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    Nyt's next gen PC

    Just got my MSI RTX3080 Gaming X Trio, updated with new pics !
  2. Now that's a name I haven't heard for a while. It's a shame it hasn't been used much in 2 years. I think Wolfenstein 2 and Wolfenstein Youngblood were the only big games that actually used it. With the Xbox Series X making use of VRS, maybe we will finally see more games using it.
  3. Also happy to hear DLSS 2.0 will be in Cyberpunk 2077 and Watch Dogs 3. It's some fantastic tech and I hope it's included in most new releases. The AMD event for the RX6000 series is coming up soon. From the teasers in the Ryzen conference, it looks like the biggest Navi card will be matching the 3080 (well, in some games at least). Will be interesting to see how they handle Raytracing, because NVIDIA looks like they're winning with their RT cores and DLSS 2.0.
  4. After some delays, I should be getting my MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 delivered this week. Very excited, my 1080Ti just didn't have enough power for 1440p/144Hz and an RTX3080 with DLSS 2.0 is a massive improvement.
  5. You're joking but NVIDIA actually brought out 456.55 WHQL a few hours ago and there seems to be very positive feedback from RTX3080 users. Sounds like the issues have been solved, with minimal (if any?) performance loss
  6. It's definitely only 1. The MSI 3090 is the card with 2 MLCC groups. I see EVGA has acknowleged the issue and is making changes to their cards : https://forums.evga.com/Message-about-EVGA-GeForce-RTX-3080-POSCAPs-m3095238.aspx
  7. Oh boy. I hope my MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 is fine and doesn't have any CTD issues, because if mine is faulty then I'll be facing a 1,5-2 month delay to get a different one because there's a huge backorder list in South Africa "RTX 3080 Crash to Desktop Problems Likely Connected to AIB-Designed Capacitor Choice" Source : https://www.techpowerup.com/272591/rtx-3080-crash-to-desktop-problems-likely-connected-to-aib-designed-capacitor-choice
  8. I managed to preorder a MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 in SA so now it's just a couple weeks until it arrives in SA. Checked the review out afterwards and it's a really nice card. Slightly disappointed it only has a 102% power limit of 350w given the fact that it uses 3 x 8 pins. But as you mention in the review here , it doesn't make a whole lot of difference on air cooling.
  9. I spotted that MSI Gaming X Trio 3080 in the background of yesterdays 3080 Founders Edition Youtube video. Super eager to see how that overclocks as I believe it already has a 100Mhz factory OC.
  10. I've also been thinking about it. At the moment there's not enough of the large GA102 die to go around, it's already in short supply because it's used in both the 3080 and the 3090. In the past the Ti was a cut down 102 die, and this gen the 3080 already is a cut down GA102 die. I think we're actually getting what was meant to be the 3080Ti as the 3080 at $699 thanks to AMD providing competition. It will be interesting to see what Big Navi does. If it comes with 16Gb that would mean it's either 256bit (starved on bandwidth) or 512bit (very expensive). It's more likely it comes with 12Gb which would mean it's 384bit, a good balance of cost/performance and quite an advantage over the 8Gb 256-bit 3070. If the rumors are true and Big Navi's performance fits in between the 3070 and 3080, then I wouldn't be surprised to see a 16Gb 3070 Super with GDDR6X instead of GDDR6 to counter AMD, but then it would eat into 10Gb 3080 sales so NVIDIA would need to consider launching a 20Gb 3080 too. So in summary, this is what I think will happen : - RTX 3000 series launches as usual. - The 12Gb or 16Gb RDNA2 flagship card's performance fits between the 3070 and 3080. - Early 2021 NVIDIA counters with a 16Gb 3070 Super with 19Gbps GDDR6X instead of GDDR6 on the larger GA103 die instead of GA104 - faster than Big Navi but slower than 3080. - Mid 2021 NVIDIA launches 20Gb 3080 Super with higher clocks and faster GDDR6X (Micron did say they're aiming for 21-23Gbps for 2021 so that would be similar to the Super upgrade of Turing).
  11. It seems like it's just the new Ampere cards that are really overpriced in South Africa at launch. For the same money as a South African RTX3080 I could build a PC that actually costs about $1200 on Newegg (Ryzen 5 3600, Gigabyte B550, 16Gb GSkill DDR4-3200, XFX 5700XT, Sabrent 1TB Rocket Q NVME with a Fractal case, 600w PSU, Corsair HS35 headset, Cooler Master MM-710 mouse, keyboard and a 24 inch Dell 1080p/75Hz IPS monitor). I guess I'm just paying the early adopters tax to get an Ampere in the launch window
  12. Just saw the South African pricing for these cards. When converted to USD, the South African RTX3080 is $1500 and the South African RTX3090 is $2400. Thanks COVID shipping rates and greedy South African suppliers. Decided on the MSI Gaming X Trio RTX3080. Bought another 8 pin cable from Corsair so I've got 3 x 8pin ready. Also bought a Cooler Master ELV8 to stop any possible sagging (although now I see MSI includes something similar in the box). Keen to get my hands on one and undervolt + overclock it to get it a bit faster and cooler/quieter.
