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  1. slick2500

    COD Modern Wareare

    I did, I played the MP beta for a bit it was okay.
  2. slick2500


    Starting 2019-06-22 01:00 UTC, US customers will no longer be able to trade FLDC. Please refer to our support page for more information on what this might mean for you.. https://bittrex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360029029131
  3. slick2500

    Cinebench R20 Results - Competition

    Here's mine at stock settings.
  4. slick2500


    I did not last pay on 2019/02/03 09:13:45 AM -06:00 edit looks like 2 more days we will https://foldingcoin.net/ Hmm weird. They must have changed the day.
  5. slick2500


    Did anyone else not get paid for February?
  6. slick2500

    Slicks i7 build

    I want to say yes.
  7. slick2500

    Slicks i7 build

    Okay now I'm not sure what is going with it, the fans keep randomly stopping, starting and sometimes spin backwards at a few rpms a minute.
  8. slick2500

    Slicks i7 build

    So one of my fans has been doing this randomly since day 1 it's the fan on the right, I should probably contact Cooler Master.......
  9. slick2500

    Slicks i7 build

    So far these are a few of my thoughts and views on this case. From the factory the stock front fans are on the outside of the case, with less than 1/2" of space between the fans and the front of the case, so I moved them to the inside of the front of the case and they pull in plenty of air this way. The leds in the fans are super bright and there is no way to turn the brightness down on them, you can only cycle through the colors or shut them off. I might break down and buy some fans that don't have a proprietary connector for the leds. Getting the side panels back on this is sort of a pain you have to start with the front panel off, and if you don't wear gloves you get finger prints all over the glass. It came with these cool little plugs that go in the front usb and mic.headphone jacks. This is after 3 days of running [email protected] Ambient temp in the room is about 20*c
  10. I played it, it's been so long since I played the original I need to do some back to back runs to see if I notice any difference.
  11. I was looking for my Quake 2 cd then realized I don't have a disk drive anymore Then I remembered I have Quake 2 on Steam.
  12. slick2500


    Um not sure how I posted that twice.
  13. I have this as well, I also like it.
  14. slick2500


    My Linksys WRT54G worked great for almost 10 years, I had modded firmware on it, bricked it and unbricked it twice. And my Linksys WRT1200AC has been treating me well for the past 3 years.
  15. slick2500


    Is it supposed to be that slow?