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Cinebench R20 Results - Competition


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Well sense this benchmark just showed up I figured its time to get some scores in. 


As usual lets see how far we can push our systems to get to the top of the list. 


Screenshot of the Cinebench R20 and CPU-z are only requirements.


If you are like me and still running speedstep or cool and quiet then please note your System overclock or turn it off to show results. (bare in mind this is a casual thread so I will be casual with this rule) Gonna separate the results by Intel or AMD and if we grab enough results then I will go by socket or series of chip.


Download is free from the Microsoft store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/cinebench/9pgzkjc81q7j?activetab=pivot:overviewtab


Good luck and happy overclocking   :)


Ready, set, go. 


INTEL = Blue

AMD = Red


Breagnok: 10177CB - i9-7980XE @ 4.40 GHZ

Cjloki: 9306CB - Ryzen 9 3950X @ 3.70GHZ

Nyt (Nutrudder):  5245 - Core I9 9900K @ 5ghz 

Road-runner: 4979CB - I9-7900X @ 4.00 GHZ

Slick2500: 3584CB - I7 97000k @ 4.60 GHZ

CjLoki: 2720CB - i7 5930K @ 3.57 GHZ

That_Guy 2671CB - I5 8600 @ 4.7 GHz

Boinker: 2189CB - I7 3930k @ 4.20 GHZ

Spikesaprano: 1688CB - I7 2600k @ 4.500 GHZ

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Hope some older pc'sget in on this so I won't feel bad, lol ! Forgot to disable speed step so put in a pic of hw monitor.

2600k @ 4.5 w/16 gb of ram.  score 1688.


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I5 8600 @ 4.7 GHz

Added a zoomed-in scoreboard after I've realized that the original screenshot is unreadable (native resolution was 3440x1440)




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Looks interesting,   Prelim score is 3640 but I'm Teamviewered home to my computer and i know there is all sorts of background crap running right now, also hasn't been restarted in a long time.

But i7 8700k @ 5.1GHz 3640   so little update,  forgot i had my AVX offset put at 3 so while that CPU-z shows 5.1GHZ it actually ran at 4.8GHz.





So running with AVX turned off and a true 5.1Ghz i pulled a 3973




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On 3/12/2019 at 1:22 AM, Boinker said:

Updated in full. 


Where all the Cowtippers, I mean Threadrippers at?

I'm a bit late to the party, but how's this (and yes I know it's not threadripper but meh) 


That's not exactly maxed out, but close for this CPU/mobo/ram combo With 4.325 on one CCX and 4.2 on the other three.  It's on a X370 board, same one as the Ryzen 7 1700 in the list (it was @ 3.6).

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I recently upgraded from my 6 year old 4770k at 4.5Ghz and finally dialed in the clocks on my new 9900k - 5 GHz at 1.285v with LLC5 (AVX Offset 0).
Cache ratio is 47x, memory is the stock 3200MHz CL16 (wont overclock at all without Memtest errors unfortunately, even with looser timings as well as more system agent and DRAM voltage).

Cinebench 20 - Copy.PNG


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