  13. Oooh. Final Fantasy XV with the free 4K texture pack. One of the biggest VRAM hogs I know. Would be interesting to see how it does.
  14. Impressed by what I saw, but I wish the 3090 was a bit cheaper. The VRAM gap between a 10Gb 3080 and 24Gb 3090 is just too big. I would've liked something with more VRAM than a 1080Ti/2080TI for around $999 to $1199
  15. They already showed the power connector placement in an official NVIDIA youtube video.
  16. HWiNFO vcore reading and VID readings. Fixed voltage in bios at 1.285v. Maximum VID recorded was 1.296v but mostly 1.279V under ASUS Realbench or Cinebench stress testing. So 0.017v higher than what I set in BIOS, To be honest I didn't know too much about LLC. Watching the buildzoid video on Gamers Nexus about it, it seems like medium is not so bad but that the "Extreme" setting on most boards is often way too high and dangerous.
  17. So the 12 pin connector has been leaked. It will feature on some of the new RTX 3000 cards, probably Founders edition only. Source : https://videocardz.com/newz/seasonic-confirms-nvidia-rtx-30-series-12-pin-adapter
  18. This is interesting, did a quick test. On my 9900K with my Strix Z390-E at 1.3v core with LLC on the lowest (which is level 1), I can't even boot into Windows without a BSOD. At 1.285v with LLC 6 (max is 7), I'm 100% stable with Cinebench, Realbench, hours of gaming, basically everything. HWiNFO shows load voltage around 1.279V which is close to what I have in BIOS. Without LLC I'd probably have to increase the voltage a lot.
  19. Not long now until we find out the final specs. Some leaked pictures of a new RTX card, presumably the RTX3090 - a huge triple slot card. Source : https://videocardz.com/newz/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3090-graphics-card-pictured
  20. Z490 uses the LGA1200 socket and is only compatible with the Intel 10 series CPUs . The i9 9900K CPU uses the LGA1151 socket, which is what a Z390 board has. You sure about the model numbers ? Is it a 10900K and Z490 instead ? Or 9900K and Z390 instead ?
  21. I don't believe most of the tech rumor Youtubers out there. They just stand in a circle and report each others rumours every week. One week Big Navi is easily beating NVIDIA, the next week it's only on par with the 3080. What I think is the most believable at the moment : - All NVIDIA gaming cards based on Samsung 8nm. - Much better Raytracing performance than the 2000 series. - Hotter, noisier and more power hungry than the 2000 series. RTX3090: GA102, 5248 cores, 12Gb GDDR6 at 18Gbps (possibly 24Gb instead), 384bit RTX3080 : GA102, 4352 cores, 10GB GDDR6 at 18Gbps (possibly 20Gb instead), 320bit RTX3070: GA103, 3072 cores, 8Gb (possibly 16Gb instead) GDDR6, 256bit
  22. Updated with the latest info from NVIDIA. All this focus on "21" suggests that the new cards may be the RTX 2100 series and not the 3000 series as some rumors suggested. We will find out more on the 1st.
  23. Link: OCC NVIDIA Reveals Next Generation RTX 30 Series GPUs Coverage I've personally been very excited for the new RTX gaming cards from NVIDIA based on the Ampere architecture and it seems like an unveiling is right around the corner. NVIDIA just updated their Twitter profile with a new profile picture and this new banner. And a countdown on their website : https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/special-event/ They have just announced this too : "NVIDIA will broadcast a GeForce Special Event, featuring an address by founder and CEO Jensen Huang, on Sept. 1, at 9 a.m. Pacific time. During the event, Huang will highlight the company’s latest innovations in gaming and graphics. Tune in at https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/special-event/." Mark your calendars, I think we'll be seeing the new NVIDIA Ampere gaming graphics cards being unveiled on the 1st !
  24. G-SYNC Compatible and G-SYNC aren't the same. G-SYNC Compatible is basically Freesync for NVIDIA for certain monitors tested and validated by NVIDIA. This was enabled early 2019. G-SYNC monitors have the original G-SYNC technology with a hardware based G-SYNC module. That monitor you linked is not listed as validated and tested by NVIDIA, you can find the list here if you filter for G-SYNC Compatible : https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/g-sync-monitors/specs/ One thing to note is that you can actually enable G-SYNC compatibility in the control panel for any Freesync monitor - not just those validated by NVIDIA. However there is no guarantee it works without issues (blanking, cutouts, flicker, etc) if you enable it unofficially. I purchased a Dell monitor that was not tested by NVIDIA, but was tested by pcmonitors.info, displayninja.com and rtings.com to work fine with GSYNC compatibility enabled and I currently have this enabled with no issues however I looked for reputable reviews beforehand to be sure of this.
  25. I've noticed some motherboards skimp on VRM cooling. HardwareUnboxed on Youtube is usually a good source for seeing which motherboards with high VRM temps you should avoid. There's also a few other aspects that were important when I was considering motherboards before upgrading : M.2 slots supporting NVME USB 3.0 ports WiFi capability And RGB of course
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