Ive got voucher code MNFAN turned until Jan 1st, 2019 (15%off)
  9. Hey guys, I've started a Retro PC build series on my YT, here's ep 1 I'm planning 2 -3 more videos and asking for photos of your Gaming PC builds from 1995 - 2005. (for photo montage at end of video) I will include at least one of your photos posted here and credit your screen name in the video. Photos can be taken today, but All hardware must be from 1995 - 2005 era, including the case.
  10. My apologies for the lack of updates. I've had to start another project build for a client. Paying gigs keep the lights on, so Max will need to temporarily park the Falcon. I may bring it out and share a new update for mental break if time allows. I will be starting a worklog for this new build once the NDA is lifted, I think it will be a real spectacle once it's finished.
  11. Thank you bishop! Painted the engine and injector air scoop silver alum
  12. Ok, details are the fun part! Scoop done, Everything on the engine needs to be painted Dark Silver Aluminum
  13. I'm ditching the scoop on the scale V8 and making the Scott Superslot fuel injector scoop from Max's V8. I started by makingthe top and bottom portions from acrylic, but getting the 45 angle degree bend from acrylic is "challenging" without the acrylic warping. I ditched that idea and made another bottom half from 20 gauge sheet metal. Which reminded me I really need a new bending brake. The two pieces are joined together with Scotchweld DP-190 epoxy. I need to make the base next, and maybe add the fuel lines.
  14. I still need to take some photos of the workshop, but this is for whoever asked if I keep the factory fans I remove from cases... This is just personal inventory at the workshop
  15. yesterday, I found time to make mounting bracket from 20 gauge steel for the 80mm radiator
  16. I'm going to cut the top panel again and rotate the 80mm radiator 90 degrees, so the radiator is no longer protruding so high. I stumbled upon this hydraulic shock in my junk drawer and used it as support for the scale engine. I may replace it with something else if/when it feels right. btw, the supercharger in the movie could be turned on and off via an electrical switch, which isnt true in reality. They elevated the supercharger upon brackets over the engine with an electric motor, haha. The photo below illustrates the same electric supercharger setup as the movie.
  17. Thats a really awesome find Braegnok!! Black Ice 80mm Nemesis GTX allows options for different compression fittings, versus the pre-made ports. I've mounted the classic aluminum framed Evercool 80mm fan. I'll probably paint the fan dark grey.
  18. Thanks guys! Do you recall the Red pull switch on Max's stick shift for his Supercharger? I thought it would be fun to somehow implement it into my Mad Max tribute build. The switch is used in commercial vehicles for controlling a two-speed axle assembly. I found it on Ebay as Cole Hersee part number 50036-BX.
  19. To emulate the rear fuel tanks in Max's Ford Falcon XB, I'm using EK-RES X3 150mm reservoirs. btw, these photos are stills from video I'm making of the entire build, once it finished for my YT channel, https://www.youtube.com/user/MonsterMawd I'm wondering if I can use clips from the movie without audio in my video? no clue...
  20. That's location for the GPU with this do-it-yourself vertical mount. The final GPU will have water block. Next stage is modifying the top rear portion of the Enermax Equilence case to hold two water reservoirs to emulate the rear fuel tanks on the falcon XB.
  21. Back in workshop yesterday for progress on my Mad Max / Road Warrior / Fury Road tribute PC build. I've decided to locate the V8 to the top panel. I'm going to mock up a 120mm slim radiator to see how it looks in front of the V8 engine and bezel. Hmm, on 2nd thought, maybe a 80mm radiator would be better scale? I still need to fabricate the proper diamond blower for the engine. The Enermax Equilence case lacks a vertical GPU mount, so I've modified the chassis for this compact ITX/MATX vertical GPU bracket, goo.gl/XGejK1 It's mounted on aluminum diamond plate, painted matte black.
  22. Thank you! If anyone's interested, my DIY guide on using hole saw to improve airflow in a plastic PC bezel, I cut this opening in the Equilence bezel with a Jigsaw.
  23. Welcome! Thanks for checking out my tribute to Mad Max & his Interceptor build log. This is one of my Bucket list theme PC builds. My mother brought me to the premiere of The Road Warrior movie and I've been fan of this world ever since. This will be a modified desktop PC with liquid cooling. Inspired by visual elements of Max's Interceptor and the Mad Max World. ...and maybe Fury Road. There shall be rust and maybe even a Detonator attached to the PC? (lol). I'll be sharing highlights of it's progression stages, including video clip links as I move along in this thread. I have a basic idea of what PC hardware components will occupy this mad max inspired PC (motherboard, CPU, DDR, GPU, SSD, PSU) The case is an Enermax Equlilence they donated to me last year. If you've followed my past personal builds, I like to find good deals on hardware whenever possible I do plan to fabricate the liquid cooling lines from 361 marine grade stainless tubing. No idea what brand of CPU & GPU water blocks, radiators and fittings I'll use yet. The case is the Enermax Equilence I was given. It sorta looks like a Fractal Case, but without any of the well thought out features. I apologize in advance if you're expecting me to pose a Mad Max action figure inside the case (haha). The Interceptor's V8 feels more appropriate. The scale Ford engine I'm using is by LIBERTY Classics, http://www.libertyclassics.com/ I've added motorized shaft to spin the supercharger belt, you can watch it here, https://twitter.com/Mnpctech/status/992023385818492928 I've modified the supercharger pulleys with larger plates to keep the belt from rolling off. I will be fabricating a new engine scoop to emulate Max's Scott Injector Scoop and painting everything dark grey.
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