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  1. You overclocked it so high that the system cant tell anymore. Congratulation. Steller results dude. I look forward to seeing more. I am however curious about the longevity of the AMD Ryzen series. I only get to upgrade once every 5-10 years so I am hard pressed to try AMD out a second...third... time.
  2. Boinker

    Dell Vostro 400 case mod

    Nice job there. Looks and function, that case is Born again.
  3. Boinker

    New Stability tester found.

    So I installed and opened up the Epic games launcher today. Shortly after this I noticed my fans are ramping up. With a quick check I noticed that the Epic Games launcher, while open on the desktop, was ramping things up to 95-100% load. Not that this is a new thing. Apparently this has been going on sense Epic games launcher 2.90 So fun fact. Want a light stability tester? Install the epic games launcher and leave it open on the desktop. Works great.
  4. Boinker

    New Stability tester found.

    Funny enough After boot this evening its not doing it anymore. Thanks for the replies gents. This was really just as funny as it was strange to me.
  5. Boinker

    1500x out 3700x in to b450m.

    I know this is from the 5th of September, However something should be said. Well, If you are unsure about the thermal pad then it would be best to switch over to Paste tim, Thermal Grizzly seems to be at the top of the food chain at this time. I would not use the liquid metal. Spring for the Kryonaut instead. So far as lowering then temps even more you can attempt to track and lower your CPU voltage and run stability tests to verify it. That has worked in ITX builds that optima tech has done recently, as well with video cards to keep things under control in a sub 15 liter case. Airflow restriction....... NEVER, haha. Lastly, Take out your CPU and carefully attempt to spin it on a glass or wood surface. if the thing grinds to a halt, it is likely flat enough, check it with a razor blade. If it spins like a top your IHS is convex. Might entertain some lapping at that point. That should give you some improvement. Other then that what it seems with the AMD systems is 4.20 4.30 seems to be about the limit. But heck, Maybe a few tweaks is all it needs to get the temps under control and maybe another 100-200 MHZ, Give it a shot if you are up to.
  6. Thank you for sharing. That is an Epic ITX custom build.
  7. Boinker

    New 4K HDR Gaming Rig

    That is a lot of power in one box. Bet the experience is epic.... To say the least. Nice build Braegnok.
  8. Well sense this benchmark just showed up I figured its time to get some scores in. As usual lets see how far we can push our systems to get to the top of the list. Screenshot of the Cinebench R20 and CPU-z are only requirements. If you are like me and still running speedstep or cool and quiet then please note your System overclock or turn it off to show results. (bare in mind this is a casual thread so I will be casual with this rule) Gonna separate the results by Intel or AMD and if we grab enough results then I will go by socket or series of chip. Download is free from the Microsoft store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/cinebench/9pgzkjc81q7j?activetab=pivot:overviewtab Good luck and happy overclocking Ready, set, go. INTEL = Blue AMD = Red Breagnok: 10177CB - i9-7980XE @ 4.40 GHZ Road-runner: 4979CB - I9-7900X @ 4.00 GHZ Slick2500: 3584CB - I7 97000k @ 4.60 GHZ CjLoki: 2720CB - i7 5930K @ 3.57 GHZ That_Guy 2671CB - I5 8600 @ 4.7 GHz Boinker: 2189CB - I7 3930k @ 4.20 GHZ Spikesaprano: 1688CB - I7 2600k @ 4.500 GHZ
  9. Boinker

    ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT Reviewed

    It seems that the manufactures are all doing a cost cutting measure. One example is the MSI RX 5700xt was reviewed by another outlet and they showed how the thermal paste job was sub par and thermal pads used only covered 1/3 to 1/2 of the memory modules to interface with the heat spreader. Which they choked it up to being a Money saving measured as in not wanting to retool. I am not sure the accuracy, they also made it clear that it was speculation. I got a speculation for yah guys. If you want to compete in the market. Its gotta be able to OC. I could oc a freaking GTX 480 and that in 2 way SLI on air with the reference model cooler. And now this one wont OC because it cant handle the heat...... No excuses, That's just poor manufacturing. But if you are not going to OC or anything then you will be peachy. A friend of mine just got one of these by my suggestion based on the best BANG for buck. He is super stoked. But in the same right I would not be pleased at all.
  10. Boinker

    ASUS Radeon RX 5700 XT Reviewed

    Thank you for the review IR_Cow. The content is much appreciated. Its a shame the stock cooler does note perform well. :-(
  11. Thanks you for the review IR_Cow. I enjoyed the content.
  12. Boinker


    started with no card. now we have functioning card. SUCCESS!!!!
  13. Boinker


    there is solder everywhere. Honestly I if the card still works then I would find out a way to power the fans externally until it can be replaced. Or if its under warranty please RMA it.
  14. Well with 115X and several others I guess this could present quite the issue. However for me I have only ran Processor coolers that either A have a special backplate you install once and then use another set of bolts to install with spring tension. Or I have simply enjoyed socket 2011 that has 4 tapped holes right on the Ziff and hold down assembly. no mobo bending, no BS, screw and go. After that I do not want to talk about amd and their plastic whatever its suppose to be.
  15. Boinker

    Elise will live again

    That's to funny bishop.
  16. Boinker

    Elise will live again

    Hey Bishop. How is the new system coming along?? Been a while sense the last update.
  17. Well better late then never.... Wait it ain't here yet. Delt with this on Mechwarrior online. Phirana games then they turned around and forced the game I was playing, Mechwarrior living legends, to halt any further development. Been butthurt ever sense, However it is nice to see Mechwarrior continued.
  18. Honestly I wonder what board Vlados has this system fitted to? @RHKCommander959 Wasn't the 4770K the heavy hitter for DT back then? `
  19. Yeah, That is true... BUT, https://www.kitguru.net/components/cpu/damien-cox/intel-core-i9-9900k-overclocked-to-7-6ghz-on-all-cores/ Edit: I know its only an eight core but its still impressive.
  20. Boinker

    Mowing on a hillside

    Cheapest option by far. I checked the prices on those Radio controlled lawn mowers. 3800 bare min. and I doubt that comes with the controller.
  21. Yeah that would be sweet but an LN2 bench does not quantify real world performance. That is an awesome suicide shot but I am still ever skeptical IF AMD actually is worth the hype this time. Hell I am still in the 32nm stone age here and happy with it to a degree. While AMD is considerably cheaper will it hold up to the test of time. And in 6 months after AMD does this release is intel gonna pull a hat trick and release their modern day lga775 q6600 or the lga1366 920 and bury AMD for another 5 years min? Just my 2 cents. not trying to bash.
  22. Boinker

    Elise will live again

    Gratz dude. I got really happy for you when I saw this. GAME ON BISHOP!!!!!!
  23. Boinker

    Budget Build

    looking at the current events what about the Ryzen 5 2000 series. Couple it with a compatable asrock or your favorite flavor of board and that should be good to go?
  24. 5.45 @ 1.77 volts for a 7nm processor. I have questions...... MANY questions.