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  1. I ran a i7 950 on a Asus rampage 3 extreme board for years, they are rather hard to find and pretty pricey. Ran my 950 at 4.5Ghz year round and during winter was able to hit 4.9GHz for benchmarks. Ran it for a few years then put it on the shelf for 2-3 years. Once i put back in service i replaced it with a X5690 but could only get my ram to run at 1333Mhz instead of 1600MHz, i was also only able to hit 4.0GHz on it but i didnt expect more since i moved for a 4 core 8 thread to a 6 core 12 thread. I them moved to a i7 980x which allowed me to get my ram speed back up and it also OC'd to 4.2GHz. A quick ebay search for Asus x58 boards is showing around $150 and up for a used one. At that point you could pick one of these up. I have one as my home server with a LSI megaraid 16 card. The only issue is there is not storage space inside that case, I 3d printed my own drive rack and just have the drives sitting on a shelf in my server rack. You can also pick up a used LSI megaraid 8 port card for around $30 and attach 8 drives. I picked on up to run a 4x6tb raid 5 and 4x256 ssd raid 0 as a scratch drive in my home computer.
  2. GPU support Its not the prettiest thing in the world but i use one of these to support 3 GTX 780 Ti's in my work computer
  3. Looks interesting, Prelim score is 3640 but I'm Teamviewered home to my computer and i know there is all sorts of background crap running right now, also hasn't been restarted in a long time. But i7 8700k @ 5.1GHz 3640 so little update, forgot i had my AVX offset put at 3 so while that CPU-z shows 5.1GHZ it actually ran at 4.8GHz. So running with AVX turned off and a true 5.1Ghz i pulled a 3973
  4. Ive had it running on that with multiple runs in Fire strike, time spy, and heaven benchmarks without issues.
  5. My RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra on the stock air cooler does pretty well. The power target slider goes up to 124 but you can type 130 in there and hit enter and it will take it even if the slider doesnt go that far. Even at stock setting the card will Boost to 1988MHz on the GPU by itself far exceeding the stock 1755 MHz boost clocks they state on the webpage With the power target set to 130% and both the voltage and cpu temp set to max i can do +1450 on memory and +120 on GPU clock. Temps max out around 65*c at 100% fan.
  6. We're on the Indiana/Michigan border so we get some pretty cold temps... probably not as bad or as long as Minnesota, but he have two of the dome hikvision cams outside covering the parking lot. Been out there for almost 4 years now and haven't had a single issue with them. One of them was in cased in ice this year by a clogged gutter and still seems to be doing fine.
  7. We use these at work https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01M1EMS52/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1with a PoE switch that runs back to a local computer running Blue Iris. Right now i have 9 cameras running with another 4 to add. I have it set so each camera dumps a photo to its own folder whenever there is motion on the screen. Then i use a program called Remove old files that is set up to delete the pictures once they hit 2 weeks old.
  8. Yeah the X58's are a blast to OC, still running my Asus R3E board at work. Swapped out the 950 to a 980x this year (F'ing xeons will not boot on this board) running a 29 x 147 for 4.2Ghz with 24Gb ram 1770mhz 9-11-11-31 2T and 4 GTX 670 Superclock+ cards. The newer gens are so boring to OC, move multiplier to 45 change voltage a little BOOM 4.5Ghz. You actually had to try back in the X58 days and before.
  9. 29er? I love mine. I should take it out more often but most of the time there's good weather I take the motorcycle out lol. It's a Superfly 100 AL I bought about 4 years ago. Nice bike Yeah mines a 29er hard tail in roarange (wont be missing me on the trail), all superfly's are hard tails now. You must have gotten one of the last years that they made soft tails. Went and saw my bike Friday, the rack doesnt come in till Tuesday so there is no way for me to get the bike home right now
  10. Picked up a new Trek Superfly5 bike and Yakima rack for my car, ready for some good weather to come now.
  11. Picked up a raspberry pi 3 and an Asus Tinker board today. Will see what i can make out of them, have 1300 Nes roms and 1500 Snes roms so thinking a nice little Nintendo emulator machine.
  12. lol once again my X58 board is not like the rest of them, i cant even get a xeon to post on it. Having some issues with the new ram and OC'ing ended up moving down to 28x159 4.46Ghz in turn dropping my ram down to 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24. And according to CPU-z for 1600Mhz they should be running at 11-11-11-52 Ive never heard of a tRAS 52 before. The only issue i have with that ram is the color, everything on my build is black and red.
  13. Well the board maxes out at 24gb so im not sure if it would take 3x8GB or has to be 6x4GB, ether way to get new Crucial ram would be $260 and this computer just isn't worth it. If im going to drop anymore money on it it will be to replace the 670's with 970's since the waterblocks will fit both.
  14. You cant buy and good ddr3 ram anymore with good timings, the old ram i had was 1600Mhz 6-8-6-24 6*2GB that would overclock great but i needed more then 12GB. The few kits i could find were 1600Mhz 9-9-9-24 6*4GB or the kit i bought 2133Mhz 11-13-13-31 which is now running at 1840Mhz 10-11-11-24. Ive now managed to get the a 4.45Ghz 29*153 @ 1.318v, with the jump from 152 to 153 i had to bump the ram to a CL10. Cl9 must have been really close to failing on 152 block, everything seemed just slightly sluggish. Once i moved to block 153 and cl10 everything became very snappy. So far im very happy with the 980x it seems to be happy with a 4.45Ghz OC and with a 50% load bounced around 45-51*c will have to see if i can match my 950's 4.62Ghz OC
  15. Little update, been playing round with the computer when i have time. 980x is now running at 4.39Ghz 29*151 @ 1.325V swapped out my ram from 12GB to 24GB now running at 1818Mhz @ 9-11-11-24 Ive been using the Asus TurboV EVO software to change settings inside of windows for testing and then it lets me save the settings to bios. Makes it nice if i fail a OC the computer will boot up with the last known good setting so i dont have to go in and reconfigure everything from a reset bios.
  16. Well got the 980x installed over the weekend and is running strong for now. Pulled up some old screenshots of the bios i had of my 950 to get a starting point for OC'ing this cpu. Running at 4.25Ghz 29x146 @ 1.38v ram is running 1758Mhz @ 9-9-9-24. Want to see if i can start pulling some voltage and timings out to make it better.
  17. OK so a little digging and I totally didn't realize The OEM that made it is Channel Well Technology Aka CWT and its made with cheap parts. Thanks for that information. Guess I am looking for a new PSU as well now.... Any one recommend a 750W PSU for my rig while we are at it? Something that I can get a nice looking cable mod for Was so excited about this build i totally overlooked the PSU and assumed because it was a Corsair it would be ok. I would look into a 550w EVGA supernova G2/G3, evga sell colored sleeved cables for their units. Here is my work computer with their red cable set
  18. The newest on Asus's webpage for that board. Maybe ill flash the second bios to the second newest bios from asus and see if that has anything to do with it.
  19. A quick look and it seems those are about the only ones out for that PSU, Sadly the Corsair CX line wasnt that great, although they have greatly improved the CX???M line no one make a kit for them. You could get a pin remover and sleeve them yourself otherwise it looks like you might be stuck with the Bitfenix Alchemy cables.
  20. You're going to be blown away how the x5690 runs / overclocks. Keep in mind max intel spec volts is 1.35 on the core and cache for these 32nm chips. Do not push past 1.35v on the cache. So played around with the computer this weekend, pulled the 975 out and plugged the X5690 and nothing happened, pulled the chip and cleaned everything and many bios resets zilch. Put the X5675 in and with many reboots, bios resets, and switching between the two bios it would finally boot to something on the screen but it was a bios checksum error. So after about 3 hours a playing around i pulled a server and put each chip in it and it booted fine, so i know the CPUs work. I tried multiple sticks of ram between 3 different sets in different slots and even a set of ECC ram with no luck. So im back to the 975 but i think i might replace it with my 950, the 950 OC'd way better then this 975. The 975 is a sample chip and just OC's like a turd. best i could do and still be stable is 4.2Ghz @ 1.42v and i know my 950 can do at least 4.6Ghz at those volts. I might try pulling the 975 in a few weeks and give the Xeons another try before putting the 950 in. *Update* Just heard back from a friend, hes willing to trade my x5675 for a 980x, so in some way ill be able to get to 6 cores
  21. Since its a work computer i dont have the time to fully sit down and do a proper OC. Right now its running at 4.2ghz 27x156 @ 1.42V ram is running at 1876Mhz @ 9-9-9-24 which i might be able to tighten up a little, stock is 1600Mhz 6-8-6-24. If i remember right and this was 5 or more years ago when i was OC on this board, i think i could hit in the mid 1900Mhz rage with a cl9 and even drop to a 7-8-7 or 8-8-8 with 1800Mhz. Maybe this weekend when i go to swap out cpus ill take the time and see what if can fully get out of the X5690. Im just really hoping the extra 2 cores will help the computer out, between Blue iris and autocad running at the same time it pretty much nukes the system. Right now running Blue Iris, 1 window of fire fox, and exchange open im running 45% on cpu and 50% ram.
  22. Well did a little work on the computer this week. was able to push the 975 to 4.45Ghz without really doing much, just through some settings at it and it worked not my normal OC'ing procedure but it worked. Today i updated the bios to the newest on Asus webpage and ordered a X5690 so will see if i can get that thing working next weekend. For AutoCAD i had to run the cards in a 3-way sli top card running 2 monitors and the 4th card running the other 2 monitors. Now that the new Ti cards are coming out i might look at picking up some 970's as they will fit the waterblocks i already have
  23. It could have been that it sat laying around in my room for 5 years. I removed the 950 that was in it and put the 5675 in, it would boot but nothing would come up on the screen. Hit the bios rest button a few times but never worked. Drained the loop put the 975 in and still had to smack it around a few times before the screen would show up, few bios resets and hard button resets. Maybe in 6-12 months when i do a coolant flush i might retry a different xeon, two of the pads on this one looked a little sketchy and i thought that might have caused the issue. With 11 corsair SP120 fans running on silent, have a 12dc motor controller running all of them, I can hear the pump over them. the GPUs run at 28-30*c and the cpu with an average of 15% usage runs at 35-40*c. At full load on all 4 GPUs temps hovered around 40*c and cpu at 50*c that was running [email protected] 24/7 for about 2 weeks straight. So a single loop with stacked radiators in silent mode it does really well.
  24. I tried, have a x5675 sitting on my desk but it wouldn't boot with it in. Checked the CPU list and says it doesn't support any xeons ALL ASUS and Gigabyte X58 boards support the 32nm Xeon's as long as you have the most recent BIOS update. EVGA Boards from the 758 rev.2 and newer also support them. A handful of the MSI boards do as well. If you have the latest BIOS then I would say the chip is bad. I even had a X5670 running in an ASUS P6T, one of the more base model X58 boards. Right now I'm running the W3680 in an ASUS P6X58D-E. Maybe one day when i drain the loop i might try another Xeon. But this does office work, and when i say office work is more like outlook some internet pages and remote desktops to the servers, so its not like im stressing this thing at all. I do run 4 monitors so i just hooked a monitor up to each graphics card I had it doing some [email protected] before i got it fully loaded with all my work stuff, with all 4 GPU's running was putting out just about as much as my single 980 in points
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